Thursday, February 29, 2024

Trump skewers ‘incompetent’ Biden, says Democrats ‘destroyed’ US-Mexico border - NYPost

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Big Ten, SEC push for guaranteed first-round byes in proposed 14-team College Football Playoff model - - Chip Patterson

Timeline of Fani Willis - Nathan Wade relationship - Fox5Atlanta

‘It’s Like Survivor’: Cable News Braces For The Great Pay Cut - Mediate - Aidan McLaughlin

Hunter Biden’s bombshell impeachment testimony to Congress released — read the full transcript - NYPost - By Steven Nelson

Trump says 'Biden's invasion' has sparked 'WAR' at the border: Ex-president praises agents dealing with military-aged men 'from the Congo and jails' and says Joe will 'never' say the name of murdered jogger Laken Riley in wild Eagle Pass speech | Daily Mail Online

Hunter Biden acknowledged Joe was ‘the big guy’ in $5M China deal - NYPost - By Josh Christenson

Texts from Nathan Wade lawyer appear to show more than ‘speculation’ about Fani Willis affair — read the full exchange - NYPost - By Olivia Land

Supreme Court will decide if Trump is immune from prosecution: Justices agree to take up case and delay Jack Smith's election interference trial | Daily Mail Online

AT&T, Verizon raising prices: Here’s when you’ll start paying more, how much will it be? -

'Joe Biden created this illegal migrant invasion - and only I can stop it': As BOTH 2024 frontrunners campaign at the border today, DONALD TRUMP gives Daily Mail his unflinching view of America's No1 election issue. So where do YOU stand? | Daily Mail Online

Fani Willis, Nathan Wade referred to Georgia bar for alleged ethics violations | Just The News

Damning texts between Fani Willis' lover's divorce lawyer and the attorney for Trump's co-defendant are revealed - a day after the star witness' bumbling testimony on the stand | Daily Mail Online

Supreme Court agrees to weigh Trump’s criminal immunity in historic case | The Hill

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Behind the inevitability of the Big Ten and SEC gaining access, revenue, power in College Football Playoff - - Dennis Dodd

Smokehouse Creek Fire in Texas is now state's second-largest blaze on record after scorching more than 500,000 acres - with flames spreading at rate of 150 football fields EVERY MINUTE | Daily Mail Online

5 crucial questions Congress is asking Hunter Biden right now - NYPost - Jonathan Turley

Nathan Wade’s ex-divorce lawyer blurts out, ‘Oh dang’ as he’s presented with damning texts in Fani Willis trial - NYPost - Melissa Koenig

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Fani Willis hearing becomes 'Peyton Place' episode while reported White House contacts go ignored | Just The News

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“Turning the Tables”: Many Appear to Follow the McCaskill Rule on the President’s Use of False Story – JONATHAN TURLEY

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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

How much are tickets to see Taylor Swift in Singapore? - NYPost - By Matt Levy

Hunter set to appear for closed-door deposition in House impeachment probe on Biden’s role in foreign business relationships - NYPost - By Steven Nelson

Nathan Wade's divorce lawyer Terrence Bradley says 'I do not recall' MULTIPLE times as he's grilled on if his prosecutor client started dating Fani Willis before she hired him to investigate Trump | Daily Mail Online

Apple Cancels Work on Electric Car, Ending Decadelong Effort - Bloomberg

Kevin O’Leary calls out potential seizure of Trump’s assets: ‘What happens in Venezuela, not New York’ - NYPost - By Fox Business

Winning Criminal Cases Where Losing is Not an Acceptable Option - Donald Watkins

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Elon Musk says Dems won’t deport criminal migrants 'because every illegal is a highly likely vote' - NYPost

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WATCH LIVE: Former law partner Terrence Bradley to testify about Fulton DA Fani Willis, Nathan Wade - YouTube

