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THE MECK RADIO SHOW: Super Dave Interviews The Meck. 01/26/07

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The Meck Radio Show: Super Dave Interviews The Meck. 01/26/07 Posted 3:09a ct. Show Time: 32 Mins.

Meck Notes:
Thanks to Walter Banks for coming to my hometown. It was an amazing weekend.

Thanks Clay Bowen and Millie for helping make Walter feel at home.
Really enjoyed Clay's 56th Birthday party last Sat nite w/ Walter, Bro. John, Debbie and Clay's family.
Thanks Clay for all your help this past weekend and thru the many years.
Thanks for your longtime friendship and Encouraging the Meck to start this radio show.

It was great seeing Tom Ziegenfelder and family. They were celebrating Jane's Birthday Sat. nite.

Thanks to Robby Smith/Sports Editor of The Dothan Progress for his 2 great articles on Walter Banks.
I appreciate Robby's TIME and his passion for the Walter Banks story. Walter enjoyed visiting with him.
Thanks for the coverage by DeVon Applewhite at The Dothan Eagle. Front page/Accent section.
I appreciate the TV plugs by Kim Allen at Ch. 18 and longtime friend Brad Sherwood at Ch. 4 - WTVY.

A SPECIAL THANKS To Rayne McKenzie/ Ch 4 News who showed up on Sunday Morning.
Interviewed us and stayed for the entire service. Thanks Rayne for your 2 pieces on the news Sunday nite.
If they show up on Sunday morning .. You know its big. And Walter Banks in Dothan was a Day to Remember.

Happy 47th Birthday [ Sunday, 28th] to Vicki Martin. You wear it well.
SD Interviews The Meck ..
We talk about our friend and brother in radio, Dave Gilligan, who is recovering quite well.
He's home resting and doing his air shift again on 95.5 - WTVY.
Wish him the Best. Because He's The Best. Dave turns 43 on Mon. the 29th.

Walter Banks. People from all over Dothan and the Wiregrass
filled the church to hear Walter.
Susan Brazell Smith, Mike and Sandy Schmitz, Sam Cherry, Starla Matthews,
Mayor Thomas, Comiss. Matthews and Comiss. Newsome. Tom and Jane Ziegenfelder.
And many more guests. [including Pastor Fain's motorcycle club]

Tom Ziegenfelder, [a man with a servant's heart] shared re Walter's message Sunday at First Baptist.
'It's amazing how a common man like Walter can be an inspiration to so many.
You don't have to have billions like Bill Gates. Walter serves people.
We can all learn a lot from Walter about Christianity and serving our fellow man.' -TZ

Young and old crowded around Walter before and after the service to have their picture with him.
It was amazing. Like a rock star. I've never seen such a diversified crowd attracted to the same person.
Young and Old. Rich and Poor. All drawn to Walter Banks by his compassion and love.
A simple man who serves others and treats everyone the same.
Walter has the gift of Greatness. 'The ability to make those around you feel great.'

Thousands watched by TV as Walter shared and blessed everyone with his compassion and wisdom.
It was a joy to interview him and share the same stage w/ he and Johnny Fain.
We gave a Chipper Jones jersey to Russell Craig. [ 12 years old] He's a kind, young boy who can't see.
But his dedication and smile is seen by everyone. He was thrilled. He's a big Braves fan.

I'll never forget Tallulah Snell winning the Brian McCann autographed baseball from Walter.
She knew a baseball has 1 seam. She was thrilled to win and meet Walter.

The message, just like Walter, was simple. Serve Others with Compassion.
The message of the cross is simple, too. That's why so many miss it. It's a gift.

Walter reminds me of my mother. He doesn't sit around studying the Bible.
He's out doing the Bible. We need more doers. No Doubt.
You can know all about Jesus/God and not know him.
If you know him personally ..You'll reach out with his compassion.
Enjoyed our visit to Mike Schmitz Automotive Group, Monday morning.
Mike and Walter have a kindred spirit. Serving and Giving to Others.
Mike invited Walter to speak to his Sales People.
We left Mike's office and walked over to the meeting.

Walter shared .. ' In 2003 Mike ran in the Iron Man Race.'
'His time was [ Walter quoted the exact numbers he had read on Mike's plaque in the office] '
and then said .. ' How bout a big hand for Mike . ? '

They clapped and everyone was impressed that Walter remembered those numbers
from Mike's office. Walter reminded everyone.' Be sure and Pay attention.'
They really enjoyed Walter and he enjoyed spending time with them.

We really enjoyed our visit to the George Washington Carver Museum [ Old Bus Station].
Thanks to Sarah Woodham for calling Miss Francina Williams who opened the museum on her day off.
Walter, Pastor Fain and myself were amazed at the history and treasures in this local museum.
Everyone should go by and visit. You will learn a lot.
You'll really enjoy meeting Miss Francina. She has great passion for her work. Wonderful lady.
I really enjoyed my visit yesterday to the Swedish Match Cigar Plant [ in Dothan].
250 employees. Very Dedicated. Very Friendly. 1 million, 1 hundred thousand cigars a day.
Thanks for the educational tour by Tony Martin [ the Factory Mgr] and Larry Pressnell
[the Manufacturing Mgr]. I appreciate your T I M E and taking great care of The Meck.

Really enjoyed my visit with Tony. We even gave Bobby Cox a jingle re his favorite cigar.

Super Bowl .. Picking the Colts. No mystery.
Jim Nantz, great announcer and kind gentleman, announcing for CBS.

Ed Mangan grows the grass for Turner Field and the Super Bowl.
Grows his Super Bowl Grass in Palm Springs Calif. Digs it up Jan 1.
Trucks it to the Super Bowl site and plants the SB field.
Both teams practice fields are re-planted to mirror the Super Bowl field.

Glad we stopped by and visited with Paul Finebaum last Friday.
His last show in his Clear Channel Studio. It was memorable 4 sure.

Really enjoyed the Rod Stewart Concert in Bham last Friday nite.
Great seats. [Those Maddox Girls were throwing down.]
I told Laura and Vicki this was one of the greatest bands I'd ever heard.
Told my friend Glenn they sounded like the Stones.
He informed me .. Rod's lead guitarist is Ron Wood of the Rollling Stones.

No wonder I liked it so much.
I almost rushed the stage on Hot Legs.
Rod was 2 Cool 4 School. Now and even in '74 when I graduated from Dothan High.

Thanks for your T I M E Today.
Next week:
Bobby Cox - The Best Manager in the history of Baseball.

Coming soon on The Meck Radio Show.
Bobby Clampett - golfer/announcer for CBS and TNT.
Ed Mangan - The Dr. of Grass for Turner Field and The Super Bowl.
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