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Breaking News: University of Alabama Police Officer Implicated In Purchasing Illegal Drugs - By Donald V. Watkins - Jul 25, 2017


Breaking News---
University of Alabama Police Officer Implicated In Purchasing Illegal Drugs
By Donald V. Watkins
©Copyrighted and Published (via Facebook) on July 25, 2017 - 12:16 am/ct

Just when you thought the Megan Rondini rape case and "date rape" drug trafficking scandal could not get any worse for The University of Alabama, a new development has emerged involving the University's Police Department. According to confidential sources familiar with the situation, a high-ranking UAPD officer regularly purchases illegal "pills" and a specific controlled substance for himself, his wife, and several former Tuscaloosa police officers. The UAPD officer involved is a supervisory level employee on the force.
I know the officer's name and the specific controlled substance purchased. I am withholding this information to protect the identity of my confidential sources. The information was provided to my team of investigators after the publication of Sunday's article on the "date rape" drug trade in Tuscaloosa. The information is credible and has been independently confirmed.
We have also confirmed that these drug purchases were not made as part of any undercover "sting" operation. They were made for the recreational use of the parties indicated in this article.
Our investigation into this matter is ongoing to determine whether other UAPD officers are involved in the systematic procurement of party drugs from drug dealers.
According to the University, the mission of the UAPD is to "provide a safe and secure environment for all members" of the University community. The Department is responsible for providing full law enforcement services and sharing information to students in order to reduce their chances of becoming a victim of a crime like Megan Rondini. University Police provide an array of services, including police patrol, investigations, community services, and police communications.
To advance its public safety goal, the University might want to start policing the personal conduct of its officers. Furthermore, the UAPD might want to use its talented Investigations Division to alert female students and staffers to the names and frequent hangout spots of known drug dealers and sexual predators in the Tuscaloosa area.
Meanwhile, we are preparing upcoming articles that focus on: (a) the big "bosses" behind Tuscaloosa's "date rape" drug ring, (b) why this drug ring is thriving under Sheriff Ron Abernathy and District Attorney Hays Webb, and (c) whether any of this drug money has found its way to the Crimson Tide Foundation.
Stay tuned.

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