Tuesday, December 05, 2006

THE MECK RADIO SHOW w/ Bob Howell - WSFA Ch. 12 .. 12/05/06

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The Meck Radio Show w/ Bob Howell - News Anchor - WSFA Ch. 12 ..12/05/06
www.TheMeck.com Posted 1:07a ct. Show Time: 32 Mins.
Meck Rewind - Interview w/ Bob Costas.

Meck Notes: An Interview with BOB HOWELL.
Longtime News Anchor of WSFA Ch. 12 - Montgomery Al.
Meck visits with his friend re Bob's favorite Interviews.
Plus The Internet and it's impact on the Communications world.

Bob Howell started in the Radio and TV business way back when. [ in LA]
He worked with The Meck's Dad .. Dick Meckley.
www.WSFA.com - An awesome website and a Meck Favorite.

The Meck Radio Show - Rewind.
Interview with famed broadcaster Bob Costas [ May 1994.]
Bob talks about spending time with his kids and how fortunate he is.

Coming up soon on The Meck Radio Show ..
Interviews with Paul Finebaum - Talk Show Host.
Donald Watkins - Business Icon.
The best manager in Baseball - Bobby Cox.

Plus .. We'll visit with Golfer/Announcer Bobby Clampett of CBS and TNT.

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T I M E spells L O V E
Written by Eddie Carswell and Michael O'Brien
Father's Day, Mother's Day, EVERY Day...

Listen @ www.TheMeck.com

T I M E spells L O V E

Throw me the ball Daddy
I've been waiting all day
I'm so glad you're home and we got some time
So Let's go out and play
Just me and you
It's my favorite thing to do
Daddy I'm tellin' the truth

T I M E time
Spells L O V E love
And Love is the one thing
This world needs more of
The choice is up to you
So what will you do
With your T I M E Time
and your L O V E love

I'll never forget you Daddy
You taught me the game so well
It's taken me places I never dreamed
So many stories to tell
How the time has come and gone
And now I have a son of my own
And I'm making sure your memory lives on

I've heard it said a time or two
This game of life can take from you
But I found out love isn't really love
Till you give it away


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