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THE MECK RADIO SHOW w/ Donald Watkins - Business Icon. 12/12/06

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The Meck Radio Show w/ Donald Watkins - Business Icon. 12/12/06
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Meck Notes:
A visit with friend and Business Icon - Donald Watkins.
An in-depth interview with Longtime Attorney and Business Leader/Billionaire from Alabama.

Early 1950's .. Montgomery Al.
Donald's father, Levi Watkins, an educator, later became Pres.of Alabama State University.

Donald shares what it was like having Martin Luther King as his pastor at Dexter Ave.
" He was my pastor .. my Sunday School teacher and my BTU teacher on Sunday aft." - DW
" Rosa Parks was one of my mom's best friends." - DW

Learned from Pastor King and the teachings.
' Always Look For The Good In People.
If We Communicate Often Enough .. We will learn we have more in common than differences.' - DW

' My real life heroes were my mother and father.'
'Out of the 6 billion people on the planet ..
The 6 children of Levi and Lillian Watkins are the only 6 people
on the planet to hold that certificate of birth.' - Donald Watkins

' When some people focus on the dark side of our American history ..
I focus on the total side of it.
I need to know the total history.' - DW

' Remove the artificial limitations ..
The only things that limit you are talent, ability and drive.' - DW
On Success ..
'My story has been the story of a larger community.
There are always people of good will who will invest in you.'

" Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. "

"The only asset that means anything to me are my kids and my family."
' Things cannot love you.
Some people confuse the accumalation of things with the accumalation of love.' - Donald Watkins.

Thanks Donald for sharing with us about fortune and fame that lasts forever.

On the net:
www.VoterNewsNetwork.com - Donald Watkins Publisher

www.TheChildrensBank.org - Donald Watkins Founder
An Amazing and Inspiring story regarding Donald Watkins and his family.
" Watkins hopes to make successful family an empire "
Written by Bob Nightengale USA TODAY - Jan. 29, 2002.

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Bobby Cox - The Best Manager in the history of Baseball.
Bobby Clampett - golfer/announcer for CBS and TNT.

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T I M E spells L O V E
Written by Eddie Carswell and Michael O'Brien
Father's Day, Mother's Day, EVERY Day...

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T I M E spells L O V E

Throw me the ball Daddy
I've been waiting all day
I'm so glad you're home and we got some time
So Let's go out and play
Just me and you
It's my favorite thing to do
Daddy I'm tellin' the truth

T I M E time
Spells L O V E love
And Love is the one thing
This world needs more of
The choice is up to you
So what will you do
With your T I M E Time
and your L O V E love

I'll never forget you Daddy
You taught me the game so well
It's taken me places I never dreamed
So many stories to tell
How the time has come and gone
And now I have a son of my own
And I'm making sure your memory lives on

I've heard it said a time or two
This game of life can take from you
But I found out love isn't really love
Till you give it away


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