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Was Megan Rondini’s Accused Rapist Tied To The Underworld Of “Date Rape” Drugs And Sexual Abuse In Tuscaloosa? - Donald V. Watkins 

Was Megan Rondini's Accused Rapist Tied To The Underworld Of "Date Rape" Drugs And Sexual Abuse In Tuscaloosa?
By Donald V. Watkins
©Copyrighted and Published (via Facebook) on July 22, 2017
On January 20, 2017, Stefan Joseph Swindoll pled guilty in Pickens County, Alabama District Court to the crime of harassing communications, a Class C misdemeanor. He was fined $381, given a 30-day suspended sentence, placed on unsupervised probation for 12 months, and restrained from having any contact with the victim or his family. Swindoll is the self-employed owner of a business named SJS Customs, and he lives in Tuscaloosa.
On October 10, 2014, Brett Patrick Davis was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia, unlawful possession of a controlled possession, and unlawful possession of marijuana and booked in the Tuscaloosa County, Alabama jailed. Davis' mugshot is still available online, but there is no longer an official record of his arrest because Davis was admitted into the county's Second Chance Program for first time drug offenders. Ironically, Davis has a March 2013 drug paraphernalia arrest in Foley, Alabama, and two DUI arrests in his background. Yet, he was eligible for the Second Chance Program.
Swindoll and Davis are close personal friends with Caleb LaGrone, a well-known figure on the Tuscaloosa bar and party scene. LaGrone claims to be the owner of two businesses --- ARS Roofing and C&L Consulting. He resides in a lake house on Bass Drive at Springhill Lake.
On March 29, 2011, LeGrone tweeted his mantra to the world: "Proms are like weddings u have to dress up act classy n wen its all over u get real drunk n hook up wit a girl whos name u cnt ever remember." Caleb LeGrone's home page on Twitter (@CLeGrone) is even more revealing: "Party party party let's all get wasted. If u dnt live life to the fullest ur not really livin. That's what I live by." Interestingly, LaGrone does not use drugs himself. But, he has no problem peddling drugs to others.
LeGrone, Davis, and Swindoll are alleged to be the biggest distributors of a "date rape" drug called GHB in the Tuscaloosa metro area by multiple sources who are intimately familiar with the trio. Two of these men --- LaGrone and Davis --- are heavily tied to Terry Jackson "Sweet T" Bunn, Jr.
The Thriving "Date Rape" Drug Trade in Tuscaloosa
Tuscaloosa is home to a thriving "date rape" drug trade that targets young, unsuspecting female college students and other women for abuse by sexual predators in Tuscaloosa. GHB and other party drugs are brought to Tuscaloosa from Mobile and New Orleans.
Tuscaloosa is the fifth-largest city in Alabama, with an estimated population of 99,543 in 2016. Tuscaloosa is best known as the home of the mighty Alabama Crimson Tide football team.
In 2016, The University of Alabama, which is one of the state flagship universities, had a student body of 37,665. Out-of-state students like Megan Rondini (from Austin, Texas) outnumber in-state students. In-state students make up only 37 percent of the class of 2018 at the University as compared with 73 percent in-state freshmen in the 2004-2005 school year, according to U.S. News data. The explosion in overall student growth and out-of-state students has attracted a new wave of young drug dealers who peddle GHB, "Molly", and other party drugs to older sexual predators who are looking for young women to assault.
LeGrone, Davis, and Swindoll reportedly operate from warehouses in Tuscaloosa off Skyland Boulevard and in Duncanville where they move illegal drugs and often sexually abuse women. Brett Davis is the nephew of Steve Davis, CEO of Tuscaloosa-based Power and Rubber Supply, Inc.
Steve Davis, who is a close friend of ST Construction Company co-owner Sunny Bunn, reportedly owns one of the warehouses involved. He is unaware of the drug operations on the premises and is not involved in any illegal drug activity. Brett Davis is.
LeGrone, Swindoll, and Davis run their GHB distribution network out of local bars and clubs that cater to young women and the predators who pursue them. They plow their trade at Innisfree Irish Pub, Rounders Bar, 1831 Bar, and other night spots along the Strip and in Temerson Square. Male patrons of these establishments have been known to purchase "date rape" drugs, "Molly", and cocaine on the premises.
In 2010, an off-duty Tuscaloosa police officer reportedly busted Rounders for sexual activities and drug use in its VIP room. The owners quickly blamed this illegal conduct on a rogue bouncer and were allowed to maintain the Bar's business license.
Rounders is affiliated with WhiteSky Communications, LLC. Grant McCabe, the owner of Rounders, is the chief financial officer at WhiteSky. Allen Cory White, WhiteSky's founder, and McGabe invested millions of dollars in renovations for Rounders in 2013. Rounders is a favorite nightlife spot for LaGrone and Davis.
Innisfree is co-owned by Trip Rogers, a close friend of Sweet T. The pub is one of Sweet T's regular hangout spots. Drug use in and around Innisfree is fairly common, according to confidential sources.
Caleb LaGrone, Brett Davis, and Stefen Swindoll were the main suppliers of GHB to patrons of Rounders, Innisfree, 1831 Bar, and other bars on the Strip at the time Megan Rondini accused Sweet T of raping her. Brett Davis was responsible for bringing the drugs to Tuscaloosa from Mobile and New Orleans. Wes Powell assisted these GHB dealers in the distribution of their "date rape" product throughout the local bar and club scene in Tuscaloosa.
In 2015, Sweet T was getting his GHB from Caleb LaGrone and Brett Davis, and from bar and club staffers. Sweet T has also procured GHB for other sexual predators in his friendship circle. Sweet T has been known to take "busloads of college girls" to his home for wild parties on many occasions. He provided them with food, booze, and DJs. He also took them out on his boat on Lake Tuscaloosa on several occasions. Illegal drugs were openly available at these parties.
Sweet T was a regular purchaser of GHB while serving as former governor Robert Bentley's District 7 gubernatorial appointee to the Alabama Conservation Advisory Board. Bentley resigned from office in April after pleading guilty to ethics violations. Sweet T resigned his public office several months ago.
At the time of his sexual encounter with Megan Rondini, Sweet T had a widely known "street" reputation for drugging young women with GHB and raping them. Some of these women, including Megan Rondini, filed police reports accusing Sweet T of rape. None of these reports has resulted in Sweet T's arrest or prosecution for rape.
Megan Rondini committed suicide after law enforcement officials refused to prosecute her rape case. Sweet T is back on the nightlife scene in Tuscaloosa.
In the aftermath of Megan Rondini's rape case and suicide, The University of Alabama has taken no steps to: (a) distance itself from Sweet T, (b) warn its female students about his "street" reputation for drugging and sexually abusing women, or (c) alert its female students about the thriving "date rape" drug trade and growing sexual abuse in Tuscaloosa.
We were unable to reach Swindoll, Davis, LaGrone, and Sweet T for a comment on this story. Sweet T has denied raping Megan Rondini. Swindoll, Davis, and LaGrone have denied any involvement in the drug trade when questioned by others.
Coming Next --- Who are the big "bosses" behind the "date rape" drug ring operating in Tuscaloosa?

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