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THE MECK RADIO SHOW w/ Walter Banks - Mr. Hospitality. 01/16/07 - Walter Banks Press Release

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SUNDAY - JAN 21, 2007 - 10:15a
PSA for:

First Baptist Church

Dothan, AL

WHEN: Sunday, January 21, 2007

TIME: 10:15 a.m. Worship Service

PLACE: First Baptist Church of Dothan, AL

300 W. Main Street

Dothan, AL 36303

WHO: Walter Banks, Executive Usher of the Atlanta Braves

Owner’s Box

BIO: Walter Banks has become a legend by serving others. Since 1966

Walter has been with the Atlanta Braves, serving as the Executive

Usher for the Owner’s Box, Aisle 107, Turner Field. He serves

Presidents, business leaders, players, and everyday fans. He also

has worked in the mail room of Rich’s (now Macy’s) for the last

48 years. Plus, he is the greeter for the Georgia Dome Press Box

and works the gate at Georgia Tech basketball games.

Walter is often called “the walking encyclopedia”. He can relate
any number to baseball or life.

In 2002, he was elected to the Georgia Hospitality Hall of Fame

and just last year, the Braves Owner’s Suite (by the dug-out) was

renamed The Walter Banks Suite.


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The Meck Radio Show w/ Walter Banks - Mr. Hospitality. 01/16/07
www.TheMeck.com Posted 1:02a ct. Show Time: 48 Mins.

Intro w/ Pastor Johnny Fain re The Legend Walter Banks speaking at First Baptist - Dothan. Sunday Jan. 21, 2007 at 10:15a.

'I'm so excited to have Walter Banks - The Legend, come to First Baptist, to Dothan, and Houston County to talk about loving and serving people.' - Johnny Fain

'Expecting a very large crowd. They're bringing their grandmas and little kids.'- JF
'One man [ in the hospital] told me, I'm going to make it [to hear Walter] if I have to crawl.' - JF

'Walter is genuine. He portrays an authenticity about life.' - JF

Re his chat w/ Starla Matthews [granddaughter of the legend, Miss Annie Lee Cherry]

'Starla was gleaming. I'm going to be there. I wouldn't miss it for anything in the world.' - JF
[Sam's mother, Miss Cherry and her family loved visiting with Walter in his box.]

Re Mark Lemke sharing in the interv.
'Everybody needs to be like Walter Banks. We need more Walter Banks in the world.' - JF

'Bringing Walter shows the passion of our church to reach out to our community.' - JF
Re Sunday's service.
'The 3 of us [ Walter, JF, Meck] will be sitting on stools. [listening to Walter share] ' - JF
'He will teach little children [and all of us ] about numbers. And Serving Others.' - JF

Brother Johnny talks about his motorcycle group. They are coming to hear Walter.
He encourages the young people to wear their baseball jerseys.

'It has been an honor to meet Walter Banks and have him come to a place I love
very much, First Baptist Church - Dothan.' - Johnny Fain
Meck Notes:
An Interview with Walter Banks - The Most Powerful Man I Know.
Why ? Because Walter Banks is a Servant. Reaching Out To Everyone He Meets.
Walter has become a Legend by Serving Others.

Since 1966 Walter Banks has been with the Atlanta Braves ..
serving as the Executive Usher for the Owners Box.[ Aisle 107-Turner Field]
He serves Presidents, Business Leaders, Players and every day People/Fans.
Walter Banks, a servant and treasure, known and loved by so many.

Many children, even Grandma and Grandpa all run up to see Walter Banks
and be near this man of compassion who makes everyone feel special.
Everyone wants to give Walter their favorite number and hear history unfold.
Walter can relate any number to baseball and life.

For the last 48 years .. Walter has worked in the mail room at Rich's [ now Macy's.]
[Walter Banks - Only person I know to hold the same 2 jobs [ both for 40 and 48 years.]

Plus .. Walter is also the greeter for the Ga. Dome Press Box - checking credentials.
[And Walter works the gate at Ga. Tech basketball games.]

Since 1966 and the Braves 1st pitch .. Walter has worked over 3 thousand games.
Missed about 10. One was Apr. 27, 2003 when he shot a Commercial with President Carter in Plains.
[ Promoting Hospitality in Plains.] [Aired on Fox Sports Net South.]
Commercial Coordinated by Glen Serra. Produced by The Meck.

Closing line in commercial: [on the porch - ice tea - rocking chairs.]
President Carter: ' Walter .. When we're at the Braves game, You take great care of us.
When You're in Plains .. We enjoy taking care of you.'
Walter replies: ' I love it in Plains .. Mr. President.'

Link to commercial story www.TheMeck.com [Walter - Pres. Carter photo]

In 2002 - Walter Banks was elected into " The Georgia Hospitality Hall of Fame."

Today's Interview ..
Walter talks about then owner Ted Turner and his kindness.
Also talks about Jane Fonda. His trips to their Montana ranch.
re Ted's success - ' He never overlooks little people.' - Walter Banks

His feelings about President Carter and the TV commercial.

Talks about Bobby Cox and wife Pam.
How Bobby always has T I M E for Walter and the fans.
' He's very, very approachable.- WB

Walter shares about his visit with the CEO of Delta Airlines.
Re CEO's - 'They don't look down and around. They look right at you.' - WB

Walter talks about Hospitality and how much he enjoys helping feed the needy
and homeless on Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, and MLK Day at Turner Field.
' That could be me. Make 'em feel like ladies and gentlemen. What is one day out of 365 ?'

Walter talks about his upcoming visit to Dothan, Al - Jan. 21, 2007 - Sun Morn.
at First Baptist with Pastor Johnny Fain. Walter's topic ? Serving Others.
[ This is a unique opportunity for Baseball fans to meet Walter.]

On meeting Pastor Fain .. ' What I picked up about him ?
When you sit on a stove .. It doesn't take long to know it's hot.
I knew right off the bat I liked him. He's in the right profession.' - Walter Banks

Re friends Clay and Abby Bowen visiting .. ' I had my picture made with them.
I asked her for her autograph.' - Walter Banks

Re his friend .. The late Annie Lee Cherry of Dothan. [She visited Walter many times with her family.]
' She was a real ambassador of good will. One time she couldn't make it down to see me.
So she sent word for me to please come see her. - Walter Banks

Walter's thoughts on serving: [ excerpts]
' Enjoy people. You don't get somewhere by yourself. Every spoke in the wheel is important.
I'm just so proud to be here. I wanna be here.
If I could just learn one thing a day.' - Walter Banks

Thanks Walter for inspiring us all to be a servant.
No doubt .. that's where you find everlasting fame and fortune.
My life and countless others will never be the same because we met you.

Before you listen to the interv with Walter .. A final thought.
Any guess what the owner's suite [by the dug-out] was renamed last year ??
The Walter Banks Suite.
Coming soon on The Meck Radio Show.
Bobby Cox - The Best Manager in the history of Baseball.
Bobby Clampett - golfer/announcer for CBS and TNT.
Ed Mangan - The Dr. of Grass for Turner Field and The Super Bowl.
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Walter in Hospitality Hall of Fame

Walter in President Carter TV Commercial

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