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" Legends, Demons and Dreams" .. by Bobby Dews .. a must read ..

" Legends, Demons and Dreams" .. by Bobby Dews .. a must read ..

Terence Moore writes an impact article Mar. 16th at ..
" He's written another book, and it's good. It's very good."
When informed by Moore of this .. Bobby Cox yells [from the dugout] at Bobby Dews,
the teams bullpen coach, " Hey, Dewsie, where's my copy?" ..
and only like a best friend could reply .. Dewsie yells, " Check out"

That had to be a classic moment .. There would be no book had it not been for the
close guidance and friendship of Bobby Cox impacting Bobby Dews' life ..

Moore mentions the 30 years Dews has spent in the Braves organization as a
manager, coach, instructor and administrator ..
The " eternal citizen of Edison,Ga." Moore calls Dewsie ..

Moore writes .. ' The wonderful marraige nearly ended in the late 80's, when Dews had
an ugly affair with alcohol.
Finally, Cox, the Braves GM, gave Dews an ultimatum.'
" He told me to get help or go home." Dews tells Moore ..

Moore continues .. ' Dews became a disciple of Alcoholics Anonymous along the way
to a life of sobriety that now spans 16 years.'
" The reader can see that there is hope when you're battling alcoholism,
drugs, and other things," Dews said.
There will be consequences, though, which I also write about." .. Dews tells Moore ..

Thank God for Terence Moore, a writer who will write about the issues ..
not just what he wants to read ..
but what everyone needs to read .. that affects their lives ..

LEGENDS, DEMONS and DREAMS by Bobby Dews ..
a Must Read .. [I'll be reading it next week ..]
Bobby Cox reaches out and helps his best friend .. Bobby Dews ..
We all need to remember.. that's our mission .. Others .. Others .. Compassion ..
Or we might be History .. Like Bobby Dews could have been .. If not for a Friend ..
There would be no book .. Dewsie, Keep on Fishing .. You're a Blessing and Inspiration ..

So is Bobby Cox .. He is a consistent Blessing .. He always has T I M E to listen ..
The Meck has often told the manager and friend ..
" If I ever go to the electric chair .. I sure want to have my last meal with you ..
At least I'll have a smile on my face .." Bobby Cox is The Encourager 4 sure ..

You may also read more about Bobby Dews and Bobby Cox in the Meck's
latest column: ' Pain and Shame vs. Acceptance and Hope ..'
[ Note .. Bobby Dews is 1st cousin to Gene Dews .. Wallace College-[Dothan]
AD and Softball Coach ..] Gene and Bobby were raised by Big Bobby Dews ..

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At times, The Meck will Address Real Issues .. Fullfilling My Obligation .. Ring The Bell of Freedom and Let The Reader Decide ..

I appreciate the encouragement of Friends like Jim Kearce and others to Write on .. Especially my Brother Shannon .. WRITE On Bro ..

I never want to be guilty of "The Sin Of the Desert .." "To know where the Water is and Not Tell Anyone .." meck
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Javy Lopez is playing in Chattanooga, Tenn. for the Orioles .. Sat. Apr. 3rd vs Cincy .. The 1:05 game is sold out .. [ imagine that ] Did you know ?? Javy's new number is 18 .. Some guy named Ripken wore number 8 .. and they wouldn't give it to Javy .. The O's open the season on ESPN Apr. 4, 2004 .. Sun. nite vs. the Red Sox ..
It Has been a Long Time .. The band Boston is touring back to back years .. This Summer, Boston will be on tour for about a month .. [ July to August] Hear that incredible voice of Brad Delp ..[and the kindest man you could ever meet ] Scheduled to start June 30th .. Chastain Park [ Atlanta] ..
Remember this date Apr. 25th .. Sunday morning .. A Special guest will be speaking in Plains Ga. in President Carter's Church .. [The Meck will keep you updated as this day gets closer ..] Everyone should visit Historic Plains and President Carter's Sunday School Class ..

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Monday, March 22, 2004

Wiregrass Pain and Shame vs. Acceptance and Hope . .

posted ..

