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THE MECK RADIO SHOW w/ Jay Kearce re Bobby Bowden - Kevin Steele - Jimbo Fisher. 01/05/07

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The Meck Radio Show - w/ Jay Kearce re Bobby Bowden - Kevin Steele - Jimbo Fisher. 01/05/07 Posted 3:32a.ct. Show Time: 37 Mins.

Meck Notes: Is Jimbo Fisher waffling on Coach Bowden ? [ read below]

OPEN - A visit with my longtime friend, producer and engineeer - David Strickland.
We discuss Nick Saban's Press Conf. at Bama. [ The WOW Factor]
Our thoughts and prayers for our wonderful friend and brother in Radio - Dave Gilligan.
He's in the hospital. We pray he makes a complete recovery .. very soon.
[Interv. Jan. 4 - 8p] Meck visits with his family friend, Jay Kearce - The Birdman in Dallas, Tex.
Jay [ Mr. Seminole] is a Florida State alumn and plugged into the FSU pulse.
He talks about his friendship w/ Bobby Bowden and how he helped Coach Bowden with recruits.

'Other than my father, Coach Bowden has been the most influential man in my life.' - Jay Kearce
' I've learned a lot of life lessons from him.' - JK
Jay talks about Kevin Steele .. the FSU Executive Head Coach/Linebackers Coach who just joined Coach Saban's staff as Bama's Def. Coordinator.

' It's a big loss for FSU. A big win for Bama.' - JK

'In 2005 - had Kevin Steele as the Number 1 recruiter in the nation.' - JK

'Kevin is as tough as the next guy but he'll pat you on the back and tell you he loves you.'
'He's a fine, fine gentleman. A great football coach and communicator.' - JK
'If Bobby had retired yesterday .. Kevin Steele would have been the next head coach at FSU.' - Jay Kearce

'When Nick Saban took the Dolphins job 2 years ago ..
He offered Kevin Steele a position on his staff and he turned him down.' - JK

Jay and The Meck talk about the report Thurs. afternoon [ Jan. 4]on that LSU Offensive Coordinator Jimbo Fisher had agreed to come to Tallahassee.

'Jimbo has a longstanding relationship with the Bowden family.' - JK
[ on staff with Terry at Samford and Auburn]
'Terry Bowden is a key component to this working out.' - JK

Jay says .. 'The whole Jimbo to FSU deal [ in essence] has been done for about 10 days.'
'I know that Nick has already contacted Jimbo about a job at Bama.' - JK

'Once Alabama gets back in the top 5 or 10 .. Kevin Steele will be ready to go.' [Head Coaching Job] - JK

11:15p [Jan 4] Jay calls Meck back and says Warchant. com is reporting that Alabama has upped the ante to Jimbo Fisher and he could be waffling on his commitment to Bobby.
According to - Jay says [ this morning Jan. 4] Jimbo called Coach Bowden and said He would be coming to FSU. And he called Coach Saban and told him he wasn't coming to Bama.

Tonite .. Jay is reading to me on the show.
Saban has called Jimbo back tonite [ Jan 4] and sweetened the pot.
[700 thousand to 1 Million - Per Year.]
Depends on what Alabama source you speak with.

Birdman says the FSU/Jimbo offer is about 500 thousand a year.
'Our highest paid asst. is Mickey Andrews at 285 thousand a year.'[ package] - Jay Kearce.
So .. What will Jimbo Fisher do ?
It's baffled FSU's credible and legit website - Warchant. com.
Even Jay Kearce - The Birdman.

Final Meck thoughts ..
How much is a longtime friendship worth ? How much is a commitment worth ?
How many people are left on earth who cannot be bought at any price ?
Can you imagine what Terry Bowden's phone call sounded like to Jimbo Fisher tonite.?

It's hard to believe that any amount .. [much less a couple hundred thousand] could ever be enough to justify a Burned Bridge.
If Jimbo doesn't come to his senses soon, [not his centses], He'll run the biggest offensive play of his career.
No Doubt. FSU and Bobby Bowden are his best ticket to be a major college head coach.

Thanks Jay for your insight and scoop on Bobby, Kevin and the Jimbo saga.
This whole deal with Jimbo is hard to follow. [ Even for Christopher Columbus]
The Birdman/Jay Kearce does a great job explaining the chaos and the chase.
Be sure and listen to the interview.

Coming soon on The Meck Radio Show.
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T I M E spells L O V E
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T I M E spells L O V E

Throw me the ball Daddy
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I've heard it said a time or two
This game of life can take from you
But I found out love isn't really love
Till you give it away

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