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THE MECK RADIO SHOW w/ Walter Banks: His Visit To Dothan This Sunday. 01/17/07

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SUNDAY - JAN 21, 2007 - 10:15a

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The Meck Radio Show w/ Walter Banks: His Visit To Dothan This Sunday. 01/17/07 Posted 3:09a ct. Show Time: 38 Mins.

Meck Notes:
Intro: Super Dave says ' Walter has the sweetest, most calming voice.
You can feel the warmth. Genuine caring transcends boundaries.'
'Walter Banks is a servant of Jesus Christ.' - Meck
This is a rare chance in your life[this Sunday] to meet this incredible man.
Just got off the ph. with Walter. Talks about his first visit to Dothan and First Baptist.
His Mom and Dad were born in Ala. His brother and his son went to Tuskegee University.

Walter on meeting Pastor Johnny Fain:' He's a fine representative of First Baptist Church.
They couldn't do any better.' 'It was like opening the door of the church when I met him.' - WB

'I greet and meet people all the time from Pres. Carter to Ted Turner.'
'Something jumped out.' [ about Pastor Fain]
'I wanted to come anyway. [To Dothan] He convinced me to come. ' - WB

'He showed me he was a leader. Top of the line.' - WB
Walter .. you've met many leaders. What is unique about a leader?
'A leader's actions speak louder than his words. He made me feel welcome.' - WB

'I still remember Miss Cherry.' [Walter talks about visiting her suite at the Braves game.]
'She was like a wrestler, she hugged me so tight.'
'She made me feel she was glad to see me.' - WB

Walter talks about feeding the hungry at Turner Field [ on Monday - MLK Day]
'That's one day you make people feel wanted, needed. Like they are somebody.'
'That could easily be me or you.'
'A lot of people are one paycheck away .. from sleeping under a bridge.' - WB

'It's a bad wind that blows the same way all the time.'
'While you're doing good .. Don't forget where you came from.'
'You put something in life .. You'll come out of the storm a lot quicker.
People will remember and help you.' - Walter Banks

'You can make any story about numbers.'

'I like the Number 9. Because that's a relationship with Jesus Christ.'
'When they nailed Jesus Christ to the Cross .. they used 9-inch nails.
And he didn't mumble a word. That's courage. That's strength.'
'He took that pain for us. '
'Why should we be complaining that we don't have this car or this house?' - Walter Banks

'Courteous is contagious.' WB
I asked Walter the Key to being a Servant? He talked about the scarifices you make.
'The largest oak in the forrest was once an acorn. The biggest oak started as an acorn.' - WB

On speaking Sunday morning at First Baptist.
'Radiation means a lot. If I can say or do just one thing that helps somebody..' - WB

'Moving water[ mountain stream] you can drink.'
'Still water[ for 5 days] will make you sick.'
'Dothan is a moving community. Progress is our most important product.' - WB

Walter .. Can people bring their cameras and have a picture with you?
'I'm bringing my camera to take pictures.' - Walter Banks

Thanks Walter for sharing your simple and profound wisdom with us.
It will be an honor to have you in my home church, my hometown.
It will be a blessing visiting with you and my friends. I know you will touch my hometown.

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