'Bumbling idiot' Biden ripped for saying there would be a Gaza ceasefire by Monday while eating ice cream: President 'surprised' Israeli PM Netanyahu with sudden  announcement while negotiators say they STILL aren't near a deal | Daily Mail Online

Former law partner testifying today about Fulton DA Willis, Nathan Wade - ANF

Former Obama aides sound alarm over ‘frail’ and ‘mumbly’ Biden — warn his age ‘is a very real issue’ - NYPost - By Melissa Koenig

Trump camp aims to 'ice' Judge Tanya Chutkan's attempts to hold ex-president's election obstruction criminal trial before election day | Daily Mail Online

Monday, February 26, 2024

Judge: Law partner must testify about Wade’s relationship with Willis - AJC - By David Wickert and Bill Rankin

Biden Operative Inserted Into Fani Team According To Insider; Jim Jordan Reveals New Whistleblower | ZeroHedge - Tyler Durden

Nathan Wade's divorce lawyer must testify on relationship with Fulton Co. DA Fani Willis: judge - NYPost - By Stepheny Price, Fox News

How much did Taylor Swift actually make from the Eras Tour? - The Washington Post

New election year means new Russiagate as Biden, Dems try to smear impeachment probe - NYPost - Miranda Devine

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Trump Lawyers Say Fani Willis Should Testify Again After New Evidence - Newsweek - By Rachel Dobkin

Sunday, February 25, 2024

Superdome in New Orleans is set for $500M in renovations as city officials are adamant that the arena's makeover will be completed for Super Bowl LIX in February of 2025 | Daily Mail Online

Meet Alabama football’s new offensive staff after latest changes - - Matt Stahl

Why Taylor Swift STILL needs to protect her billion-dollar brand amid Travis Kelce romance - as expert warns NFL star's recent 'behavioral missteps' could become a 'problem' for singer | Daily Mail Online

Friends with Benefits? Telephone Records Raise New Challenge to the Willis/Wade Testimony – JONATHAN TURLEY

District Attorney Fani T. Willis and Lover Nathan J. Wade are in Big Trouble - Donald Watkins

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I've lived in the Netherlands for 14 years—why we're always ranked one of the world's happiest countries - CNBC

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Saturday, February 24, 2024

Taylor Swift 'BANS Travis Kelce from strip clubs' - after he wore a t-shirt from a Las Vegas adult bar at a Chiefs game this season - as the singer 'sets RULES for the Super Bowl winner to follow in their relationship' | Daily Mail Online

Donald Trump WINS South Carolina 2024 Republican Primary: Nikki Haley handed a whopping defeat in her home state | Daily Mail Online

How a migrant influx is causing tensions in one of the most Hispanic cities in the U.S. - Yahoo - #MiamiHerald #Hialeah

Before Joe, James and Hunter, there was Great-Great-Grandpa Moses | The Hill - JONATHAN TURLEY

South Carolina 2024 Republican Primary: Donald Trump spends measly $1 MILLION compared to Nikki Haley's nearly $15 MILLION total in ads | Daily Mail Online

Dallas Cowboys receiver, Super Bowl champion Golden Richards dead at 73 - NYPost

Judge sets March 1 hearing on Fani Willis disqualification - AJC - By David Wickert

Friday, February 23, 2024

Alabama football officially announces Courtney Morgan as general manager - - Matt Stahl

Federal judge’s NIL ruling throws NCAA into chaos: ‘Turning upside down’ - NYPost - By Andrew Battifarano

Travis Kelce 'leaves Taylor Swift in Australia to fly back to Las Vegas on a private jet' with the Chiefs star set to meet up with Patrick Mahomes and his teammates to continue Super Bowl celebrations | Daily Mail Online

CPAC: Jim Jordan says whistleblower from Fani Willis' office talking to his committee | Just The News

Inside Fani Willis’s condo where phone records show Nathan Wade visited 35 times before confessed affair - NYPost - By Mary K. Jacob