The Latest .. [ Now Included .. The Article That Exposed The Alcohol Issue ..]
Lets's Hope Meckley's Earlier Problem with Alcohol Wasn't The Determining
Factor In His Denial Into The Hall.".. [Edwin Stanton .. Feb. 11, 2001 .. Dothan Eagle]
[Email this to a Friend and Let Freedom Ring ] .. Meck .. .. Mar. 22, 2004 .. updated Final .. web posted ..
[] .. Introduction ...
These Meck Notes are written about my Birthplace .. Dothan, Al.
The Hometown I Love .. in LA .. Lower Alabama ..
Miss Eunice, Dick Meckley and son Shannon moved here in the late 40's..]

It's dedicated to the many wonderful people that I have grown up with ..
and their families .. Their Moms and Dads .. and my Blessed Heritage ..

Many precious Lives in every town continue to battle addictions ..
like Alcohol .. and the Pain and Shame .. even years later ..

The young people of the Wiregrass, already battle and struggle
enough to accept a family member's addiction .. and be accepted ..
[ How well I know and remember ]
They Don't need to grow up with a voice of Pain and Shame ..
especially USING the Wiregrass's Name ..
They need Compassion .. Acceptance .. Hope ..
They deserve to know what's Really Going On in our Hometown .
The Truth is .. Everyone should know .. young and old ..
That's why I felt obligated to write this and share ..

Writing is truly my Passion .. The Bloodline of my Radio
Shows ..TV Shows ..Videos .. Commercials .. and The Meck ..

Thanks to Matt Drudge of for inspiring me to
continue writing What I Know on my Website and Let Freedom Ring ..
without fear of Censorship ..

Drudge has proven that Freedom Truly Empowers The People ..
in a community or a nation ..
I appreciate the encouragement of Friends like Jim Kearce and others
to Write on .. Especially my Brother Shannon .. WRITE On Bro ..

I never want to be guilty of "The Sin Of the Desert .."
"To know where the Water is and Not Tell Anyone .." meck

[Open Letter to Edwin Stanton .. Dothan Eagle Sports Writer ] ..
from Meck .. Mar. 18, 2004 .. [Atn. Commissioner Pat Thomas ] ..
Meck Notes .. Grab an Ice Tea or even a Diet Pepsi ..
It's past Time to Write .. and It's Time to Think ..
.. If at any time " You feel like the Only person at the UN without a Headset "..??
Please Keep Reading ..

Chase Riddle .. Bobby Dews .. Mackey Sasser ..
These Names and Many More ..The Beat-ing goes on ..
We simply ask again .. Will They Ever Be GOOD Enough ??
' Another Chapter in Dews' literary career .. Cox helped Dews get Sober ' ..
[ .. Mar. 16, 2004 .. Terence Moore Column ]
[a Wonderful Story re Bobby Cox and friend Bobby Dews ..]

"The reader can see that there is hope when you're battling alcoholism, drugs
and other things," Dews said about his new book ' Legends, Demons, and Dreams.'

.. Bobby Dews could never be in John Christy's Hall ??
[ Wiregrass Sports Hall of Fame ] .. Christy .. self appointed Dictator-Director ..

Edwin, I really hope you will pray about writing another Timely Column
about Chase Riddle .. and the Alcohol Issue you Exposed regarding Dick Meckley ..
" For the Hall of Fame's sake, let's hope Meckley's earlier problem with alcohol
wasn't the determining factor in his denial into the Hall." .. Edwin Stanton ..

Feb. 11, 2001 .. Edwin Stanton wrote in The Dothan Eagle ..
" I'm referring to Dick Meckley and Chase Riddle.
These two men have done so much for sports in the Wiregrass that to not have them
honored by the Wiregrass Sports Hall of Fame is insulting." I never had the privilege of meeting Dick Meckley, he died last year of cancer at the age of 81.
But ask anyone that did know him and they will tell you that Meckley was a
man who loved and cared deeply about sports in this community.

He served as a referee for high school basketball and football games
in the Wiregrass area.
Meckley hosted Dothan's first radio call-in show in 1956 and also served as the voice of the Dothan Cardinals minor league baseball team.

For those old enough to remember, you might recall hearing Meckley's voice
boom out across Rip Hewes Stadium during Dothan High football games.
Meckley was the public address announcer for Dothan in the 1960s.
He even broadcast football and basketball games on the radio.

