Friday, December 01, 2006

THE MECK RADIO SHOW w/ Bob Nightengale - USA TODAY Baseball Writer 12/01/2006

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The Meck Radio Show w/ Bob Nightengale - USA TODAY Baseball Writer .. 12/01/06. Posted 1:38a ct. [Show Time: 33 mins]

Meck Notes .. Today's Guest - BOB NIGHTENGALE .. USA TODAY Baseball Writer.
His thoughts on Bobby Cox .. Andruw Jones .. Gary Sheffield and Barry Bonds.
Plus .. Will Glavine finally return home to the Braves ?

" Bobby Cox is the greatest manager in baseball history. " - Bob Nightengale.

PLUS .. Bob Nightengale and The Meck discuss DONALD WATKINS.
The Business Icon and his quest to acquire a Major League Baseball Team.
Will Donald Watkins be baseball's first black owner .. ?

Bob and The Meck share their personal thoughts on Donald Watkins.
His impact on People and History.
Is Donald interested in purchasing the Atlanta Braves .. ?

" I think baseball needs Donald more than Donald needs baseball." - Bob Nightengale.

Donald Watkins would be a perfect match for the
Atlanta Braves .. MLB .. Fans .. Atlanta and History. - The Meck

" Donald Watkins should be given the chance to buy the Braves."- The Meck

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