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THE MECK RADIO SHOW w/ Brother Johnny Fain. 12/28/06

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The Meck Radio Show w/ Brother Johnny Fain. 12/28/06. Posted 12:29a.ct. Show Time: 33 Mins.

Meck Notes:
Meck visits with his friend .. Brother Johnny Fain.
A Preacher who rides a Harley. One Cool Dude 4 Sure.
The man who loves people 'Just As They Are.' Including many outside his church.

We talk about loneliness and depression over the holidays and how you can have Hope.
Especially this week with the high suicide rate - just after Christmas.
'Many are going thru a dark time during the glitter of the holidays.'
'It's real to those who are in the midst of it.' - Johnny Fain

Bro. Johnny talks about losing both his parents during the holiday season.
'It took me years to enjoy Christmas again.' - JF

' How do you come thru the reality of it all and escape darkness ?'
- 'What I think often controls the way I live. Your thought process turns inward.
You have thought yourself into that pattern.' - JF

- 'Loneliness is a state of mind.'
'We need to open our mind up and think on truth. What is real.'
'What God says about me. Wonderfully made. I'm OK. Not a Misfit.' - JF

- 'Thankful Where I am. What I have. Make a list. Be Thankful.
A spirit of Thankfulness enables me to receive events and heartaches.'
'Everything that comes into my life can help me.' - JF

'Loneliness means turning inward. Thankfulness means turning outward.' - JF

Meck recalls Dr. Jack Llewellyn [ famed sports psychologist] telling him ..
'Make a list. Put down your assets and liabilities. Get back with me.'
I always found the pluses are so much more than the minuses.
If I ever focus there. - Meck

'The more you think about something .. The Larger it becomes.
Keep it where it really is.' - JF

'Embrace them and walk through it .. to travel out of it.' - JF

Bro Johnny shares about a lady who committed suicide.
[ Told by a professional] 'Suicide is when a person can see themselves
in a room where there is no way out [ except that door.]' - JF

On reaching out.
'Love them. Don't preach to them or condemn. Spend time with them.
Pray for them. Let them know they're important.' - Johnny Fain.

'If you're lonely .. Make a list of Pros and Cons.
Be thankful. It's not as bad as you think it is.' - JF

'So important to include people into your world.'
'Start reaching out will help you get out of yourself.'
'Getting out there to help someone can help you.' - JF

Bro. Johnny talks about his love for alcoholics.
'Alcoholics are trying to cope just like anyone else on drugs.'
'After a while .. It grabs you.'
'My heart goes out to people who are trying to get their feet to the top of the wall.' - JF

'There's a power in God that can heal you and pull you thru.
Jesus said .. He came to deliver those in captivity.' - Johnny Fain

The Meck asked Bro. Johnny Fain to share today on our show
and to encourage others there is still hope. He did just that.
Thanks Bro. Johnny for your T I M E and reaching out to so many.
Even on your Harley w/ Debbie Fain. The Dynamic Duo.

Happy Birthday BIG JIM Kearce 12/29/06 [ 29 or 39]
On the net: - Johnny Fain

Coming soon on The Meck Radio Show.
Bobby Cox - The Best Manager in the history of Baseball.
Bobby Clampett - golfer/announcer for CBS and TNT.

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