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THE MECK REPORT/Blog: Dothan Police Union Opposes Mike West's Contract Renewal. 02/22/2008

THE MECK REPORT/Blog: Dothan Police Union Opposes Mike West's Contract Renewal. 02/22/08

" As an activist .. My aim is to right the many wrongs by shining light on darkness ..
creating a social/and or political change." - 02/22/2008 - 1:17a ct. - Posted

The Meck has received a copy of the letter that has been sent to city officials
by the Local 587 IBPO / International Brotherhood Of Police Officers.

Also cited is a number of reasons which states why the Dothan Police
local union opposes the City Manager - Mike West's contract renewal.
[link below]
Mike West's contract definitely should not be renewed. It should be terminated.
Mike West hired John Powell and David Thornton.
They both should have already been Fired. And Never Hired.

Ask your commissioner .. How could anyone vote to renew Mike West's contract .. ?
He condones his EEO Officer's self-professed homosexual behavior/harassment of City Employees..
which in itself creates a hostile work environment in the City of Dothan.

Isn't it ironic .. The EEO Officer was hired by Mike West to protect employees' rights ..
And to investigate complaints of sexual harassment and hostile work environments.
Two of the very items he's charged with enforcing .. He's now accused of doing.

He Is an Equal Opportunity Offender.
No Doubt He is a Disgrace to our City.

The Dothan Police Union lawyer has been asked to look into
filing a complaint with the Federal EEOC re David Thornton's behavior.
Developing ...

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IBPO Letter and Reasons for Non-Renewal of CM's Contract


February 8, 2008

Dear Commissioners and Mayor:

The local chapter (587) of the International Brotherhood of Police Officers met on February 6, 2008. One of the topics discussed was the proposed City Commission’s renewal of City Manager Mike West’s contract. Following the discussion, a vote was taken regarding this issue. The motion was made to advise the City Commission of the results of that vote. The I.B.P.O. Local 587 is not in favor of the City Commission renewing City Manager Mike West’s contract. It is not our intention to discredit or embarrass the City Manager. If you would like an attachment outlining some of the reasons for our decision, please request it by returning the enclosed envelope with the mailing address of your choice.


Chris Watson, President/IBPO local 587


Some of the reasons the IBPO does not want the City Commission to renew Mike West’s contract are listed in part as follows:

· The main concern of this Union is the men and women who serve the citizens of this City. We do not have the confidence that Mike West has provided the leadership this city needs; particularly with regard to infrastructural needs and employee pay and benefits.

· First and foremost are our concerns at the Dothan Police Department: Since the appointment of Chief Powell about 50 sworn officers and dozens of non-sworn personnel have left the police department. Someone for the Commission should be asking why. The department is fragmented; lacks management stability at all levels and many officers are more concerned with potential disciplinary actions as opposed to what dangers criminals pose or other daily challenges. This produces a natural and unintended reduction in productivity and efficiency.

· Personnel action at the PD has been at a historical high. The reasons have been released to the public by this administration have been things like, “cleaning house”, “busting up little cliques”, “get rid of the good ole’ boys”, “straightening out the mess left behind by the former chief”, and countless other insulting comments used to “spin” unreasonable turnover rates, terrible morale, double-standards and micro-management. This followed by genuine and legitimate fear of speaking out or criticizing ANY actions by department management whatsoever.

· The new 18 step “pay plan” provides a 2% increase per year with the only guarantee that employees will make it through step 10. The rest is dependent upon “exceptional” ratings, reserved for “team-players”. This means it is nothing more than an illusion of reality or a recruiting tool to give future applicants the false impression that positions top out higher than they actually do. Officers may work their entire career and never reach the maximum pay in any position city-wide.

· Mike West has been heard commenting to employees that have been with the City for 12 years or more, “I don’t have to worry about you—I’ve got you”. Referring to the employee’s longevity as being a reason not to try and keep them satisfied.

· Allowing the EEO officer to speak filthy and vulgar sexually explicit remarks about male officers of this police department in front of female employees and civilians alike and failing to enforce the “zero tolerance” harassment policy the City has after having been notified of the situation. This was following a complaint against this individual. This same EEO officer has subsequently subjected employees to harassing interrogations against their will on so called “witch hunts” to fulfill whatever personnel agenda he seems to have as well as outright threatening employees with their jobs. Employees are not required to talk to this employee, yet he is allowed unaccountable access throughout the ranks.

· Mr. West tried to change the Civil Service Act at the end of a legislative session (back door politics) to enable him with a perceived total control of the appeal process involving City departments and employees on personnel issues and other matters.