Defense says cellphone data raises questions about start of Willis-Wade relationship - AJC - By Bill Rankin, David Wickert and Tamar Hallerman

Biden’s reported use of cheat sheets at private fundraisers alarms some Democratic donors - NYPost - By Snejana Farberov

Warner Bros. Falls On TV Advertising Woes, Studio Weakness - Yahoo Finance

Nathan Wade visited DA Fani Willis' Georgia neighborhood at least 35 times and stayed overnight BEFORE she hired him as special prosecutor, cellphone data shows | Daily Mail Online

Thursday, February 22, 2024

AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon users hit by massive cellular outage in US — as one carrier reveals cause - NYPost

Dothan United Dragons introduce new coach, unveil logo - Dothan Eagle

No closing statements this week in DA Fani Willis disqualification case - Atlanta News First

Gaffe-prone Biden, 81, mistakenly calls Navalny's widow Yulia YOLANDA after meeting - before shuffling back to his SUV as calls mount for elderly president to step down | Daily Mail Online

CBS seizes confidential files of fired reporter pursuing Hunter Biden laptop story in 'unprecedented' move - NYPost

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Just the News sues Fani Willis office to force release of communications with Biden White House | Just The News

'There are only two sexes': New bill in Alabama says men and women are defined by genitals they're born with | Daily Mail Online

Journalist is charged with HACKING Fox News to obtain the unflattering leaked videos of Tucker Carlson where he mocked gender pronouns and made off-hand remarks about a make up artist | Daily Mail Online

Biden's dog Commander left White House floors covered with BLOOD after mauling one Secret Service agent and inflicted 'severe deep open wound' on another as attacks on 24 staffers are laid bare | Daily Mail Online

How to FIX your iPhone amid AT&T and other cell network outages that left devices on SOS mode | Daily Mail Online

AT&T outages mapped: Customers across US offline as major carriers drop coverage - US News - News - Daily Express US

AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon users hit by massive cellular outage in US - NYPost

Ted Cruz says Dems would happily prop up Joe Biden's CORPSE and run Weekend at Bernie's-style White House to maintain their grip on power as 81 year-old faces calls to go | Daily Mail Online

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

College Football Playoff exploring expansion to 14 teams, multiple automatic qualifiers for conferences - - By Chip Patterson

Biden's dog Commander bit Secret Service agents in at least 24 'incidents' before he was removed from the White House, new documents reveal | Daily Mail Online

Eli Gold ‘not retiring,’ speaks out after Alabama opts to not retain broadcast legend - - Michael Casagrande

Judge Overseeing Trump’s Georgia Case Donated To Fani Willis Campaign Prior To Appointment | The Daily Caller - KATELYNN RICHARDSON

Hour by sleepy hour, the VERY revealing details of a frail 81-year-old Biden's day: Woken by his cat... no work before 10am... physical therapy and slip-proof sneakers... and aides constantly terrified of disaster | Daily Mail Online

Judge assigned to Trump's criminal case in Georgia once worked for DA Fani Willis - BY DEBRA CASSENS WEISS

President Biden stumbles — twice —boarding Air Force One despite using short stairs to avoid tripping - NYPost - By Emily Crane

James Biden arrives on Capitol Hill for grilling in his brother's impeachment probe: Republicans set to question him on Joe's ties to shady business deals in highly-anticipated interview | Daily Mail Online

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Donald Trump says he's considering RON DESANTIS, Vivek Ramaswamy, Kristi Noem and former Democrat Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard as potential VP picks | Daily Mail Online

New York Times doubles down on its scathing opinion pieces criticizing Biden - despite White House being 'extremely upset' after liberal-leaning paper pointed out his unsuitability for a second term | Daily Mail Online

College Football Playoff confirms 5-7 format for 12-team CFP - - Mark Heim

Augusta National moves tee box before 2024 Masters in April - Golfweek - Adam Woodard

