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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Why President Obama Trounces Mitt Romney In 2012 -- Matt Latimer / The Daily Beast

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All the turmoil in the GOP 2012 field only enables Mitt Romney—and that must make the White House very happy. Former Bush speechwriter Matt Latimer on the Republicans' disastrous presumptive nominee.

Well, this is embarrassing. Mere weeks into the thrill-deprived 2012 election season and I am already changing my prediction. There were more than a few of us in Washington who believed that Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty would eventually triumph in the Republican primaries under the slogan, "He Annoys You The Least." But the mild-mannered Minnesotan was so easily overshadowed by Herman Cain and Rick Santorum in last week's far too early GOP debate that he really ought to drop out just on principle. With the latest fundraising news, and yet another round in the Newt Gingrich gaffe-o-lympics, it looks like the GOP is going to come up Romney after all. All this of course is wonderful news for the Obama White House.

There is no more ideal candidate for the President to run against than Governor Rombot himself.
Team Obama has to be lighting candles every day for a gift like this. Romney will prove so predictable, so calculated, so filled with everything money can buy but ideas that the White House can already plot out his every utterance—all the way from his love of ethanol in Iowa to his gauzy Reagan-invoking ads in New Hampshire to his selection of Huckabee as a running mate to his short, gracious concession speech on election night, his hair immobile in the gentle Massachusetts wind.

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Why President Obama Trounces Mitt Romney In 2012 -- Matt Latimer / The Daily Beast
The Meck Report / Blog - May 19, 2011 - 12:07p
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