Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Paul Finebaum's Best Calls : The New Yorker - Reeves Weideman - In this week’s magazine, I wrote about Paul Finebaum, a sports talk-radio host in Birmingham whose show has become the voice of college football in Alabama, and throughout much of the South. But Finebaum is merely the lead tenor among the often cacophonous chorus made up of his regular callers, whom he admits are the show’s stars. Many of them are capable of clear, coherent arguments. Others, less so. “I’ve never heard, even in Pentecostal worship services, the sort of excess of spirit you hear on the Paul Finebaum show,” Wayne Flynt, an emeritus professor of history at Auburn University, and football season-ticket holder, told me. “For someone not versed in football, they would probably describe it as speaking in tongues.” Clay Travis, a radio host in Nashville who occasionally appears on the show to battle with Finebaum’s callers, put it another way: “It’s basically an entertaining bar conversation with people that you’d never want to drink a beer with.” - That may be so, but after several months of listening to the show, I find myself still coming back to the bar, hoping that my favorite regulars stop by. Below are clips—warning, foul language ahead—from the show’s most prominent, and notorious, callers:


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