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BREAKING NEWS: Matrix, LLC, Implicated In Threat Against Megan Rondini Family - Donald V. Watkins

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Matrix, LLC, Implicated In Threat Against Megan Rondini Family
By Donald V. Watkins
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Headquartered in Montgomery, Alabama, Matrix, LLC, is a political consulting firm offering services in opposition research, polling, public relations, and campaign management. "A comprehensive approach to problem solving" is the firm's mantra.
The powerful PR firm maintains satellite offices in Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, Atlanta, and Tallahassee.
Tuscaloosa native Joe Perkins runs Matrix. He has been a leading political operative in the state for decades due to his role as the Alabama Education Association's top consultant. Perkins is also one of Alabama Power Company's most trusted strategists. This makes Matrix a central player in two organizations with vast resources being directed toward influencing both elections and public policy in the state.
Matrix also represents Tuscaloosa-based ST Bunn Construction Company and the family of accused Megan Rondini rapist, Terry Jackson "Sweet T" Bunn, Jr. The firm has undertaken a number of "problem solving" assignments in the Megan Rondini rape case.
Matrix aided the Bunn family in the publication of a pro-Bunn family story in the Alabama Political Reporter on August 21, 2017. The firm also got the Tuscaloosa News to publish a July 27, 2017, Bunn family-sponsored attack ad against Megan Rondini and her family. Matrix persuaded the News to publish a September 27th pro-Sweet T "investigative" article on the rape case. The article was long on verbiage, but short on substance. Finally, Matrix caused the News to run a cheesy editorial a couple of days later that sucked up to the Bunn family.
On October 4th, Matrix created a big problem for the Bunn family and itself. On this date, Matrix surreptitiously delivered a plain envelope addressed to the law office of the Rondini family's Birmingham attorney that contained an EMTEC M700 16GB flash drive with two nude photos –- one of a male and another one with a male and female in bed -- and a one-minute-long "video diary Number #1" recorded by Megan while she was home alone, sitting up in her bed, playfully talking about her evening at Harry's Bar, and eating a snack.
The purpose behind Matrix's delivery of the flash drive was to threaten and intimidate the Rondini family, which has a federal court wrongful death lawsuit pending against Sweet T for causing or contributing to Megan's suicide after he escaped criminal justice in her rape case.
Unbeknownst to Matrix, the nude woman in the photo, which was taken in 2014, is not Megan Rondini. The video, which shows a facial shot of Megan, was recorded on May 27, 2015. None of these items has any relevance to the rape incident Megan reported to police on July 2, 2015.
It is noteworthy that the video and photos were extracted from Megan Rondini's cell phone during the police investigation into her rape report against Sweet T. Only three groups had Court-authorized access to the photographs and video in the police file -- (a) the Rondini family, which did not send these items to Matrix; (b) the Bunn family, which hired Matrix to manage damage control for Sweet T and the Bunn family businesses; and (c) the Tuscaloosa News, which has worked closely with Matrix to smear Megan Rondini.
Information technology forensic experts examined the flash drive and found that it contained a host of information from a laptop used by Matrix employee Robert Taylor. His email address is listed on the flash drive as:
Metadata from the drive, which Matrix thought had been wiped clean, was also recovered. It yielded a treasure trove of email exchanges between Taylor and others, as well as internal messages between Matrix operatives. It also revealed the operating system of the PC that copied the documents and images from the police file in Megan's rape case.
The Metadata also revealed that the video and photos in question came from "". The state court in Tuscaloosa authorized the release of the videos and photos in the police file to the Rondini family, Sweet T, and the Tuscaloosa News. Matrix is aligned with the Bunn family and the News.
Interestingly, Matrix's office in Birmingham is located in the same building that houses the law offices of the Rondini family's attorney. The two offices are only a couple of floors apart. This explains why Matrix was able to gain undetected access to the attorney's front office door in order to deliver the flash drive.
The investigation into Matrix's harassment and intimidation against the Rondini family is ongoing.
Stay tuned for Matrix's "problem solving" role in the cyber attack related to my Facebook page.


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