Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Meck Radio Show - Excerpts/Montage

The Meck Radio Show - Excerpts/Montage

Bobby Cox - Atlanta Braves Mgr.
Bob Costas - Broadcasting Legend.
Donald Watkins - Business Icon / African-American Billionaire.
Glenn Matthews - Tour Mgr. for Lionel Richie.
Tom Glavine - Major League Pitcher / 300 Game Winner.
Rick Stanley - Stepbrother of Elvis Presley.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Meck Report/Blog: Gov. Huckabee's National Book Tour Stops in Dothan Saturday 11/29

"As an activist .. My aim is to right the many wrongs by shining light
on darkness .. creating a social and/or political change."
The Meck Report/Blog: Gov. Huckabee's National Book Tour Stops in Dothan Saturday 11/29

My longtime friend, Gov. Mike Huckabee, will be in Dothan, Al.
this Saturday - Nov. 29th at Books A Million / Northside Mall - 8-9am
The former Governor of Arkansas and 2008 Presidential Candidate
will be signing his just-released book - "Do The Right Thing."

Gov. Huckabee won eight states [including Alabama] in the 2008 Republican Pres. Primaries.
He tallied over 4 million votes - plus finished with the second-most delegates.
No Doubt .. Gov. Huckabee and Gov. Bobby Jindal of La. are front-runners for the GOP Nomination in 2012.

I'm grateful to Gov. Huckabee for his visit to my hometown - Dothan - May 1st of this year.
He inspired us with a moving message and helped Mike and Sandy Schmitz
[and The Meck] raise 53 thousand dollars for The Wiregrass Children's Home.
Thanks to the wonderful and generous people of the Wiregrass who reached out and helped.

A special Thanks to Mike Schmitz for his passion and compassion
for others - especially The Wiregrass Children's Home.
2008 - The Year of The Huck.
He almost won the Republican nomination - Now has his own TV show on Fox News.
Just signed with the ABC Radio Network for The Huckabee Report which starts Jan. 5th. [weekdays]
Plus his just-released book [Nov 18th] - Do The Right Thing and a National Book Tour.

I mentioned to Mike Schmitz .. Maybe I should ask Gov. Huckabee if he
needs a AAA Cooper truck to carry his deposits. I can always call Mack Dove.

What a Year - What a Future for Mike Huckabee .. From Hope.
At 53 .. His Future is so Bright .. He's Gotta Wear Shades.

I'm looking forward to seeing my friend who I worked with 30 yrs ago in Texas.
See you and Gov. Huckabee this Sat morn. [before God gets up] at
Books A Million / Northside Mall in Dothan - 8 Bells.
Gov. Huckabee's National Book/Bus Tour stops in 56 cities in 17 days. [Help Me Rhonda]
Huck Tour stops near Dothan Al. include Panama City - Pensacola Fl. - Albany Ga. and Birmingham Al.
Hit the link below for a city near you. [hopefully]

Just wondering .. Who will Gov. Huckabee be pulling for on Saturday ?
Let's break it down: Feb. 5th .. Gov. Huckabee won Alabama by 4 -- 41% to 37%.
I remember letting him know that nite - He lost Lee County [Auburn] by 4
[38% - 34%] and won Tuscaloosa County by 14 [ 48% - 34%].

The answer could be in the details/the final numbers.
After further review .. I won't need to consult Christopher Columbus.


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