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THE MECK RADIO SHOW w/ BOBBY COX - Weekly. 08/27/07

The Meck visits with Manager Bobby Cox .. in Miami.
Monday about 1p/et. at The Yard. [ Dolphin Stadium]
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"Atlanta Braves Manager Bobby Cox Helps Homeless Animals."
Please tell us about about your efforts [to raise money] to rescue Homeless Animals ?
Bobby:' Probably 65% of the population has a pet. It's important to their lives. '
'Pets relieve stress with unconditional love they give you.'

Meck: Isn't a donation to Homeless Pets a tax write-off ?
Bobby: 'Yes it is.'
'Remember .. One Hundred Dollars can save a pet's life.'

Bobby Cox: ' If People want to contribute .. We take in all injured animals .. repair them
and try to find homes.'
'We raise the money and try and keep the Medicine and Dog Food flowing.' - BC
The Meck Radio Show w/ Bobby Cox - Weekly. 08/27/07 Posted 10:17p/ct. Show Time: 33 mins.

Meck Notes:
An interview w/ Bobby Cox - Manager of the Atlanta Braves.
A longtime friend and Best Mgr. in the game shares his insights.
Thanks for downloading our weekly show with Bobby Cox.
Bobby Cox: The only man in the history of sports to win 15 consecutive division titles.
" Bobby Cox is the Greatest Manager in the History of Baseball."- Bob Nightengale/USA TODAY.

The Sporting News, in a poll of his peers, has named Bobby Cox - Manager of the Year - 8 times.
Since 1936, when the magazine started balloting .. No other manager has won the award more than 3 times.
In May .. Bobby passed Mgr. Sparky Anderson [ 2,194] to become 4th all-time in wins.
The Hall of Fame will come calling one day - 1st ballot.
Seg 1 - My friend, engineer Super Dave shares his thoughts on Michael Vick.
My friend Chief White told me why a dog is man's best friend.
It goes back to the Indians.
Meck shares about our friend, Russell Craig, visiting w/ Walter Banks and Chipper this Sept.
Greetings to friends - John McKay .. Big Jim and Roscoe Davis. Plus Austin and Kayla Jo Fox.
Mon. Aug 27, 2007 [ 1p/et].
The Meck gives Manager Bobby Cox a jingle. [Braves at Marlins - 7:05 et].

The Meck interviews Bobby Cox.
This is our 9th [ weekly] show with Manager Bobby Cox.
You can listen to any of our previous shows - 24/7. [ Radio Show Page].

Bobby gives us a unique view and insight - as always.
Bobby talks about the current road trip.

Meck: You just left St. Louis .. I remember the 1996 NLCS at St. Lou
visiting in the dugout w/ you about 3p.[ down 3-1] and you told me ..
'We'll come back. We'll win this series.' [ and you did].
You never give up .. do you ?

Bobby: 'Every day is a new game. You need to play 'em like that. All out.'
'We'll do the best we can every single ballgame.'

Meck: You're in the stadium where you played the 97 NLCS [ vs the Marlins].
I was there and saw Denny Neagle pitch a complete game gem.
The Marlins went on to win the World Series as a wildcard.

Bobby: 'There's nothing wrong with winning that wildcard.
The important thing is get in the playoffs.
Look what St. Louis did last year when they got in with 83 wins or so and went on and won the WS.
It's really a crap shoot once you get there.
If the team's hot .. the breaks go your way for a real short period of time .. you can win it.'

'You don't have to have a great record to get in.' - BC

Meck: Can you believe Cincy is only 6 back ?

Bobby talks about the NL Central .. Reds and Cards.
Meck: The Red Sox got in as a wildcard and won the WS?
Meck: Skipper .. I believe the reason I like baseball so much .. it's a lot like life ..
ups and downs. You can't ever give up ?
Bobby: 'Our guys care about the game and winning.
We absolutely haven't given up.' 'We're in it.'

How's Andruw and Chipper doing ?

Meck: Have you ever seen [as a mgr] anything like what happen to Edgar Renteria
[re-injured in his first AB] and back on the DL ?
Bobby: 'He did everything possible that a player can on the practice field.'

'We went through that with [ Pitcher] remember John Thomson .. he had that finger.
We counted on him starting one of those games in the playoffs against Houston.
He lasted I think one batter and it blew up on him.
You're always careful .. but you never know.'

How's Chuck James ?
Bobby: 'He should start around the 1st of Sept.'

