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Chipper Shares Major League Dream With Dad -- / Mark Bowman

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"The guy knows what he's doing," Jones said. "In all honesty, my dad is a better baseball man than half the baseball men that I've known since I turned pro. But because he didn't play professionally and because he didn't have a backer -- somebody within Major League Baseball who would take him in as a coach or instructor -- he's just been my personal guy for the last 20 years."
"It's what we worked for my entire life and most of his life," said Jones, who has been with the Braves since they took him with the first overall selection in the 1990 First-Year Player Draft.

As he raised his son about 40 miles north of Orlando in the rural Florida town of Pierson, Jones Sr. coached high school athletics and eventually spent time as a coach at neighboring Stetson University.
But his greatest and most successful coaching endeavors came courtesy of the countless hours he spent instructing his son how to play and act like a professional.

"I always took his word over everybody else's," Jones said. "In fact, I would let things other people would say go through one ear and out the other just for the simple fact that I knew it contradicted what my dad was saying.

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Chipper Shares Major League Dream With Dad -- / Mark Bowman
The Meck Report / Blog - June 17, 2011 - 12:23p
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