Breathtaking images reveal Niagara Falls partially frozen in the extreme cold weather as northern United States is hit by winter storm and temperatures plummet to -9 | Daily Mail Online

American ballerina Ksenia Karelina is detained for 'high treason' in Russia by Putin's feared FSB security accused of raising $51 for the Ukrainian army and could face 20 years in jail if found guilty | Daily Mail Online

Monday, February 19, 2024

Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary slams 'mega loser state' New York over $355M Trump verdict and says it will drive businesses out of the state | Daily Mail Online

Democrats weaponized justice system to punish Trump in business case - NYPost - By Jonathan Turley

Yemen's Houthis say they attacked two US ships in Gulf of Aden - The Jerusalem Post

Houthis sink British ship in Red Sea - YNetNews

Truckers boycott NYC following Trump's $355 million fraud ruling: report | Just The News

Biden and Dems’ total disconnect from reality: Whatever they say, trust the opposite is true - NYPost - By Miranda Devine

'It could shut NYC down': Female trucker joining boycott to protest Trump verdict says consumers will pay the price when they stop delivering | Daily Mail Online

Blind Justice or Blind Rage: New York’s Legal System Faces Ultimate Test With Obscene Trump Award – JONATHAN TURLEY

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Sizzling 62 at Riviera: Hideki Matsuyama smiling again after winning 2024 Genesis Invitational - Adam Schupak - Golfweek

Jim Biden used his brother's name and White House connections as he backed for rural health care provider - and landed jobs for three Biden family members - now accused in $100million Medicare fraud case, insiders reveal | Daily Mail Online

Sunday, February 18, 2024

Joe the Rainmaker? Payments, deals followed key Biden meetings with son’s foreign associates | Just The News

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Patrick Cantlay's lead shrinks, here comes Will Zalatoris and more from 2024 Genesis Invitational - Golfweek

Trump-supporting truckers REFUSE to take loads to New York after former president was fined $355 million in NYC fraud case | Daily Mail Online

Biden now confuses Ukraine and NATO while calling on Congress to return from vacation to pass mammoth funding bill - as pressure mounts on 81-year-old president following damning report on his mental fitness | Daily Mail Online

Saturday, February 17, 2024

Texas starts construction on new 80-acre military base camp in Eagle Pass for 2,300 soldiers as Gov. Greg Abbott promises to 'amass a large army' to combat migrant invasion | Daily Mail Online

Watch Live: Trump delivers remarks at rally in Michigan at 7 p.m. ET | Just The News

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce each donate $100,000 to the families of victims of the Kansas City Chiefs victory parade shooting - Yahoo - Eve Crosbie

Trump announces 'official sneaker' selling for $399 a pair in surprise appearance following $355M NY civil fraud trial outcome

The end of the pandemic housing bubble! Analyst once dubbed 'the Oracle of Wall Street' predicts house prices will FINALLY fall - but only in these states | Daily Mail Online

Stakes raised for Steve Sarkisian after massive extension | Yardbarker

MAGA fans set up $355 MILLION fundraiser to pay former president Trump's latest legal bill - with GoFundMe raising nearly $50,000 within hours of fraud verdict | Daily Mail Online

Kevin O’Leary slams Trump’s civil ruling as ‘un-American’ and a shock to the entire real estate industry - NYPost - By Mary K. Jacob

Fulton County policy suggests both DA Willis, Wade were required to disclose relationship | Just The News - By Natalia Mittelstadt

Tiger Woods would love to RETIRE from golf but must play on to support his brand - including new 'Sun Day Red' clothing line - after 47-year-old was carted off the course at his long-awaited PGA Tour return | Daily Mail Online - Russ Weakland

Alexei Navalny's 'cause of death' revealed: Russia claims opposition leader died from 'sudden death syndrome' in prison - but his body is MISSING while 'killers cover their tracks' | Daily Mail Online

Obscene award against Trump is testing the New York legal system’s integrity | The Hill - JONATHAN TURLEY

Friday, February 16, 2024

Patrick And Brittany Mahomes Donate $50k To Chiefs' Fund For Shooting Victims - TMZ

Who is John Clifford Floyd III, father of District Attorney Fani Willis? - AJC - By Alexis Stevens, Greg Bluestein and Tamar Hallerman

Tucker Carlson on X: "Ep. 75 The national security state is the main driver of censorship and election interference in the United States. "What I’m describing is military rule," says Mike Benz. "It’s the inversion of democracy."

