Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tim Tebow has a girlfriend? TMZ says Jets QB is dating actress Camilla Belle (PHOTO) - USATODAY

Superstorm Sandy devastation seen from above as Obama flies in to visit New Jersey victims | Mail Online

Obama, Christie laud 'working relationship' on storm - USATODAY

Chizik and staff receive nearly-unanimous failing grade from fans (Auburn Report Card) |

Obama, Christie tour storm damage - USATODAY

Nick Saban says Alabama's Amari Cooper is 'ready to go,' asks for a definition of 'curmudgeonly' |

Jacksonville TV station sparks Tebow to Jaguars rumors - USATODAY - The NFL's most famous backup quarterback is the subject of trade rumors yet again, this time put out by a Jacksonville area television station. - cited anonymous sources Tuesday night that the Jaguars are "making a play to trade for Tebow before the trade deadline this Thursday."


Could Sandy postpone next week's presidential election? Yes, in theory | Mail Online

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