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Chief White Planning Defamation Lawsuit Against Chester

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THE MECK REPORT .. May 27, 2005 .. 3 pm.
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The Meck has learned that Chief John White [retired Dothan Police Chief ]
is planning to file a DEFAMATION LAWSUIT against Chester Sowell
and a number of willing cohorts in Chester's ILLEGAL Investigation .. [ listed below].

- Chester ' The Wrecker ' Sowell
[The orchestrator of Chester's ILLEGAL Investigation to Remove Chief John White.
Chester has shamed and defamed John White's good name ..
Smearing his character both professionally and personally with VINDICTIVE LIES ..
as Chester continues HIDING behind the cross and USING Ridgecrest for votes.

- [ Possibly one commissioner in the sandbox with Chester.]

- MIKE ' Clear The Innocent and Charge The Guilty ' TEW ..
Citizens Supervisory Committee Chairman ..
He and committee ordered ILLEGAL Investigation.

- GARY ' You can run but you can't hide ' GRIFFIN .. Dothan Personnel Board Chairman ..
Followed Chester's Agenda and Direction To Remove Chief White.

- [ Plus Other Members of the Citizens Supervisory Committee and City Of
Dothan Personnel Board ..They know who they are ..]

- Former Captain Jim 'Anonymous Letters ' Smith .. Forced himself to resign after
he was caught writing MALICIOUS letters full of lies, shaming and defaming Chief White,
his Captains .. and Department.

Dec. 11, 2003 - Jim Smith Polygraph Results: " DECEPTION INDICATED .."
Jim Smith fueled and flamed Chester's ILLEGAL Investigation .. Engaged and Enraged
Chester in his letters .. both with the Same Common Goal - Remove Chief John White.

Jim Smith has also written that he received his law degree from Auburn ..That's Breaking news ..
Even more telling about Jim Smith .. Since Auburn doesn't even have a law school.
John White's law degree is earned / real .. by the way.

- Denise Smith - estranged wife of Jim Smith .. published false allegations.

- SALLY ' I got Chief White ' BUCHANAN .. Best friends with Jim and Denise Smith ..
She filed false allegations against Chief White to Mike Tew.


The Meck's info is .. These defendants could be sued both in their
official capacities .. as well as PERSONALLY.
Translated .. They will have to hire their OWN lawyer .. not funded by The People.

Will Chester continue his LIES under oath ?? .. Could PERJURY be knocking on the door ?
7 years of Chester's Revenge To Remove Chief White ..
Simply because the FBI investigated Chester's Dad. [over 7 years ago.]
FINALLY .. Depositions under oath .. The TRUTH will soon be on the record.

Remember .. Chief White called the FBI in early 2004 and asked them to investigate
himself and his department after these malicious and false allegations were made.
The FBI CLEARED Chief White and The Dothan PD .. They Found NOTHING.

How many guilty people call the FBI to come investigate themselves ?
Has Chester ever called the FBI to investigate his dealings in the mayor's office ?
What would an investigation by the FBI find out about Chester and his office ?

Would Chester tell the FBI to " Go To Hell " ? .. Just like his Dad told them.


Chester and his buddies have Shamed and Defamed Chief John White's Good Name ..
and his Family.
How much is a Good Name Worth .. ?? Priceless .. They say.

Back in the mid 60's .. early in his Alabama coaching career ..
Coach Bryant experienced the slings and arrows as he was Falsely Accused
in the Saturday Evening Post article.

At a press conf. Coach Bryant was asked .. How much do you plan to sue for ..?
To which he replied ..
' How do you place a value on a man's good name and character ..' ?

The courts answered with a resounding verdict ..
That there was Great Value in a man's good name and character.
So How much is John White's good name worth ??

Chester The Wrecker and some others will soon find out ..
and so will The People .. who need RELIEF after 7 years of Chester's Oppression.


Remember those 57 Burning Questions by Chief John White [ May 6, 2004 - Press Conf.]
NOTE: All were addressed a year ago to most of those I've named above.

To this day .. Not one of the 57 burning questions has been answered .. YET.
Will these questions be answered at the depositions .. ??


Developing ..
Yes it is. More on the way.

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Filed by The Meck .. May 27, 2005 .. 3 pm ..
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