Two Iranian gas pipelines allegedly attacked by Israel - NYT - The Jerusalem Post

Kash Patel calls for Fani Willis to be disbarred, Georgia case against Trump thrown out | Just The News

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Protesters slam Biden as he makes first visit to East Palestine in over a year since train disaster - NYPost - By Steven Nelson

Did Fani Willis, 53, wear her dress BACKWARDS on the stand? Beleaguered DA is mercilessly mocked by eagle-eyed social media users for sporting zipper at the FRONT of her pink frock | Daily Mail Online

Tiger Woods withdraws during second round of 2024 Genesis Invitational - Golfweek - Adam Schupak

Patrick Mahomes and wife Brittany visit two young sisters related to shooting victim Lisa Lopez-Galvan at Kansas City children's hospital after the girls were shot in their legs at Chiefs victory parade | Daily Mail Online

Taylor Swift fans predict split from Travis Kelce is imminent following his 'red flag' worthy outburst at Super Bowl... as pals voice concern over 'undignified and classless' rant | Daily Mail Online

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'Putin, you will answer for what you did to my husband': Alexei Navalny's tearful wife makes emotional vow after the Russian opposition leader is 'murdered' in prison by 'this evil regime' | Daily Mail Online

Taylor Swift donates $100K to family of Lisa Lopez-Galvan, mom killed during Chiefs parade shooting - NYPost

Alexei Navalny 'was brutally murdered by the Kremlin': Latvian president condemns Russia's regime as politician once poisoned by Vladimir Putin 'collapses and dies after a walk' in prison | Daily Mail Online

WATCH: Fulton DA Fani Willis disqualification hearing now in second day - AtlantaNewsFirst

WATCH LIVE: Hearing to decide if Fulton DA Fani Willis will be disqualified from Trump case - YouTube

Thursday, February 15, 2024

Shellenberger: Missing Classified Docs On Obama Launching Trump-Russia Allegations Could Have Been Reason For FBI Mar-a-Lago Raid | Video | RealClearPolitics

Trump prosecutor Fani Willis’ dad was top Black Panther who called cops ‘enemy’ - NYPost - By Joshua Rhett Miller

Trump says it's 'GAME OVER' in the Fani Willis case after her friend's bombshell claim she started her affair with prosecutor 'lover' Nathan Wade THREE YEARS before they stated in court filings | Daily Mail Online

Andy Reid comforted teen who was at Chiefs parade shooting: ‘He was hugging me’ - - Mark Heim

Fury at Travis Kelce for partying at sports bar just hours after 30 fans were shot - including NINE kids - and one killed in SB parade shooting: Mayor reveals child victims are aged six to 15 | Daily Mail Online

Put the beer down, Travis - it's not IF Taylor dumps you... but WHEN: After the coach bashing, drunken disorder and tone-deaf post-shooting selfies, MAUREEN CALLAHAN says image-obsessed Swift will now shake off brand Kelce | Daily Mail Online

Lenny Dykstra out of ICU after suffering stroke, ex-Mets teammates say - NYPost - By Mike Puma

Who is Ashleigh Merchant? Attorney at Fani Willis hearing |

Alleged Kansas City shooter was ‘fighting the whole time,’ says heroic fan who tackled him - NYPost - By Isabel Keane

Fani Willis' 'lover' Nathan Wade SWEATS on the stand: Trump prosecutor is grilled in court about the 'affair' as he reveals she paid him back for their lavish trips together in CASH so payments could not be traced | Daily Mail Online

