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The Meck has been informed [by several sources] The City of Dothan's EEO Officer, David Thornton, has been making 'vulgar, sexually explicit remarks' regarding certain city employees.

It should not be breaking news that these certain employees happen to be male.
And these male employees are 'not at all happy' about these sexual messages.

Mike West hired / hand-picked Thornton to be EEO Officer for Dothan.
Why has City Manager Mike West not said anything about these
allegations regarding his EEO Officer ?

Why hasn't West put Thornton on administrative leave ?

Has West told the commissioners about Thornton ?

Is City Manager Mike West trying to protect him .. ?

Is this another debacle / embarrassment swept under the rug by West ?

Is West keeping this quiet until after his contract evaluation / vote ?
How can any city commissioner or mayor vote to renew Mike West's contract ..?

This is just one of many poor decisions / hirings West has made in the last several years.

Isn't it ironic .. The EEO Officer was hired by Mike West to protect employees' rights ..
And to investigate complaints of sexual harassment and hostile work environments.
Two of the very items he's charged with enforcing .. He's now accused of doing.

He Is an Equal Opportunity Offender.
No Doubt .. Thornton is a disgrace to our city and should have never been hired.
City Manager's Contract
The vote 'to renew' or 'not to renew' West's contract is Tues. morning - Nov. 27, 2007
at 10 in the city's regular commission meeting.

Mike West's current city manager's contract expires Oct. 31, 2008.

A 'vote to renew' means he gets a year added - A new 2 yr. deal.
That would supercede the current contract with a new contract.

If the vote is 'not to renew' .. The city can buy him out at 9 months.
The buyout is an option .. Not mandatory.
Mike West could work until Oct. 31, 2008 .. or find another job.

Note: If a vote is not taken .. His contract runs out Oct. 31, 08.

Mr. West's current contract requires that he be given a 'timely annual job performance evaluation.' [by Nov. 30].
Failure to do so results in the automatic extension of his contract.
His evaluations by the commissioners and mayor were said to be due - Mon. Nov. 26.
And re The Spin: 'The new commissioners haven't been in office
long enough to evaluate/vote on the city manager's performance.'
Please. That is not believable .. at best.

Everyone is aware that politicians vote/evaluate their first weeks / months in office. And have been for over 200 years.
It's foolish to believe that they or the elected body must consult anyone who has been voted out.
Help me Rhonda. All 4 Verses.

Flashback: Then City Comiss. Jason Rudd [who was toppled by John Craig in District 4 ]
was the driving force in bringing Mike West to Dothan as City Manager.
Key word: Then. City Comiss. John Craig is Now.
Should Dothan City Manager's Mike West Contract Be Renewed ?
70.3% voted NO in last week's WDHN online poll.

The City Explainer: Mike West Must Not Be Renewed.

Dothan Has Many Gifted Leaders .. No Doubt.
And Most Are More Qualified Than West To Be City Manager.
He's Not Exactly The Brightest Light On The Tree.

Dothan Can Do Much Better. We Must.

Thanks To The Many Who Read The Meck Report ..
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