For crying out loud, this guy was buried on the 17th green at TPC Sawgrass,
the most picturesque green in the country.
He was a founding member of the golf course and he is the first and last to
be buried there.

With credentials like these, it's hard for me to understand why Meckley isn't in the Hall of Fame. He should have been inducted with the first classnine years ago. But he wasn't.

Why ? .. Could it be because Meckley had a problem with alcohol?
It's true, Meckley was an alcoholic. But not his whole life.
Meckley conquered his demons long ago.

From 1971 until the day he died, Meckley lived life sober.
For the Hall of Fame's sake, let's hope Meckley's earlier problem with alcohol
wasn't the determining factor in his denial into the Hall.

I know for a fact other current members of the Hall of Fame battled
alcohol during their lives and also cleaned up and stayed sober.
I don't know the reason why Meckley hasn't been inducted. I know he's beennominated in the past, but his name has been shot down every time.

Now let's talk about Chase Riddle.
How on God's green earth is this guy not in the Hall of Fame?
He's in the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame, but not in the Wiregrass Hall of Fame.?
Go figure.

The legendary coach guided Troy State to two Division II championships during his prestigious coaching career. Why Riddle isn't already an inductee is beyond my reasoning.
Riddle and Meckley are deserving of being in this Hall of Fame. ".. Edwin Stanton ..
[ Excerpts from Edwin Stanton's article in The Dothan Eagle .. Feb. 11, 2001..] .. Connect ..
" We're Back .." as they say .. and .. The name of that song .. ??
" You dropped a Bomb on me baby .. You dropped a Bomb on me "..

Thanks Edwin for your courage and ' Fulfilling Your Obligation' to your community ..
Addressing the Real Issues .. Ringing The Bell of Freedom .. and Let The Reader Decide ..

Chase Riddle did win 2 Nat'l Championships at Troy State .. and still owns many
records at TSU ..
Even The TSU Baseball Stadium is named in his honor, Pace-Riddle Stadium ..

Gene Dews, Wallace College AD and Girls Softball Coach [over 100 wins and less
than 10 losses] was an asst. coach and recruitor for Chase Riddle at Troy ..

Gene often tells me these thoughts about The Legend .. Chase Riddle ..
Chase Riddle [as a scout ] had 12 players he had signed playing in the Major Leagues ..
at the same time ..
Some 35 years he was with the St. Louis Cardinals .. [many as a scout]
also a Minor League player - magr. in the Cards Organization ..
Plus he managed and played in the [D league] Ga.- Fla. League in Panama City, Ozark
and Dothan [Cardinals] in the 50's .. [He even managed Cards minor leaguer Bobby Dews]

Classic Chase Story - He was pleading with the Cardinals to sign this pitcher ..
He was sold on this pitcher's Big League potential .. Not to mention his Slider ..
The Cards were very reluctant ..
So Chase flew the pitcher to St. Louis from Miami Dade Jr. College to work out before
the top brass ..

They still hesitated .. But after much persuasion by Chase Riddle ..
Gave him the go ahead to sign Steve Carlton .. Lefty, now a Hall of Famer ..
Still appreciative, Carlton flew Chase and Miss Betty [his wife from Ozark] to the Vet
in Philly when they retired his number 32 ..[ Thanks for sharing this Gene ]

He also signed Jose Cruz, a lifetime 300 hitter .. plus brothers Jector and Jesus Cruz ..
All made it to the Big Leagues .. plus catcher Terry Kennedy and many others ..
and Oh by the way .. Chase is already in the very prestigous Alabama Sports Hall
of Fame ..[ Granite and Bronze ]

-- A friend summed it up .." I can Explain it to you .. But I can't Understand it for you .. "

Believe me .. I've heard the name Chase Riddle in the Braves Dugout for many years ..
They certainly hold him in high esteem .. all over MLB ..

Which reminds me .. Mackey Sasser .. Major Leaguer from The Wiregrass ..
I would see him in New York, San Fran .. Houston .. all over the Nat'l League ..
Mackey was a catcher for the New York Mets ..[caught in the NLCS 88 - Mets vs. Dodgers]
FLASHBACK - May 4, 1991 at Candlestick .. Mackey Sasser and Mark Carreon
stroke consecutive pinch hit HR's in the Mets' 6 - 4, 12-inning win over the Giants ..
[The First Time the feat had been performed in the NL since 1975 ..]

