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Kimmy Carter Writes A Very Moving Journal About Her Dad, Gary Carter. [Sat. May 28, 2011]

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Gary Carter's youngest daughter, Kimmy, really touches your heart in her Journal.
I cried when I read her words. Gary Carter is a wonderful man.
My heart breaks for them. Bless Gary Carter and his family. I love you Kid.

Thanks for the Many Wonderful Memories and Always Including me.
And Blessing my life. You're The Best Kid.
Kimmy Carter Writes A Very Moving Journal About Her Dad, Gary Carter. [Sat. May 28, 2011 - 10:15p]
Saturday, May 28, 2011 10:15 PM, EDT
Hello everyone,
I am writing this journal entry from Florida. I had been at Duke with mom and dad since Sunday evening and came home tonight to see my husband and daughter.  However, while I am here, I will continue to journal daily. Christy will leave for home tomorrow and D.J. will return to L.A. on Monday. I will return to Duke Monday evening to be with mom and dad again until they can come home.

Yesterday and today I have shed a lot of tears. I am not angry...just sad. I have cried for so many reasons, but mainly because I just love my dad so very much. The family had some hard news to swallow yesterday but we are again forever grateful that we don't feel alone...the messages, cards, voice mails, etc. we have received have been wonderful. Dad hears and reads every single one when he is not too tired. He is humbled by all the love and support. We told dad this morning, "What goes around, comes around." I believe that dad showed love to so many and it's now being reciprocated. He didn't just play baseball, he was and still is, a great role model and a walking testimony for Jesus Christ. Thank you for loving my dad and my mom. We are touched beyond words. 

After a long day yesterday, dad was released from the hospital at 4:30pm. Dr. Allan Friedman gave us "orders" to have a nice dinner as a family, and we were able to do that, in spite of the sadness of the day. Our goal is to keep spending quality time together and try to laugh and make special, happy memories. 

When we returned to the room, we noticed that we couldn't find dad's gold chain with a cross. He has had it for thirty five years, so it's become a special thing to him. We searched through every bag and  made phone calls to the hospital. After a while, we realized that the necklace was probably was gone. We felt bad since dad gave us the responsibility of holding his necklace. 

For those of you who know me and my dad, we like things in order, live off of "to-do lists" and pride ourselves on organization. We hate losing anything, so, I was not going to let this go! I knew dad was upset and I didn't want this to weigh on him with all the other thoughts on his mind. So, D.J. stayed with dad to watch a little something on tv in one hotel room while I searched though every bag again with mom and Christy in the other room.
Christy said, "Mom, have we prayed about this?" I said, "Well, I have but let's do it again." I yelled, "Dear God - please help us find this!" Come on, please!" In frustration, I shook one of the bags (which we had gone through at least ten times) and all of a sudden, dad's necklace fell on the floor!

We all know that material things don't matter and it wasn't about the necklace. In hindsight, the necklace was the outlet for us to get out all of the emotions we were feeling toward the cancer we had just learned may seem trivial, but it was healthy and needed. So, it turns out that it was good that we temporarily lost the necklace. 

Last night I didn't go to bed until about 2am. I was praying and crying just thinking about my dad and the road ahead.  He is a man of God who is loving, caring and genuine. He has ALWAYS taken care of the family and we love to be together. Now, it is time for all of us to return the favor and take care of dad...I know I am ready. I have my game face on and I am ready to battle. My dad has the perfect nickname "The Kid." He loves life and loves people. He is enthusiastic and passionate. I am SO proud to be his daughter.

It has been awesome to coach along side dad for the past two years. I just finished my 5th year as a head college softball coach and dad finished his 2nd year as the head coach at the same college. It has been special. One of the many things that has connected me and my dad has been the great games of both baseball and softball. We love the games. We love to play and we love to coach. I have been reading so many articles lately and some of the quotes have been from guys that have played for dad. Many have said that he is the best coach they have ever played for...I agree...he has taught me so much both on and off the field.

Plain and simple, Dad loves to win. He is a competitor and he wants to win every game. My prayer is that dad will WIN this new battle. It isn't going to be a fun game like baseball, but it is a fight, and dad hates to lose.

 Dad also teaches a lot about being a great teammate. I never was a teammate of his on the baseball clay but I know I would have loved to have played on the same team with him (although we would have battled for the catcher position!). Now, it is possible to be Gary Carter's teammate. The Carter family is a team and we are going to do whatever it takes to WIN, and we are prepared to accept God's definition of WIN, whatever is in His perfect plan.God never gives us more than we can handle. We hang on to God's truth and God is and will continue to be our forever daily strength. 

Today, I got word that Dad's best friend from California flew in to see dad. I am not sure for how long but he left this morning and arrived early evening to the hotel. I am so glad he is there to make dad laugh. Another special surprise was one of Dad's current baseball players from the university. He happened to be in town so he and his mom stopped in for a very short time to say hello. 

Around 5 o'clock this evening, Dr. Henry Friedman met my dad, mom, sister and brother and talked for about an hour.  Dr. Freidman wants us to call him "Henry" at all times. He is a kind man who genuinely cares. My family asked every question possible and this is what Henry told them. He said that he is about 99% sure that dad has a Grade 4 Glioblastoma. We will find the ABSOLUTE/DEFINITE prognosis on Tuesday so we are hanging tight for possibly other news. 

Dad's tumor is not operable since it is like a snake of tumors that are connected across the back of the brain. The biggest tumor is on the left side of the brain. Henry is extremely positive and is saying we are going for it, attacking it and doing all we can to shrink these tumors. He explained that we are not fighting to prolong Dad's life, instead, we are fighting to cure him completely. He is encouraged that dad will be able to fight well because he is so young, strong and healthy. 
This will not be an easy road at all, nor is this a simple battle but WE WILL FIGHT. Dad has the best care and has great teammates/doctors. My mom is his #1 teammate overall. I will let you know of any other updates. In the meantime, just keep praying please. Pray not only for my dad but for our entire family. 

You all are amazing...simply amazing. Let's all be great teammates for dad and do whatever it takes to WIN. Battle like dad played....with enthusiasm, passion and a positive mind. We can do this!
Dad, we LOVE you!!!

May the Lord bless you as you walk in this valley with the Carter family. May you feel God's presence. May you come to know HIM. All glory and honor and praise is for my Savior. Praise be to Jesus.

John 16:33, "I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

Kimmy Carter Writes A Very Moving Journal About Her Dad, Gary Carter. [Sat. May 28, 2011 - 10:15p]

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