Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tea party -- Perry gets it, Romney doesn't - / James C. Moore
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Editor's note: Editor's note: James C. Moore is a Texas-based Emmy award-winning former national TV news correspondent and co-author of the best-seller "Bush's Brain."

Austin, Texas (CNN) -- Mitt Romney thinks he can run on the issue of jobs and the economy. And he can. But not in the primary. Romney has an unnatural belief that logic and considered judgments will give him the Republican presidential nomination. No, seriously, he thinks that's the way it works. He is constantly explaining how his experience as a businessman gives him the skills needed to rebuild the economy.

Why is he talking such nonsense? Doesn't Romney realize he is running in the GOP primary? The voters he needs to move in his direction don't want to hear about jobs. Jesus is on their minds. And unborn babies. And those scary gay and lesbian people who have "chosen" to live an alternative lifestyle right here in America. (Every time homosexuals hold hands, another crack forms in the foundation of heterosexual marriage.) As handsome as Mitt Romney is, however, these voters have already met their dreamboat.
Rick Perry is their perfect date.

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