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University of Alabama's Mal Moore: Six decades in Crimson (timeline & photos) | - Andrew Gribble

Remember Mal Moore as a winner and a gentleman, and not in that order (Scarbinsky) | - Mal Moore goes to his rest as one of the biggest winners any of us has ever known. Everything he touched didn’t turn to gold jewelry. It just felt that way, but you can’t measure his life by just his rings. - He loved and cared for his wife when Alzheimer’s robbed her of the ability to speak his name. - He loved and cared for his school no matter how many times he was passed over there. - If you knew him, you couldn’t help but respect him, and no matter how you knew him, you’ll find yourself missing him.


Alabama coach Nick Saban: 'Mal was the No. 1 reason we decided to make the move to Tuscaloosa' | - Andrew Gribble


Mercedes-Benz of Dothan - YouTube -- Dawn Dunning Theune - " My Mercedes Saved My Life."

Gene Stallings, in his own words, on the passing of Alabama's Mal Moore | - Andrew Gribble - "I was on the coaching staff when he played at Alabama. Coach Bryant used to tell me on a number of occasions, 'Now don't forget, Mal Moore is just as good of a football coach as you are.' Coach Bryant had great respect for him.


More than anything, Mal Moore's love story stands out | - Don Kausler Jr. - As he should, Moore will be remembered for 10 national championship rings that he earned in football: one as a player, six as an assistant coach and three as the athletics director. - I will remember him for his other ring, the one with its most meaning. This one was placed on his left ring finger in 1968, the day he married Charlotte Davis of Tuscaloosa, in his fourth year as an assistant coach at his alma mater. This was one of the most touching love stories you'll hear.


Kevin Ware awaiting surgery as Louisville teammates rally for big win over Duke - - Louisville officials said Ware suffered a broken leg and was resting comfortably in a local hospital in Indianapolis as he awaited surgery. Rick Pitino said in a postgame interview that Ware broke his leg in two places and that it would take him at least a year to recover. He compared it to an injury suffered by former Louisville running back Michael Bush back in 2006. - “We won this for him. We talked about it every timeout: ‘Bring Kevin home,’ ” Pitino said. Ware went to high school outside Atlanta. “As the bone’s six inches out of his leg, all he’s yelling is, ‘Win the game.’ I’ve never seen anything like it.”


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Mal Moore remembered for dedication, charm | - Aaron Suttles

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