Sunday, April 30, 2017

Truth In Journalism: It’s Time to Set the Record Straight - Donald V. Watkins (Re Gov Bentley Scandal)

Jefferson County Officials May Walk Free - Donald V. Watkins - The two men almost came to blows recently over Marshall's determination to "fix" the criminal cases involving a group of state and local government officials in Jefferson County, Alabama.

Paul Ryan is proving to be all talk — and no action | New York Post - Michael Goodwin

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At Least 13 Dead as Floods, Tornadoes Batter South, Midwest | The Weather Channel

100 days in, Howard Stern was 100% right about Donald Trump - CNNMoney

Trump: 'You make a mistake here, there is nothing to work out' - Washington Examiner - Salena Zito

The moment Hillary Clinton was forced to give up her dream | New York Post

Trump confers with Asia allies on North Korea nuclear threat - Yahoo

Six dead as storms batter Texas, Arkansas and Missouri | Daily Mail Online