Mackey played 9 Years in the Majors [Giants, Pirates, Mets, Mariners] Career .267 hitter ..
He played his early days at Wallace Jr. College - Dothan where he now coaches baseball ..
But .. He can't get in the Wiregrass Hall ...?? [ Keep reading for your answer ..]

-- Makes me wanna break into " Help Me Rhonda " .. all 4 verses ..

Mackey is a great guy to me .. He always treats you the Same ..
Whether in New York in the Dugout ..[or in Dothan ..] Never forgetting His Roots ..
.. Few in the Wiregrass can Match his unprecedented success and now he is helping kids ..
He has fought his Battles like we All are ..That Should Not Be A Comdemnation ..
Will He Ever Be GOOD Enough for This Hall ..??

So what does it take to get in This Hall ?? Honestly ..
A Hall of Famer like Chase Riddle is not Good Enough be in this Wiregrass Hall ?
[ Edwin asked that question 3 years ago in his column ]
Their answer again this year .. No .. [and LEGIT takes another Hit and Cries again ..]
[ Note - One doubts Coach Riddle is not sleeping .. but that's not the Issue ] ..

The Dothan Eagle proclaims at the top of its front page ..
" The Newspaper of The Wiregrass Since 1903 " .. [ The Eagle is sold in Troy]
and They cover Troy State Sports everyday on their ' Wiregrass Sports Pages '..
and yet TSU's winningest Coach ever can't get in the Wiregrass Hall ..??
The Real Answer is obvious .. but not what Christy will mislead you to believe ..

-- Excerpt from my column [ Mar.8, 2001..] It also ran in The Eagle ..
[Thanks Ken Tuck for your help ] ..
"As any son would be, I'm very hurt and offended that certain members of the
Wiregrass Hall of Fame selection committee would vote down my father because
of his alcohol problem.
Their judgment and rejection of my father makes me ask the obvious, is this a true
Hall of Fame or a "Good Ole Boy Club?" .. The Meck
So ... What are the REAL Qualifications of the Selection Committee ..??
Perhaps a Telling Memory and Answer was about 8 years ago I went with a friend
to the ceremony ..
I remember an older black gentleman had come all the way from New York City
to be inducted ..
He had spoken or was on deck ..[ the ceremony had gone rather long ]

So Christy stood up and told everyone ..' Keep your speeches to about 5 minutes ..
We have to get up early and go to Sunday School.' ..

How rude and inconsiderate I thought .. I wasn't alone either .. [ Now, Very Telling ] ..
The Graciuos Gentleman from New York had traveled so far and brought his friends
back to his home .. He had to be embarassed .. I know I was ..
But perhaps that statement tells you about Christy's Qualifications for His Hall ..

We already KNOW .. ' No one with an alcohol problem allowed .' per Christy ..
Do any other Committee members share Christy's Oppression and Condemnation ..??
The above mentioned, a touching Story on Bobby Dews overcoming his Battles with alcohol ..
Bobby Cox Reaching Out and practically saving Bobby Dews's life ..I was so moved by it ..
Bobby Dews, a Braves' Coach and sports legend from this Area ..
[ Edison Ga. about 45 mins. from Dothan] .. Dewsie .. A Wonderful man who helps so many ..

Not sure if he falls in the peremiters of the Wiregrass Area 'geographically ..'
But certain of this .. His alcoholism and 16 years of sobriety would disqualify him
in John Christy's Hall .. He's not GOOD Enough .. [ Fish on Dewsie .. You're a Blessing] ..

Edwin Stanton really spoke last time addressing the Issues .. exposing the Cloud
of Oppression that Christy holds over Alcoholics and the Wiregrass Area in general
with his Pharisee Eyes ..

Do we want a man Using the Wiregrass's name and hanging the Plaques
up in the Dothan Civic Center ..?? who looks Down on people ..??
and has his Pharisee List of Requirements ..??

His is a ' Hall of Shame ' .. all by himself .. with his Pharisee games .. Plain and Simple ..

