Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Republican memo likely to be released Thursday -Trump administration official

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Tom Brady’s water habit could kill an ordinary person - NY Daily News

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Oscar Gamble, a baseball star, remembered for more than just his hair - Montgomery Advertiser - Ronald Blum 

Intelligence Agencies Join FBI in Push Against Plans to Release FISA Abuse Memo | Sara A. Carter 

Alabama Sen. Doug Jones is an enemy of the unborn - Yellowhammer News - J. PEPPER BRYARS - (Opinion) Well that didn’t take long. Twenty-six days. That’s all it took from between the time Doug Jones was sworn in as a United States Senator to the time he blew his re-election chances by casting one of the most disgusting, cruel and cowardly votes in the history of that chamber.


Oscar Gamble, major leaguer with a big bat and big hair, dies at 68 - LATimes 

Former MLB outfielder Oscar Gamble dies at age 68 - USATODAY 

Former Yankees slugger Oscar Gamble passes away at 68 | Daily Mail Online 

Senate rejects 20-week abortion ban; GOP criticizes Doug Jones vote | 

The Washington Post Changes Headline | The Daily Caller 

Train carrying Republicans to W. Va retreat collides with dump truck

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‘American people turning against Trump-hating celebrities’ | Daily Mail Online

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Private jobs up 234K in January vs. 185K est.: ADP Moody's Analytics

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Train hauling Republicans to West Virginia hits truck | Daily Mail Online

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75% of viewers approve of Trump's first State of the Union address - CBS News poll

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