Donald Trump Georgia election fraud case live updates: Fani Willis’ ex-BFF says ‘no doubt’ DA’s affair with prosecutor Nathan Wade dates back to 2019 - NYPost

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis started her romantic relationship with her prosecutor 'lover' Nathan Wade three years earlier than they stated, her college friend claimed in dramatic testimony | Daily Mail Online

WATCH LIVE: Hearing to decide if Fulton DA Fani Willis will be disqualified from Trump case - YouTube

The Eyes Have It: U.S. Intelligence Allegedly Asked Foreign Countries to Surveil Trump Associates – JONATHAN TURLEY

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Wednesday, February 14, 2024

1986 Mets World Series champion Lenny Dykstra suffers stroke - NYPost - By Christian Arnold

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Lisa Lopez-Galvan, Kansas City Chiefs superfan and mom of 2, killed in Super Bowl parade shooting: ‘Most wonderful, beautiful person’ - NYPost - By Katherine Donlevy

Kansas Mother Dies in Chiefs Super Bowl Parade Shooting - TMZ

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Ashleigh Merchant: The Lawyer Who Turned Fani Willis’ RICO Case Against Donald Trump on Its Head - Donald Watkins

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One dead, 22 shot — including 9 children — at Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl parade - NYPost

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Kansas City Chiefs fans tackle parade 'shooter' and hold him down until cops arrive in dramatic video - 'We got the gun!' | Daily Mail Online

Kansas City Chiefs parade shooting: At least one dead and multiple injured after gunmen open fire in Union Station while a MILLION gathered to watch, celebrate Super Bowl win | Daily Mail Online

Thursday hearing in Fulton’s 2020 Georgia election interference case could be blockbuster - Georgia Recorder - STANLEY DUNLAP

Meet the ‘badass’ lawyer who could blow up Trump racketeering case over Fani Willis’ sex secrets - NYPost - By Dana Kennedy #AshleighMerchant

KENNEDY: So Jill, what IS it about the peacocking glamour of First Lady-dom that makes you incapable of doing the right thing - and putting fossilized Biden out of his high-officed misery? | Daily Mail Online

“An Interesting Name”: Biden Associates Testify on the Influence Peddling of the President and his Family – JONATHAN TURLEY

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Witness in Fani Willis case will testify that scandal-hit AG LIVED with prosecutor she had 'affair' with at hearing where judge will consider if she is disqualified from Trump case | Daily Mail Online

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

CIA and foreign intelligence agencies illegally targeted 26 Trump associates before 2016 Russia collusion claims: report - NYPost - By Victor Nava

Report: CIA Started Russia Collusion Hoax By Asking Foreign Governments To Spy On Trump Campaign -- BY: TRISTAN JUSTICE - TheFederalist

Steven Richards: Biden family name scored multimillion dollar Chinese energy deal | Just The News

Donald Trump will not attend Atlanta Fani Willis hearing |

Legal Blow: Hunter’s Defense Hammered by Discovery of Cocaine on Gun Pouch – JONATHAN TURLEY

House Republicans vote to IMPEACH Alejandro Mayorkas on second attempt after embarrassing failure last week: Biden's DHS secretary's 'high crimes and misdemeanors' facilitating the southern border crisis will now be referred to the Senate for trial | Daily Mail Online

Bloodbath at Paramount claims 800 jobs including CBS News journalists embroiled in controversy - NYPost - By Alexandra Steigrad

Newly surfaced e-mail allegedly helps prove Bidens in biz with Beijing-linked firm while Joe was still VP - NYPost - By Steven Nelson

2024 Super Bowl: Where Patrick Mahomes ranks among NFL's all-time greatest QBs after third Super Bowl win -

Tucker Carlson: Moscow ‘so much nicer than any city in my country’ | The Hill

Hunter Biden had 'interesting name,' witness testifies — in DC, that's enough - NYPost - Jonathan Turley