A Voice for the Hurting ... There is Hope and Acceptance ..
Edwin .. I hope as you did 3 years ago [and many commented to me about it ..]
will be a Voice for my Dad and others .. especially those like my Dad who cannot speak ..
and many who are Afraid to talk about it .. [ That why I write .. and share my thoughts ]

Believe me every Family in the Wiregrass already has enough Pain and Shame from Alcohol ..
Those who battle alcohol in sports and everyday life are Shamed by this man ..
Parading in the Wiregrass's name .. I know I am ..

Many of them have a Lifetime of Achievement .. in life and sports in the Wiregrass .
It's Disgraceful to look down on them .. or Anyone .. as they Battle an Addiction ..

You .. are one of a few that has the Courage to Write The Truth regarding this Issue ..
and let Freedom Ring ..
To be honest Edwin .. I don't think my Dad's too worried about any Hall of Fame ..
But as a son .. any son would be .. I'm offended that my Dad's Good Name is Shamed ..

I am Grateful that his Memorial Service was held on the 17th Green at TPC Sawgrass ..
where his ashes were also spread .. a Lasting Tribute from his Friends on the PGA Tour ..
and his 2nd Home - The TPC family .. Dick Meckley .. a Name and Legacy I Cherish ..

But like you stated .. Dick Meckley had 29 years of Sobriety ..That is a Fact ..
Plus .. It Was My Dad's Proudest Accomplishment of his 81 Years .. in Sports or Life ..
No one can take that from him .. Not even John Pharisee Christy ..

To every Family in the Wiregrass that has been touched by alcohol ..
Remember the Wiregrass's Dick Meckley .. not just what he did in sports ..
but his Hall of Fame Accomplishment of 29 years .. Sobriety ..
[ I'm proud of my brother Shannon .. with over 20 years sobriety ]

Dad would want you to know .. There's still Hope For All who fight the Battle of Alcohol ..
Acceptance .. and Deliverance from the Pain and Shame ..
That's why his proud son continues to Write On ..

We need more stories like Bobby Cox reaching out with a Helping Hand to a man
battling an addiction .. like his friend Bobby Dews who now has 16 years of Sobriety ..
That's no Shame ..That's the Name of the Game .. in Sports or Life ..

TESTIMONY OF HOPE .. "The reader can see that there is hope when
you're battling alcoholism, drugs and other things," Dews said about his new
book ' Legends, Demons, and Dreams.' ..

Stop The Shame and quit Using the Wiregrass's name ..
I have also asked Comissioner Pat Thomas to examine this Disgrace and Prejudice..
Using City Property to facilitate a parade of Sham and Shame on Wiregrass
Citizens by John Pharisee Christy ..
[ I'm thinking of contacting Mel Gibson to see if he can make the Cross any wider ..
for Christy to hide behind ..]

Jesus was Crucified by the Pharisees [Certain Church Goers he called "Snakes "..]
The Cross is not a Hiding Place for Religious Thugs to carry out their Mission ..
or even a Safe Haven for Pharisees ..
[Pharisees defined .. ' Noted for their Self-Rightousneess and Pride ..
They were frequently rebuked by Jesus ..
Much was sound in their creed ..yet their system of Religion was a form - nothing more ..' ]

The Battle .. RELIGION equals Death .. vs. .. JESUS equals Life ..
Sin Had Left A Crimson Stain .. HE WASHED IT WHITE AS SNOW .."

We don't need you to quote any more scriptures to us John ..
Your life is a scripture we can read loud and clear ..
You have ' Fouled Out ' John Christy .." Hall of Shamer."..
The Votes are In ..

..'" May We Help You " ? You ask on your card ..[ 'John Christy Christian Ministries Inc.' ] ..

If you really want to Help the community and the Wiregrass Sports Hall of Fame's Credibility ..
Take your Stripes of Condemnation and Stones of Shame and 'crawl ' to the house ..
Please Go Home John .. wherever you came from ..
and you'll Leave Dothan a Much Better Place to Live .. Lifting Your Clouds of Oppression ..

