Saturday, September 30, 2017

Important Update On (Facebook) Cyberattack Investigation - Donald V. Watkins 

Important Update On Cyberattack Investigation
Posted: September 30, 2017 - By Donald V Watkins

We have identified the method used in the cyberattack on my Facebook page. As we reported earlier this month, hackers working on behalf of the culprits in the Megan Rondini rape case have sabotaged my Facebook account and are systematically deactivating Facebook users who "Follow" my page. This attack is sophisticated and is aided by one or more persons working inside of Facebook.

This crime has adversely affected over 350 "Followers" since the cyberattack commenced on September 8, 3017, which happened to be the day of Megan Rondini's vigil in Tuscaloosa. This cyberattack presents a new and unique threat for Facebook's cybersecurity team.

We are working with law enforcement authorities and executives inside of Facebook to find the hackers and prosecute them. Each deactivation of a "Follower" constitutes a separate felony offense under federal and California law.
This cyberattack may be our best chance for achieving some measure of criminal justice against the culprits in Megan's rape case. One of them obviously hired the hackers to carry out this cyberattack, which is aimed at limiting the dissemination of our news reporting in Megan's rape case.
This cyberattack is a crime in progress. The footprint is electronic and permanent. The victims of this crime are identifiable. The hackers will be found. The prosecution of them will be swift and certain.
If you are one of the Facebook users who experienced an unauthorized deactivation of your action to "Follow" my page, please reactivate your "Follow" designation and promptly report to Facebook that you are one of the victims of this hacking crime. Your reporting of this event will greatly aid the investigation.
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