Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Editorial: Block Alabama's anti-immigrant law for good - USATODAY.com

excerpt ..
The latest, and by many measures the worst, is an Alabama law that was set to go into effect this week until a federal judge temporarily blocked it on Monday while she considers whether it's constitutional. Other judges have already held up similar statutes in Arizona, Georgia, Indiana and Utah. The Alabama law deserves the same fate.

The law is more of a primal scream than a legitimate way to limit illegal immigration. It would turn all Hispanics into suspects, not just those here illegally, and it would potentially expose people who associate with them to prosecution. Anyone suspected of knowingly hiring undocumented immigrants, transporting them, renting them a place to live, or acting to "conceal, harbor or shield" them could be charged.

The law would also empower police to detain anyone who couldn't prove his or her legal status on the spot. (Think for a moment: Could you do that?). And in a novel extension of the war on illegals to children, education officials would be required to verify the legal status of any child entering school. Because courts have ruled that every child has the right to a public education, Alabama officials insist no child would be barred from school, but that's utterly disingenuous. How many parents here illegally will voluntarily "out" themselves by sending a child to school to be checked for papers?

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