Monday, July 24, 2017

Donald V Watkins: To The Citizens of Tuscaloosa County, Alabama, Thank you! 

To The Citizens of Tuscaloosa County, Alabama,
Thank you!
The overwhelmingly positive response to Sunday's article titled, "Was Megan Rondini's Accused Rapist Tied To The Underworld Of 'Date Rape' Drugs And Sexual Abuse In Tuscaloosa?", was heartwarming and motivating. You are so much better than the individuals in local law enforcement and government who purport to represent your interest in public safety.

After my article was published, we received a lot of credible information and scores of tips on the thriving GHB drug ring operating in Tuscaloosa. We are vetting all of this information now.
Working together, we can effectively combat the GHB drug trafficking problem and sexual abuse of women that goes along with it. We are already making a positive difference. Drug dealers cannot operate under the bright glare of real-time public exposure. We are going to shine a very bright light on them and their dealings through our investigative journalism.
No news organization in Alabama can conduct this type of investigation. They simply do not have the law enforcement resources, networking background, legal knowledge, and confidential sources to develop these complex and tough stories.
We will make every effort to avoid identifying the individuals who are cooperating with federal law enforcement agencies as we dismantle this GHB drug trade ring. Everybody else in the drug trade is fair game.
It would be great if The University of Alabama and the Tuscaloosa Sheriff's Department would join us in cleaning up the GHB drug trade in Tuscaloosa. Unfortunately, we cannot expect much help from these two institutions of government. For reasons that leave me shaking my head, they are too compromised by financial conflicts of interest and other troubling factors to support our cause.
The GHB drug ring is much bigger than what I described in Sunday's article. We are preparing future articles that will focus on: (a) the big "bosses" behind Tuscaloosa's "date rape" drug ring, (b) why this drug ring is thriving under Sheriff Ron Abernathy and District Attorney Hays Webb, and (c) whether any of this drug money has found its way to the Crimson Tide Foundation.
Stay tuned.

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