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THE MECK REPORT - Kevin Steele to join Saban at Bama. 01/04/07 - posted Jan. 4, 2007 - 12:22p


Kevin Steele to join Saban at Bama

The Meck has learned that Kevin Steele, the current Executive Head Coach and
Linebackers Coach at Florida State, has accepted a position on the staff with Coach Saban at Alabama.
Steele, a 1981 Tennessee graduate, played for the Big Orange under Johnny Majors.

He won a Nat'l Champ. [1994] serving as Linebackers coach under Tom Osbourne at Nebraska.
He was the linebackers coach for the Carolina Pathers [95 - 99] and then became
head coach at Baylor. [ 1999 - 2002]

He has been on Bobby Bowden's staff since 2003.
Coach Steele is widely known for his outstanding recruiting and some believed
a possible successor to Coach Bowden.
Meck observation: With Steele leaving .. this makes perfect sense for Jimbo Fisher's future to become the FSU offensive coordinator and groomed to be the next FSU head coach.

Plus .. It's no secret of the longstanding friendship between Terry Bowden, Jimbo and the Bowden family.
Jimbo was a grad asst. for Terry back at Samford [ plus Offensive coordinator and Quarterbacks coach].
Plus Quarterbacks Coach for Terry Bowden in his undefeated season at Auburn.[1993]
Just an observation by The Meck.

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