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THE MECK RADIO SHOW w/ Rick Stanley - Stepbrother of Elvis Presley. 12/22/06

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The Meck Radio Show w/ Rick Stanley - Stepbrother of Elvis Presley. 12/22/06 Posted 5:22a ct. Show Time: 50 Mins.
Dec. 20, 1994 - Rick Stanley Interv - Christmas at Graceland. An Evergreen Show. Timeless.

Meck Notes:
Rick has been interviewed on Larry King, Geraldo, Oprah, Letterman, and Carson.
Rick shares with The Meck his thoughts on Christmas, growing up at Graceland, life with Elvis.
Plus his life changing experiences since Aug.16, 1977. Overcoming drugs/alcohol and having Hope.

Rick was born in Huntsville Al. in 1953. 2 brothers - Billy and David.
His mom, Dee Stanley, divorced their Dad, who had an alcohol problem.
The boys were in an orphanage in Va.

Elvis's mom, Gladys Presley, died in 1958.
Dee Stanley married Vernon Presley in 1960. 3 boys picked up in a limo at the orphanage
by Vernon and Dee. Pull up to Graceland.
'I felt like Fred Samford. Elizabeth .. This is the Big One.' - Rick Stanley

'It was close to this time of year. Christmas. We decorated Graceland.'
'First saw Elvis. He was listening to Gospel Music.'
'He knelt down and said. 'I've always wanted a little brother. Now I have 3.'
'He not only had room for me in his home .. He had room for me in his heart.' - RS

'I was driven to school in a pink cadillac. Everyone asked me. What's Elvis like?'
'Even the teachers would call me out in the hall. Rick, What's Elvis really like?' - RS

Rick tells a moving story of when Elvis bought a cadillac for a black gentleman.
'Mr. Elvis', the kind man called him. 2 days later Elvis bought a cadillac for the man's wife.

'We were nocturnal. We had to go to the movies at midnite until 4 or 5am.'
'We slept during the day.' - RS

' Elvis's favorite football team was the Tide.'
'Got the 3 TV idea from Pres. Johnson.'
'We had 3 TV's .. to watch football.' - RS

'In Arkansas. Eating Breakfast. Hemroid commercial.'
'He got upset. Elvis killed another TV.' - RS

at Christmas - ' We'd go to Bellevue Church to hear Dr. RG Lee and the music program.'
'It would cause a comotion.'
'How many people do you know that go to church .. not to be seen? '- RS

'We'd go to St. Judes hospital. I remember how he would light up a room.'
'The looks on the kids faces.' - RS

Why'd he give so much ? 'He didn't have anything when he was a kid.'
'He knew what it was to want.' - RS
Rick Tells a caller on the show how he got off drugs.
'You need something outside your life. I gave my life to Christ. It changed me.'
'Define what friendship is about. Care enough to confront you.' - RS

'You either lead a life of Conviction or a Life of Convenience.'
'Even the wildest kids admire someone who has convictions.' - RS

'Behind every successful man .. is a surprised woman.' - RS
Rick talks about a young girl, Robyn, who made an impact on his life.
The respect Elvis had for her. Flying her and family to Vegas concert for her graduation.
Rick married Robyn. They have 2 girls.

Rick re Lisa Marie. 'She was so much fun. Compassionate kid.'
re Priscilla. 'Terrific wife. If he'd listened to her, He'd probably still be here.'- Rick Stanley
' More grateful the older I get. Grateful for friends that are trying to make a difference.'
'People have a straight-forward way of saying nothing.' - RS

Advice to kids ? 'You got a mom that cares .. Be Grateful.' - RS

' 10 lepers .. Only one came back. Only time Jesus was surprised.'
'We have a shock-proof savior.'
'Shocked at the lack of grattitude that only 1 came back.' - Rick Stanley

'You're never a poor man if you have friends.'
Show more grattitude to our friends.' - RS
Talks about Lisa Marie marrying Michael Jackson.
'I've prayed every day for the last 17 years for Lisa Marie Presley, my niece.'
'If he's not the person he needs to be .. He doesn't need to worry about me.
Priscilla will take care of it.' - RS

Ricks shares about the battle for young people. Alcohol and Drugs.
He talks about his visits to schools.
'Elvis was fascinated by the Police. Supported them in several ways.
Softball teams and when a family lost a loved one. He contributed a lot.' RS

'Only autograph Elvis ever asked for was Gen. Omar Bradley.' - RS

Concerts. [Backstage - Stones, Beatles, Led Zepplin - They were in awe of Elvis]
Las Vegas Hilton Concerts. Elvis walked thru the Hilton casino once.
Received a personal note from Conrad Hilton.
Backstage - Muhammad Ali gave Elvis a Robe. Ali asked Elvis - 'Have you ever seen
2 better looking men in your life?' - RS

'Elvis's favorite sports personalities - Gayle Sayers, Jim Brown, Howard Cosell.
And we always pulled for the Tide.' - RS

Remember .. 'It's Hip to be Straight. You don't have to have alcohol
and drugs to be happy.' - Rick Stanley

Thanks Rick for sharing your life story [with Elvis.] And giving us words of wisdom that still ring true today and give us hope. Especially those battling drugs and the No. 1 drug-alcohol.

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