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Victoria Love Accuses Tim Bailey Of Harassment - Donald V. Watkins 

Victoria Love Accuses Tim Bailey Of Harassment
By Donald V. Watkins
©Copyrighted and Published (via Facebook) on December 22, 2017
The Tuscaloosa Police Department ("TPD") finally released its file in the Harassing Communications case against Tim Bailey, the father of Adam Bailey. Adam is the 24-year-old Northport, Alabama, man who was murdered in August 2016.
Victoria Love, 20, was the last person with Adam Bailey before he became extremely ill and passed out from an overdose of GHB that was unobtrusively administered to him while he was in the presence of Caleb Legrone. Ms. Love drove Adam to his Northport home after she notice his deteriorating physical condition. After talking to Legrone on a cellphone, Love left Adam alone in the truck outside his home.
At some point after Adam passed out, he was strangled. Post mortem photographs show the presence of clearly visible choke marks on both sides of his neck.
Brett Patrick Davis, a close friend and drug-trafficking partner of Caleb Legrone, has admitted that Legrone made the choke marks on Adam's neck.
Legrone, who rushed to Adam Bailey's house after talking to Victoria Love, was the last person with Adam before he flatlined at his home. After Northport police and paramedics were called to the home, Adam was taken to DCH Medical Center.
While Adam was lying in a comatose state at the hospital, Legrone sent Victoria Love a text message stating that he (Legrone) had made up a false story to cover up for what really happened to Adam on the night he was drugged and strangled.
Investigator Jonathan C. Bryant, a TPD police officer assigned to the Tuscaloosa Metro Homicide Unit, questioned Victoria Love as part of the homicide investigation in Adam Bailey case. Bryant wrote the following summary of his interview with Love:
"Ms. Love stated she picked up Adam around 8pm on 8/8/2016 from his house. She stated when she got there he was inside his room with Alan Cook. Ms. Love advised they got onto Adam's truck and were going to get something to eat. She stated she had to drive because Adam appeared to be intoxicated and unable to drive. She stated Alan got into the back seat of the truck. Ms. Love stated they drove to the Sonic in Northport and Alan got out of the truck. She stated his vehicle was parked at a house but she could not remember where the house was located. She stated Alan was driving a red Mustang. Ms. Love stated Adam was acting weird and could not stay awake. She stated she drove him home and sat in the driveway with him inside the truck for about an hour. She stated he passed out but was snoring. Ms. Love stated Caleb Legrone called Adam's phone and she answered. She stated she told Legrone what Adam was doing. She stated Legrone told her to put some ice under Adam's armpit. Ms. Love went into the house and got some ice but Adam did not wake up. She stated she left Adam in his truck and went home. Ms. Love stated she heard Alan and Adam say they took some Xanax before going out. She stated Adam was breathing when she left him in his truck."
Victoria Love's actions on the night in question made her a material witness in Adam Bailey's murder case.
Furthermore, cell phone extraction records from Love's phone showed that she made/received calls and sent/received text messages and IMG images that were transmitted from 176 different cell phone tower locations in three states between August 6 and 9, 2016. We will report the significance of these communications in a future article.
The Police File in Victoria Love's Harassing Communication Case Against Tim Bailey Does Not Support a Criminal Charge of Harassing Communications
On November 12, 2017, Victoria Love went to the TPD and made a report about alleged harassing communications directed toward her by Tim Bailey. A total of three TPD officers worked on Love's misdemeanor harassment case, excluding the arresting officer. Interestingly, the police file in Adam Bailey's murder case indicates that only two TPD officers worked on the case.
According to the TPD police file, Victoria Love claims Tim Bailey harassed her because he posted "false allegations" about her on his personal Facebook page and on a Justice For Adam Bailey Facebook page. Assuming that Love's claim of "false allegations" is true, Bailey's conduct might rise to the level of libelous conduct, at best. This might be the basis for a civil lawsuit, but not a criminal case.
Investigator Ritamarie H. Thomason, the lead TPD officer in the case, noted that Tim Bailey did not call Victoria on her phone or appear at her home. After reviewing the Facebook postings that Victoria Love and her father provided her, Thomason repeatedly wrote, "I did not note any threat to Love."
Bailey's Facebook posts encouraged Victoria Love to be forthcoming with police about what really happened to Adam the night he was murdered. Tim Bailey also promised that he would use the legal system to seek justice for his son's murder. Finally, Tim Bailey stated that he would protect Victoria Love from any harm that those who murdered his son might cause her.
It is universally recognized that written and oral communications encouraging material witnesses to criminal offenses to come forward and cooperate with police investigations have a legitimate law enforcement purpose and constitute a protected form of free speech. Crime victims and their family members routinely engage in this form of protected communications all over the nation.
The TPD's Harassing Communications case against Tim Bailey represents the lone exception to this recognized and protected form of free speech.
On the basis of Tim Bailey's Facebook posts, the TPD allowed Victoria Love to obtain a warrant for Tim Bailey's arrest for Harassing Communications. Bailey was arrested on December 14, 2017, and released on a $500 bond.
The criminal case against Tim Bailey is designed to chill the exercise of his free speech in Adam Bailey's murder case. It constitutes a gross abuse of police power by the TPD.
Police have made no arrest in Adam Bailey's murder case. By objective standards, their homicide investigation was botched.
The police file in Tim Bailey's Harassing Communications case consists of 55 pages of interview notes and records. The police file in Adam Bailey's homicide case consists of 63 pages of interview notes and records.
Finally, the Northport Police Department's records, along with the medical records from DCH Medical Center, contradict the TPD's official account of Adam Bailey's death.
Stay tuned for much more exclusive news in this developing case.

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