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THE MECK RADIO SHOW w/ Bob Nightengale - USA TODAY Baseball Writer. 01/09/07

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The Meck Radio Show w/ Bob Nightengale - USA TODAY Baseball Writer. 01/09/07
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Meck Notes:
A visit with my friend Bob Nightengale of USA TODAY re his MLB Hall Of Fame Ballot.
The inductees will be named today.

I first met Bob in the early 90's. He was writing for the LA Times.[covering the San Diego Padres]
His thoughts on Tony Gwynn:
'A Wonderful Guy. The Dale Murphy of The West'. 'A Fabulous hitter. '
'Down to earth. He would treat a Jr. High reporter the same as one from CBS.'- Bob Nightengale
Your MLB Hall of Fame Ballot ?
'Gwynn, Ripken [In for sure].'
'Goose Gossage [closer than people think].'
'Jim Rice.'
'Jack Morris - Possibly the Greatest Postseason pitching performance of all-time.'
'10 shutout innings over the Braves in '91 World Series.'
'Bert Blyleven.' - BN
We talk about Cal Ripken's streak [ 1982 - 1995] 2131 consec games played.
Bob tells a funny story.. Cal says 2 years before the streak ended ..
His wife is about to give birth to their son.
The media is saying, Cal can't miss a game to break the streak.
He explains it to his wife: You wouldn't want our son to carry that label with him,
for breaking the streak .. Would you ? She bought it, Cal said. - BN

'I can see a group buying the Orioles one day and making Cal the President.' - BN

'Gwynn was an All-Wac Point Guard at San Diego State, drafted by the San Diego Clippers.' - BN

On Mark McGuire:' Even if this guy was clean - He wasn't a slam dunk for the H of Fame[first ballot].'
One dimmensional. A lot of bad years. He wasn't consistent. - BN

'Bonds was a Hall of Famer before the suspicions.' - BN
'I don't think it's a slam dunk he'll break Henry's record.[ this year]' - Bob Nightengale

Why is it that the Braves don't seem to have any money? [ when most other teams do]
' [With their payroll staying at 80 million] They've got a ton of money.'
'With the TV and everything else, they're making a killing.' - BN

Re the Braves sale - Time Warner/Liberty Media negotiations reportedly deadlocked.
Bob discusses his thoughts on whether the deal will go thru.

'I'd certainly rather have the Braves than the Cubs.' 'The Braves are a great franchise.' - BN

[ If the current negotiations with Liberty fall through]
Do you think Donald Watkins could enter the picture as a candidate to buy the Braves?
'He could. With the price of ethanol going up. [and his assets]' - BN

Do you think Donald will own a team and be the first black owner ?
'As long as he doesn't get discouraged [with the process]. Donald's been a success.'
'He would be great for the game, with his personality and itelligence.' - BN

'It would be a cinderella story. Grew up in the same church with Dr. King.' [as his pastor]
'I'd probably move down to Atlanta myself and work out of there.'
'I know I could get some good hot dogs in his booth/box.' - Bob Nightengale.
Your guess at the vote totals [ today] for the H of Fame - Gwynn and Ripken.
'Ripken, at least 98%. More than Tom Seaver.'
'Gwynn, at 99%. Within 2 or 3 votes of being unanimous.' - BN

Has anyone ever been unanimous ?
'Never' [ in Baseball History]. BN

Update on Jimbo Saga.
What made Jimbo Fisher stop waflling on Bobby Bowden and honor his commitment ?
Saturday nite, FSU withdrew their offer to Jimbo [ tired of being played like a piano.]

Sunday morning .. Jimbo and/or his agent Jimmy Sexton called Bobby Bowden.
They wanted to talk and Bobby must have listened and Monday a deal was done. Finally.
A Burning Bridge was doused by a forgiving 78-year-old friend and legend.
A longtime family friendship saved and a coaching career rescued.
It never pays to disrespect anyone, much less a 78-year-old. Plus a Coaching Legend.

Thanks to my friend Bob Nightengale for his insight on today's Hall of Fame vote.
Plus his thoughts on Gwynn, Ripken, the Braves, and Business Icon Donald Watkins.
Be sure and listen to Bob Nightengale on today's show. [ link below]
Tomorrow - Meck Rewind [Interview with San Diego Padres/Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn]

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An Amazing and Inspiring story regarding Donald Watkins and his family.
" Watkins hopes to make successful family an empire "
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