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“It’s A Suicide”, Says Voice On 911 Tape In Adam Bailey Murder Case - Donald V. Watkins 

"It's A Suicide", Says Voice On 911 Tape In Adam Bailey Murder Case
By Donald V. Watkins
©Copyrighted and Published (via Facebook) on December 6, 2017
Adam Bailey was murdered on August 7, 2016, after he was unobtrusively administered an overdose of GHB that was slipped in his drink while he was sitting at a bar with Caleb Payne Legrone earlier that evening. Key evidence regarding Adam's murder appears in (a) text messages between Legrone and Victoria Love, (b) Adam's medical records on the night he was drugged, (c) post mortem photographs, and (d) the 911 call to police in his case.
Adam's murder occurred after he witnessed a blindfolded and physically restrained underage girl being taken from a vehicle and carried into a Tuscaloosa warehouse by his old friend Brett Patrick Davis and Davis' accomplices. At the time, Davis was also a close friend and drug trafficking partner of Caleb Legrone. Adam tried unsuccessfully to intervene on this girl's behalf. This effort cost Adam his life.
After Adam passed out from his GHB overdose, he was strangled. Even though Adam's autopsy report stated that an examination of his neck was "unremarkable", post mortem photographs taken at the funeral home showed the presence of clearly visible choke marks on both sides of Adam's neck. Davis later admitted that these choke marks were made by Legrone.
An analysis of Adam's blood chemistry, as documented in his medical records, reveals that he had been dead for approximately fifty minutes before paramedics were called to his Northport home.
Victoria Love, who had gone out to dinner with Adam earlier that evening, told police that Adam started acting "weird" while they were out and he eventually passed out on the way home.
Victoria contacted Legrone when she arrived at Adam's house to tell him about Adam's condition. Legrone sent a text message to her stating that he (Legrone) and his accomplices had made up a false story to cover up for what really happened to Adam earlier that night. After speaking with Legrone, Victoria Love left Adam alone in his truck and went home.
Legrone and Mathew Hartley, Adam's roommate, arrived at the house before the police were called. Legrone is the person who initiated the 911 call to police. Adam had been dead for fifty minutes before the call was made.
The 911 Audiotape Contains Damning Evidence Against Adam's Murderer(s)
You may listen to the enhanced, six-minute audiotape by clicking on the link here:
During the 911 call, Legrone confirmed that Adam had no breathe or pulse. Legrone repeatedly told the 911 operator that Adam had taken Xanax. A toxicology report would later determine that traces of Xanax and other medications used to treat his attention-deficit/hyperactive disorder were found in Adam's body.
When the 911 operator asked Legrone (at 4:02) whether Adam took the Xanax "intentionally or accidentally", Legrone quickly said (at 4:07), "accidentally". In a low voice, an accomplice in the background encouraged Legrone (at 4:08) to answer, "it's a suicide". A voice then whispers (at 4:14), "come on, motherfucker".
Paramedics arrived at the scene approximately six minutes after the 911 call was placed. Adam was taken to DCH Regional Medical Center in Tuscaloosa where he was placed on a respirator for six days. On August 14, 2016, Adam was taken off the respirator and declared dead.
The Tuscaloosa Metro Homicide Unit investigated Adam Bailey's death and closed the case on March 10, 2017, without determining what substance cause Adam's fatal overdose or how the choke marks on his neck occurred. To date, no arrests have been made in connection with Adam's murder.
The police file in Adam Bailey's murder case sorely lacks basic detective work. It evidences a deliberate effort by police to ignore a host of tangible evidence pointing to Adam's murder.
Instead of reopening Adam Bailey's murder case, the Tuscaloosa Police Department has mobilized considerable resources and efforts toward arresting Tim Bailey, Adam's father, on a bogus misdemeanor charge of harassing communications. Police will not disclose to Tim Bailey who was allegedly harassed. The alleged "victim" of this harassment is believed to be a member of Caleb Legrone's inner circle who is well connected to local police and District Attorney Hays Webb's former law partner.
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