Read Tony Bobulinski's blistering impeachment testimony: 'The Biden family business was Joe Biden, period' - NYPost - Steven Nelson

Joe Biden was 'the enabler' for foreign deals with China and others testifies Hunter's ex-business partner Tony Bobulinski: He sold 'his brand' while being 'buffered' by a 'complex scheme' to maintain plausible deniability says key impeachment witness | Daily Mail Online

Alabama expected to promote tight ends coach Nick Sheridan to offensive coordinator - 247Sports - Cody Goodwin

Hunter Biden friend tells Congress how first family’s name scored Chinese deal worth millions | Just The News

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Monday, February 12, 2024

Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes called shot before Super Bowl-winning drive | Yardbarker - By Zac Wassink

How Mahomes is over these NFL legends in the history books | Yardbarker

Judge OK’s hearing to examine relationship of Trump prosecutors - AJC - By Tamar Hallerman, David Wickert and Bill Rankin

Chiefs make case as next great American dynasty with Super Bowl LVIII win | FOX Sports - Ben Arthur

'Crossed the line': Fans, players call for change after chaos at WM Phoenix Open - Golfweek

Bidens should fear Tony Bobulinski -- the most deadly impeachment witness with a patriotic family history - Miranda Devine - NYPost

Chiefs', 49ers' knowledge of overtime rules may have been difference in Super Bowl LVIII - By Victor Barbosa || Yardbarker

Kansas City Chiefs win the Super Bowl! Travis Kelce, Patrick Mahomes and Co seal back-to-back titles with Taylor Swift watching on in the stands in Las Vegas... after dramatic overtime game ends with Mecole Hardman touchdown | Daily Mail Online

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Sunday, February 11, 2024

Super Bowl 2024: Chiefs defeat 49ers in overtime thriller - NYPost

Mecole Hardman goes from Jets castoff to Super Bowl 2024 hero with winning Chiefs touchdown - NYPost

Super Bowl 2024, Chiefs vs. 49ers score: Patrick Mahomes leads OT comeback as K.C. wins back-to-back titles -

Scott Huff: Offensive line coach leaving Alabama football for Seahawks | Report - Nick Kelly - Tuscaloosa News

Super Bowl 2024, Chiefs vs. 49ers score: Live game updates, NFL highlights, halftime show, watch live stream -

2024 Super Bowl: Free live stream for Chiefs vs. 49ers, time, TV, how to watch on CBS, Nickelodeon, Paramount+ -

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Waste Management Open turns into drunken ‘s–tshow’ with fan fights and angry players - NYPost - By Peter Botte

Zach Johnson, Billy Horschel yell at unruly 2024 WM Phoenix Open fans - Golfweek - Adam Woodard

Biden 'too old' for another term, 86% of Americans say: Poll | Just The News

Report: Patrick Mahomes even more 'dialed in' ahead of Super Bowl LVIII - On3 - Barkley Truax

The week Biden lost the New York Times: Liberal paper's Editorial Board unleashes astonishing broadside warning of 'a dark moment' as it runs back-to-back opinion pieces knifing the elderly president after damning special counsel report | Daily Mail Online

Saturday, February 10, 2024

Super Bowl 2024 how to watch: Free live stream, TV, time, Super Bowl 58 game between Chiefs and 49ers -

Alabama football offensive coordinator search hot board: 5 candidates to replace Ryan Grubb -- by Nick Kelly Tuscaloosa News

South Could See Severe Weather, Possible Tornadoes And Flooding Rain Through Monday |

Taylor Swift touches down in Los Angeles after completing mad nine-hour dash from Tokyo Eras Tour show... and pop superstar is set to make it to Vegas in time to watch Travis Kelce in the Super Bowl! | Daily Mail Online

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Super Bowl 2024: All the commercials to watch for and when they’ll air - NYPost - By Lauren Sarner