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Whoring On The Cheap For Accused Megan Rondini Rapist T.J. "Sweet T" Bunn, Jr. - Donald V. Watkins 

Whoring On The Cheap For Accused Megan Rondini Rapist T.J. "Sweet T" Bunn, Jr.
By Donald V. Watkins
©Copyrighted and Published (via Facebook) on September 29, 2017
The Tuscaloosa News has jumped into the fray to defend local playboy/sexual predator Terry Jackson "Sweet T" Bunn, Jr., against a rape charge lodged by Megan Rondini during the early morning hours of July 2, 2015. Titled, "Files detail investigation into Megan Rondini case", the News' September 26, 2017, article picks up where the Bunn family's July 27, 2017, attack ad against Megan left off.
After accepting Bunn family advertising dollars, the News assumed its dual roles as (a) Sweet T's chief public defender and (b) Tuscaloosa's cheap media whore. While serving in these two capacities, the News should explain to the public the following matters:
1. When we look closely at the photo of Sweet T's bedroom doorknob, which the News published in its September 26th article, we can see that the screws on the doorknob are grounded or stripped out. Note the scratches above and underneath the left screw. They appear to have resulted from a power drill that had gone off the screw. It looks like Sweet T used a power drill to hurriedly swap out the doorknob.
Why is this important?
Megan told police that the Sweet T's bedroom door was locked and she could not get out of the bedroom through this door. She had to escape through a window in the second floor bedroom and jump to the ground.
After Sweet T was advised that he was a rape suspect at 5:45 a.m. on the morning of July 2, 2017, Sheriff's investigators left him at his residence with close friend and witness Jason Barksdale for two hours without securing the crime scene. Sweet T had ample time to tamper with evidence and rearrange critical items at the crime scene.
The News did not report anything about this important matter. The police didn't mention it either. The report only mentioned Sweet T closing the window while they were searching his home. When they questioned Sweet T about closing the window, he told them he wanted to speak to his lawyer. The police then left the residence for two hours.
Was Megan locked in the bedroom, or not? If she was locked in the bedroom, why was the doorknob apparently switched out before police returned to the crime scene for the second time two hours later?
2. There is a reddish spot on the bedroom door about six inches beneath the end of the handle. Is this blood? If so, whose blood is it? How and when did this spot get on the bedroom door?
Of course, there are no questions about this spot in the News' article or police report.
3. The police report discusses both the pistol holster in the console of Sweet T's Mercedes and a spent casing on the passenger seat. Where are the photos of these evidentiary items?
They are not among the police file photos. Of course, the News did not raise any questions about these missing pieces of evidence.
4. Former DA Lyn Head reportedly told interested parties that Megan ran up to Bunn's car as they were leaving Innisfree Irish Pub and told them, "you're not leaving without me." The video of Sweet T and Megan leaving the bar in different directions does not support Head's version of this event. Sweet T's car is seen in the video as it drives by a couple minutes later and heads in Megan's direction. The video confirms that Head's account about this matter was completely fabricated.
Who fed Lyn Head this false narrative on Megan's departure from Innisfree? Why did Head and the original source of this false narrative lie about this critical fact? Was this lie presented to the grand jury that failed to indict Sweet T?
Of course, the News did not ask Lyn Head any questions about the glaring contradiction between her narrative of these events and what the video shows.
5. The video shows that Megan was talking on her cell phone when she left Innisfree. There was no questioning by police about who Megan was talking with on her phone as she was leaving Innisfree. The News did not raise this question either.
6. When we reviewed the police file, one thing was noticeably absent – police interviews with Megan's group of girlfriends at the bar. Where are these police interviews? Of course, the News did not ask any questions about this matter.
7. Sweet T could remember all sorts of details about his encounter with Megan on the night in question (i.e., Megan was "friendly", "outgoing", and "flirtatious"; he left Innisfree shortly after midnight; he did not take Megan to his house -- a false statement that he abandoned two hours later; Megan stole his cash, credit card, and keys; etc.). Yet, he could not remember if he ejaculated during his sexual encounter with Megan.
Of course, the News did not ask any questions about Sweet T's well coached and refreshed memory. In fact, the News tried to explain away the contradiction between Sweet T's first statement (i.e., he did not bring Megan home) and his second statement (i.e., he brought her home and they had consensual sex).
As was the case with Sheriff Investigator Josh Hastings during Sweet T's third interview (which was held on July 6, 2015), the News provided a flimsy excuse for Sweet T's false statement that he did not bring Megan to his residence. The News attempted to clean up this lie by claiming that Sweet T changed his false statement "within minutes". Of course, this is not true. The police report itself documents a two-hour time gap before Sweet T abandoned this false statement and totally changed his account of the sexual encounter with Megan during his second police interview on July 2nd.
Why did the News distort the truth about this important aspect of the case?
8. During the July 6, 2017, video interview with Sweet T, Josh Hastings acknowledged (at the 9:44:27 mark) that investigators had already talked to his wealthy and influential dad, Terry Jackson Bunn. What was the father's role in this rape investigation? Why was it necessary to bring Mr. Bunn into the loop on Megan's rape case? Of course, the News did not explore or answer any of these questions.
The difference between the News' pro-Bunn family coverage of the Megan Rondini rape case and the unfiltered, objective news coverage provided on my Facebook page is this -- No one can "buy" favorable media coverage from me. Unlike the Tuscaloosa News, I am not a media whore. If a person wants favorable coverage from me, he/she must engage in a demonstrated pattern and practice of good behavior.  

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