The Truth Shows Us ..Only a Chosen Few are GOOD Enough for this Hall ..[off the field ]
Do any others on the committee endorse - share Christy's Shame and Condemnation ..??
AIMED SPECIFICALLY at the Many who Battle Addictions .. [ We hope not ]

" Why in the world would anybody put chains on me ??.. [Lionel Richie classic-still True Today]
" I've paid my dues to make it .. Everybody wants me to be what they want me to be .."

The Young People of the Wiregrass, already Battle and Struggle enough to accept
a family member's Addiction .. and be Accepted .. [ How well I know and remember ..]
Trying to hold your head up .. as a young boy and teenager .. and asking yourself ..
Will My Family Ever Be GOOD Enough for certain people ?? ..

The Young People .. Don't need to Grow up and Live with your voice of Pain and Shame ..
especially USING the Wiregrass's Name ..

A Man with Hands of Compassion .. Dr. Mike McQueen ..
Congrats to Dr. Mike McQueen .. for your Wiregrass Hall entrance ..[Sat. Mar. 20, 2004]
[Enterprise native and Bama Defensive standout with Coach Bryant ]

You are Deserving on the field and even more of a Hall of Famer off the field ..
Where The Score Lasts Forever ..
You and Pam have touched thousands of young lives in sports and given
graciously to so many ..
They will never be the same because of your kind Hands of Compassion ..
and your T I M E .. Thanks for touching my Life ..

I'm Forever Grateful to MR. JOE LYNCH, a founder of The Haven ..
a Home for Alcoholics .. [That's building a Legacy that lasts forever..]
MR. JOE LYNCH gave me as a young boy .. ACCEPTANCE and HOPE ..
Because he gave my Dad .. COMPASSION and the Meckley Family constant T I M E ..

My mother Eunice loved Brother Joe Lynch .. No one could sing Amazing Grace like him ..
[on Saturday nites at the Haven ..] We all knew His Life was a Melody of God's Grace ..

Where have the True Legends gone ?? .. We need more people like Joe Lynch ..
Building Homes for Alcoholics and More Clinics to Help the Needy ..
Building Lives .. Instead of Building more and more Church Buildings ..
[ Big Business .. ?? .. Millions upon Millions of Dollars] Entertaining people .. or Reaching Out ?
Jesus said "Go Tell " .. Not ' Build It and They Will Come'.. [That was Field of Dreams ] ..

Most Churches today have Failed the Alcoholic .. and His or Her Family ..
AA .. Alcoholics Anonymous has succeeded Reaching Out with it's ' 12 Step Program ..'
Inspired by the Bible .. Giving the Alcoholics and Families ' Acceptance and Hope ..'
Just Like Joe Lynch and Jesus ..

MR. E.G PITMAN .. a founder of Dothan Glass in 1931 .. owned Dothan's 1st Pro
Baseball teams in the 40's and 50's ..[ My Dad announced some of those games ..
My brother Shannon was the batboy for the Dothan Cardinals ..]

Mr. Pitman helped build Rip Hewes Stadium .. Thus Pitman Field stands in his Honor ..
[and brother O.B. ]
Mr. EG always sat on the 3rd base side .. cheering Baseball and
Tommy and Ted McClendon .. his Grandsons ..
[Tommy played 2nd base in the minors for the Cincy Reds ..Ted played 3rd base for Bama ..]

I'm Forever Grateful for the Encouragement and HOPE Mr. E.G. Pitman consistently
built in my Dad's life ..
He was a man with great Compassion .. always Reaching Out to help ..
' Dick, You're a great man .. Hang in there and You''ll whip this stuff .'
Mr. EG would often say .. [Just like baseball he sure Knew what he was talking about ..]

Reminds me of a song " Just as I am ".. ACCEPTANCE surely Breathes HOPE ..

Please Remember .." The 2 Essentials that meet in the middle to reach a goal .."
PASSION for what you Do in Life .. and COMPASSION is Others .. Others .. Others ..
T I M E spells L O V E .. " The Greatest Gift You Can Give Anyone .."

Meck .. David Meckley.. .. Meck Notes .. Mar. 22, 2004 ..
Property of The Meck ..
Cannot be Published without permission of the author ..
Email this to a friend .. Let Freedom Ring .. and Give Others Hope ..Thanks .. Meck