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'The Pistol' Movie .. Pistol Pete Maravich [Now re-released on DVD]

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The Pistol Movie .. Pistol Pete Maravich [Now re-released on DVD]

Meck notes: The Pistol .. 30 and 60 sec TV spots are running on Fox Sports Net South.
[ Mar. 23 - Apr. 23]

Check it out. The re-release [on DVD] of the movie 'The Pistol '.. Pete Maravich.
A basketball and sports icon.
Pistol Pete's legendary records were set without a 3-point line and freshman were not eligible.

The movie shows how the dream was developed and nurtured at a youthful age.
Pete's father was passionate but not overbearing. He was inspiring and encouraging.
The son and father shared the same passion to be the best ..
only surpassed by the compassion and love they had for each other.

Passion and Compassion .. 2 essentials that meet in the middle to reach a goal.
Passion .. what you do. Compassion .. Others .. Others .. Others.

info/stats on Pistol Pete Maravich

“College Basketball’s Greatest Scorer 35 Years Running”
Pistol Pete had an undeniable impact on basketball and was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 1987. Thirty-five years ago, he crushed the all-time NCAA scoring record and set many other records that may never be broken:

• Most points in college career (3,667)
• Most field goals made (1,387) and attempted (3,166)
• Highest points per game average (44.2)
• Most games scoring at least 50 points (83)
• Most free throws made (893) and attempted (1,152)
• Most points in a single season (1,381)
• Highest per-game average in a single year (44.5 ppg)
• Most free throws made in a single game (30 of 31)


Producers Darrel Campbell and Rodney Stone, friends of Pistol Pete Maravich, wanted to immortalize the Pistol by turning his unique story into a motion picture. When The Pistol was first released world-wide, movie-goers were treated to a fun, family-friendly, live-action true story that appealed to young and old alike. The film's depiction of the turbulent high-school years of NBA legend "Pistol" Pete Maravich was warmly received in its initial theatrical release, overseas and later on home video.

The digitally remastered DVD is now offered as the Rebound Edition which includes ‘The Pistol - Behind The Birth of a Legend’, rare footage featuring Pistol Pete’s exploits as a college basketball star and national sports hero along with movie bloopers, sports records gallery and much more.


The Pistol is the true story of ‘Pistol’ Pete Maravich (Adam Guier), a scrawny five-foot-two eighth grader. Pete Maravich had a dream he inherited from his father, Press Maravich (Nick Benedict). He believed that if he committed himself totally to his dream, that he would one day play professional basketball and win a championship ring.

He begins this quest as a child in 1959 and quickly learns all the odds are against him. As the smallest, slowest and youngest member of the team, he gets his big break when a key player is injured. Pete bucks tradition with his freewheeling style of play, passing behind his back and dribbling through his legs.

Including Academy Award® nominee Millie Perkins as Pete’s mother Helen, ‘The Pistol’ reveals the heart of an American sports legend. It gives the viewer a rare glimpse of one of the most unique father-son relationships in the history of sports.

Darrel Campbell and Rodney Stone with Amazing Media and VCI Entertainment now offer this unique and heartwarming film to the public on DVD. Complete with a new High Definition transfer from the original negative, an all-new surround sound mix and many special features, this is the movie you've been waiting to add to your home video collection.

The Pistol - Birth of a Legend is a motion picture that many have called their very favorite feature of all time.

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Here’s What Others Are Saying:

“His playground moves, circus shots, and hotdog passes were considered outrageous during his era...but Maravich produced huge numbers, first as the all-time leading scorer in NCAA history and later as a potent force for both the Atlanta Hawks and the New Orleans Jazz.”

“Movie carries a ‘G’ rating; G as in great!”
The Clarion-Ledger

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