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THE MECK RADIO SHOW - Super Dave chats w/ The Meck. 01/11/07

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The Meck Radio Show - Super Dave chats w/ The Meck. 01/11/07 Posted 2:02a ct. Show Time: 30 Mins.

Meck Notes:
A visit with my friends Chris and Kayla Jo Fox.
Kayla Jo talks about her twin, Austin, who plays basketball for Springhill. [ Mobile]
Kayla Jo shares how important it is to keep in touch with your mom.

Plus, why the girl twin is always in charge of the boy twin. His second mother.

Chris talks about Denny Neagle and his kindness, giving his game glove to Austin.
She also talks about the loving Walter Banks and his kind face/eyes and spirit.
How he would bring her and her children water. [ whatever you needed.]
Kayla Jo is headed back to college. Bless you my precious friend.
If I had a daughter, I'd want her to be like Kayla Jo.
Meck visits w/ his longtime engineer and producer, Super Dave/DLS Voice Productions.
Talk about how we put the shows together. Recording in Alabama and New York.
Uploading the files on the website and Dave editing, mixing, and equalizing.
Putting all the pieces together into one file. And uploading to the

Super Dave got his start w/ The Meck. Early 90's.
Has clients in Alabama, Utah, Pennsylvania, and New York.
Copywriting. Voicing. Production.
One listener told me, ' The Show sounds DYNAMIC. '
Thanks. It should, because I have a dynamic producer and engineer.
We talk about the 70's. Long Hair. [ Any hair is a great memory]
Meck's classmate, Keith Givens, had long hair, a goatee, and wore mocassins.
You can't judge a book by its cover, as they say. Keith was straight then and now.
Today, Keith is a Sr. Partner in The Cochran Firm.

We talk about the Super Bowl. Prince singing at halftime.
Plus I hear Stevie Nicks is performing [ sometime] at The Super Bowl.

Rod Stewart in concert in Birmingham on Jan. 19th. Atlanta Jan. 20th.
Talked with Bobby Cox today. He was cutting wood [ at his farm].
He's headed to Spring Training Feb 10th.
I scheduled an interv with him in a few days.

Meck talks about the giving spirit of Mike Schmitz and how he
helps The Childrens Home and many charities in the Wiregrass.
The Mike Schmitz Automotive Group is All About Service.

Meck talks about announcing in high school.
Hanging out at WDIG w/ Forrest Latta aka Art Mitchell
and Al Creamer aka Al Mason. Wonderful memories.

I got the interest and love for radio from my father.

Thanks to Paul Finebaum for linking the interview I did with him
regarding his Mom and Dad and his personal thoughts on life.
Thanks Pat Smith and Dave Sibley.
The hits @ have been hotter than Tony Gwynn.

Be sure and hear Walter Banks [ Atlanta Braves Executive Usher]
Mr. Hospitality and Service for the last 40 years.
The Legend in Dothan, Al. - First Baptist Church - Sun. Jan. 21, 2007 - 10:15a.
Come Early to get a seat. Bring a friend/baseball fan. Wear Your Jersey.
Coming soon on The Meck Radio Show.
Bobby Cox - The Best Manager in the history of Baseball.
Bobby Clampett - Golfer/Announcer for CBS and TNT.
Ed Mangan - The Dr. of Grass for Turner Field and The Super Bowl.
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