Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Troy's legendary baseball coach Chase Riddle dies at age 85 -- Dothan Eagle

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Coach Gene Dews introduced me to Coach Riddle several years ago.
He was a kind, gentle giant. A man who touched many lives on and off the field.
Coach Dews told me about the many players Chase Riddle scouted/signed for
the St. Louis Cardinals.
'Chase, at one time, had 12 players in the Major Leagues that he had scouted/signed', Coach Dews said.

My favorite story [per Gene Dews] was a LH Pitcher Chase had scouted and wanted to sign. The Cardinals didn't believe he was good enough. But Chase Riddle insisted they take another look .. so he and the LH pitcher from [Miami Dade Jr College] flew to St Louis and the pitcher worked out for the Cardinals.

The Cards finally said OK .. offer him 10 thousand to sign. On the plane going back, Chase offered the pitcher, Steve Carlton, 5 thousand and he signed. One of the best LH Starters in ML History. A Hall of Famer, Steve Carlton. Chase Riddle knew baseball and people .. obviously better than most.
Chase Riddle .. A Kind Gentle Giant. -- Meck

Troy's legendary baseball coach Chase Riddle dies at 85 -- Dothan Eagle
The Meck Report / Blog - June 14, 2011 - 12:52p
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