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THE MECK RADIO SHOW w/ David Strickland and The Meck 12/15/06

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The Meck Radio Show w/ David Strickland and The Meck. 12/15/06 Posted 2:24a ct. Show Time: 28 Mins.
Meck Rewind - w/ Don Sutton - Hall Of Famer

Meck Notes:
David Strickland/DLS Voice Productions is producer/engineer of The Meck Radio Show.
Super Dave is the voice of The Meck Radio Show/Promos.
No doubt. He has amazing gifts/talent.

Open with Congrats to Abby Bowen on her graduation today from Auburn.
She's a sweetheart and brilliant. Abby's plans ? To be a Surgical Physician Assistant.
Congrats to Wesley Fain - graduating from Montevallo today.
Never made even a B in 4 years [ Business School.] Only a few have ever reached that goal.
Wesley starts with The Cochran Firm on Monday.
Talked about my friend Harrison Parrish/co-founder of Movie Gallery and his
compliments re the amazing Walter Banks.
"What a great Bio ... incredible. I would not know WB if he sat down beside me,
but this testament to his actions would make him welcome in any place .. including Heaven." - Harrison Parrish.

Plus Chris Fox and her grattitude for the treasure .. Walter Banks.
"Great story!! I wanted to cry because Walter is so special the times we were with him.
You found a treasure!! Thanks for sharing his story." - Chris Fox
Super Dave and The Meck visit about the upcoming Super Bowl in Miami.
Jim Nantz/CBS announcing the game.
Billy Joel singing The National Anthem.
The halftime show with Prince. - ' Honey I Know Times Are Changin. '

Plus how the grass is grown for the Super Bowl game.
Did you know the field/turf is grown at another location and trucked in ?
Ed Mangan .. The Dr. of Grass from Turner Field also grows the Super Bowl Field.
Ed is the Best .. He could grow beautiful grass on any surface .. including I - 85.
He's a tremendous talent and a wonderful friend.
Fav Music Meck ?? Stones .. Brad Delp/Boston .. Bryan Adams .. Lionel .. Stevie Nicks.

Reflections on Walter Banks and Donald Watkins.

SD - Meeting Chipper Jones in Dothan with Mike Mordecai - mid 90's.
SD - " My favorite memory is meeting Don Sutton."
Thoughts on Hall Of Famer Don Sutton.

SD - Bob Nightengale talking about his Hall of Fame ballot - Tony Gwynn.
Meck - Shagging for Tony Gwynn at Shea Stadium. Always hit at 2:30.
[Hanging with Tim Teufel and Craig Lefferts.]

A Meck Rewind w/ Don Sutton - 1995 interv. on the Hall Of Fame.

Tip of the week .. Be sure and listen to the Walter Banks 12/14/06
and Donald Watkins 12/12/06 interviews. Both will impact your life.

Coming soon on The Meck Radio Show.
Paul Finebaum - Talk Show Host.
Bobby Cox - The Best Manager in the history of Baseball.
Bobby Clampett - golfer/announcer for CBS and TNT.

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