Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Radio host Tim Brando says he has been banned from appearing on Paul Finebaum's show | Birmingham News - Bob Carlton

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Brando blamed "petty middle-mismanagers" at Cumulus Media and Citadel Broadcasting for the decision, not Smith or anyone associated with Finebaum's show. Cumulus purchased Citadel, which owns WJOX, earlier this year and is in the process of taking over operation of its stations.

"I think it's petty, I think it's small-time, and I'll say that on my airwaves because I can," Brando said. "That's a little bit like saying Jay Leno can't do a commercial with David Letterman. Well, why not? Yes, they can."

Finebaum, who filed a breach of contract lawsuit with Citadel that became public Thursday, was a guest on Brando's show this morning.

"What I've done speaks for itself," Finebaum told Brando. "I'm suing the same people who are keeping you off my show. ...

"The bottom line is, this stinks, and I don't care what any of the suits in my company think," Finebaum added. "What they're doing is depriving an audience around the country who listens to you every week on our show and enjoys you and views you as the most popular and frequent guest on our show of that opportunity because of some little street fight going on in one little city in the country."

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