Wednesday, October 13, 2010


David O'Brien, the Braves beat writer for broke the story several hrs ago.
Fredi Gonzalez will be the Braves new manager.
The announcement will be Thurs at a press conf.

Fredi Gonzalez is a great choice to follow in the footsteps of Bobby Cox, his mentor.
Fredi was a 3rd base coach for the Braves before being hired as Marlins mgr in 2007.
He was fired this past summer by the Marlins and Bobby Cox was not at all happy
about the way his good friend was treated and said so.
The Marlins showed no class by being the only ML team to not honor Bobby Cox in his last visit to their city.

Gonzalez is a real good manager and a Bobby Cox disciple.
He has the Bobby Cox demeanor. Upbeat. Positive. What You See Is What You Get.
I always enjoyed talking to Fredi when he was the 3rd base coach. He's consistent with class.

To be honest .. I really thought they should hire Fredi Gonzalez.
They got it right for the future in a BIG way with Fredi Gonzalez.
He's a winner.
Now .. The Braves need to invest in more ML Starters, not just role players.

Here's the link from David O'Brien - - the man with the scoop.

Bobby Cox Press Conf is today, Wed.

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