· Promoting cronyism, fear and threat of reprisal against anyone who “questions the establishment.” They fired a long-time city employee over a bucket of chicken; another was put in a broom closet for calling for an investigation; another is in trouble for crashing a garbage truck. West did not intervene on either, yet he can “total” a city vehicle without reprisal or even following the City-wide drug testing policy that applies to ALL city employees.

· Union membership was at an all time low at one point. This was primarily due to employees being afraid to maintain constitutionally protected membership for fear of losing their job or not ever getting promoted. Those numbers are on a steady rise once more. Employees fear this administration, particularly those that work in the Police Department. There is an unprecedented lack of trust in this administration.


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THE MECK RADIO SHOW: Super Dave Visits w/ The Meck re His Friend, Gov. Mike Huckabee. 02/04/08

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The Meck Radio Show: Super Dave Visits w/ The Meck re His Friend, Gov. Mike Huckabee. 02/04/08 Posted 9:33p/ct. Show Time: 36 mins.

Meck Notes:
A visit with Super Dave .. the producer/engineer of The Meck Radio Show.
We chat about The Super Bowl and Super Tuesday .. plus our Super Candidate - Gov. Mike Huckabee.
Thanks for downloading our show.
The Meck talks w/ SD about working with Mike Huckabee in the late 1970's in Ft. Worth, Tex.
Meck worked the sound system .. Mike worked PR/Media Relations.
We traveled the country with John McKay, Evang. James Robison and Clayton Spriggs.

In Aug. 1980 we worked together at ReUnion Arena in Dallas for the National Affairs Briefing.
Ronald Reagan had just won the Republican nomination.
Mr. Reagan spoke and 18 thousand were ready to spike a hymnal. Meck was running the sound.
Mike Huckabee was in charge of media relations for this historic gathering.

Mike Huckabee was always gracious. An exceptional talent. Very Gifted.
He later became the 44th Gov. of Arkansas and now is running a marathon
to become the 44th President of The United States.
Don't ever count him out. Marathon Runners know how to finish the race.

I've visited with Gov. Huckabee 3 times in the last 5 weeks ..
Destin, Fl - Pensacola Fl. and Montgomery Al.
All 3 times he gave me a hug and made me feel welcome. Just like a true friend.
My friends Jim Kearce and Mike Schmitz really enjoyed meeting/visiting with him.

Gov. Huckabee truly has the gift of Greatness: " The Ability To Make Those Around Him Feel Great."

He signed his book: 'From Hope To Higher Ground.' [A Must Read]
To my friend David "The Meck" Meckley - Thanks for 30 years of brotherhood!

I hope you enjoy this show as I reflect back on those 30 years of friendship w/ Mike Huckabee.
As I shared with Super Dave .. You know Gov. Huckabee is Cool.
An ordained Baptist minister and his musical hero is Keith Richards - famed guitarist for the Rolling Stones.

Gov. Huckabee plays bass guitar and has his own band - Capitol Offense.
I hope to interview him soon on The Meck Radio Show/podcast.

A Special Thanks to Super Dave in New York for putting our show together [ as always].
I'm grateful to Jennifer [ in San Fran] for keeping up and running.
And Thank You for forwarding the show .. to those you know.
NYTimes: Pulpit was the Springboard For Huckabee's Rise.
Coming on The Meck Radio Show.
Gov. Mike Huckabee - Presidential Candidate.
Bobby Cox - The Best Manager in the History of Baseball.
Donald Watkins - Business Icon. Ethanol.
Bob Nightengale - USA TODAY Baseball Writer.
Joe Simpson - Braves TV Announcer.
Bobby Clampett - Golfer/Announcer - CBS and TNT.
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T I M E spells L O V E
Written by Eddie Carswell and Michael O'Brien

Father's Day, Mother's Day, EVERY Day...

T I M E spells L O V E

Throw me the ball Daddy
I've been waiting all day
I'm so glad you're home and we got some time
So Let's go out and play
Just me and you
It's my favorite thing to do
Daddy I'm tellin' the truth

T I M E time
Spells L O V E love
And Love is the one thing
This world needs more of
The choice is up to you
So what will you do
With your T I M E Time
and your L O V E love

I'll never forget you Daddy
You taught me the game so well
It's taken me places I never dreamed
So many stories to tell
How the time has come and gone
And now I have a son of my own
And I'm making sure your memory lives on

I've heard it said a time or two
This game of life can take from you
But I found out love isn't really love
Till you give it away