Meck: I heard Joe Simpson say [recently]: ' Jo Jo Reyes just
needs to Trust His Stuff.'
It seems like to me yesterday in St. Lou .. Jo Jo said to himself ..' I just belong here.'
He didn't walk anybody ?

Bobby: 'He didn't walk anybody.'
'He had a lot more strikes than balls thrown.' 'This kid's tough.'
'He doesn't scare. Just because he had walked some guys before ..
Doesn't mean he was nibbling at the plate. He was trying to throw strikes.'
'I like the kid a lot. He figures in big for next year.'

Meck: Manny Acosta has been great in mid relief .. [7.2 inns. - 0 ER]
Bobby: 'He's been absolutely perfection here.
Keeping the ball down extremely well.'
'Wait till you meet this kid, Meck.
You'll never meet a better kid than this guy.'
Meck: Ron Mahay [ 13 inns - only 3 earned runs]. He really throws strikes.
[ He reminds me of Graeme Lloyd - Yankees long reliever during the 90's].

Bobby: 'He's good against RH hitters too.' 'Not just a situation pitcher.'

Meck: How tough was it for you to let Wickman go?

Meck: Looks like Andruw's on pace to get 30 HR's and 110 RBI's ..
[as we discussed 6 weeks ago].
Bobby: 'Yeah .. He's gonna hit close to 30 and drive in right at 100 .. as he always does.'
'Batt. Avg. is down. His Defense is as Good as Ever. Basically .. It's the same Andruw.'
Meck: Aug. 27, 1996 .. [11 years ago today]
Denny Neagle [Pirates] pitched 8 strong innings vs. the Braves.
The next day the Braves acquired Neagle on the waiver wire for Jason Schmidt.
I keep hoping the Braves find a starting pitcher by Aug. 31..?

Bobby: 'It's not that the front office isn't trying. They are.'
'The fact is .. there's not a lot of quality ones out there like the Neagles.'
'There's so many teams that are in the wildcard chase.
Nobody's willing to give up any of their pitchers. '
'It's a very small market for that type of guy we're looking for.'
Meck: Michael Vick pled guilty today. Your thoughts ?
Bobby: 'I can't imagine anybody hanging dogs .. or drowning them .. or electrocuting them.'
I just can't comprehend that.'

'We're in the business [ my charity is] to fix dogs up and bring 'em back to life
and get 'em a home.' - BC

Meck: It only takes One Hundred Dollars to rescue and repair a dog ?
Bobby: 'We feed 'em for a good while .. and all the surgery that some require and medicine.
That's the number we came up with.'
'They're well worth it .. That's for sure.'

Meck: Sep. 9th is 'Bobby Cox Paws BeCause' - 'Bark in the Park' day.
Bobby: 'Yes we are .. at the ballpark. Part of that money goes to the Homeless Pets Foundation.
We're very proud of that. Every little dollar helps.'

Homeless Pets
Box 7194 - Marietta, Ga. 30065
404/ 451-9494 -
excerpt from 07/15/07 show:
Bobby:' If People want to contribute .. We take in all injured animals .. repair them
and try to find homes.'
'We raise the money and try and keep the Medicine and Dog Food flowing.' - BC
Thanks for your TIME today and listening to our show with Bobby Cox - MR. ENCOURAGER.
Bobby's kindness and the compassion he gives others will long outlive his Hall of Fame Stats.
As I've shared with Bobby .. ' If I ever go to the electric chair .. I want to have my last meal with you.
At least I'll have a smile on my face and feel good about it.'

A Special Thanks to Super Dave in New York for putting our show together [ as always].
I'm grateful to Jennifer [ in San Fran] for keeping up and running.
And Thank You for forwarding the show .. to those you know.
Coming on The Meck Radio Show.
Bobby Cox - The Best Manager in the History of Baseball.
Donald Watkins - Business Icon. Ethanol.
Bob Nightengale - USA TODAY Baseball Writer.
Joe Simpson - Braves TV Announcer.
Paul Finebaum - Writer/Talk Show Host.
Bobby Clampett - Golfer/Announcer - CBS and TNT.
Gov. Mike Huckabee - Presidential Candidate.
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" The Bobby Cox: Paws BeCause .. They Are Worth Saving."
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"Atlanta Braves Manager Bobby Cox Helps Homeless Animals."
An Inspiring Article by Mark Bowman.

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