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THE MECK RADIO SHOW w/ BOBBY COX - Weekly. 08/08/07

The Meck interviews Bobby Cox .. from the bullpen at Shea Stadium
in New York .. The City So Nice They Named It Twice.
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Bobby Cox: ' If People want to contribute .. We take in all injured animals .. repair them
and try to find homes.'
'We raise the money and try and keep the Medicine and Dog Food flowing.' - BC
The Meck Radio Show w/ Bobby Cox - Weekly. 08/08/07 Posted 11:33p. Show Time: 34 mins.

Meck Notes:
An interview w/ Bobby Cox - Manager of the Atlanta Braves.
A longtime friend and Best Mgr. in the game shares his insights.
Thanks for downloading our weekly show with Bobby Cox.
Bobby Cox: The only man in the history of sports to win 15 consecutive division titles.
" Bobby Cox is the Greatest Manager in the History of Baseball."- Bob Nightengale/USA TODAY.

The Sporting News, in a poll of his peers, has named Bobby Cox - Manager of the Year - 8 times.
Since 1936, when the magazine started balloting .. No other manager has won the award more than 3 times.
In May .. Bobby passed Mgr. Sparky Anderson [ 2,194] to become 4th all-time in wins.
The Hall of Fame will come calling one day - 1st ballot.
Wed. Aug 8, 2007 [ 3:20 et] .. Skipper Bobby Cox calls The Meck. [Braves at Mets - 7:10 et].
Seg 1 - My friend, engineer Super Dave shares his thoughts on A-Rod .. Barry and Glavine.
Meck: Walter Banks has solved the controversy: 'Henry Aaron is the RH Home-Run Champion.'
'And Barry Bonds is the LH Home-Run Champion.'

SD and Meck's thoughts on Tom Glavine winning No. 300 and Bobby's influence on Glav.
Katy Temple of FSN South interviewed Glavine tonite [ Wed] and he talked about how
Bobby Cox has influenced his life - On and Off the Field.
High Praise from Tommy for his longtime friend and mentor .. Bobby Cox.

Plus how he [ SD] puts our shows together.
The Meck interviews Bobby Cox.
This is our 7th [ weekly] show with Manager Bobby Cox.
You can listen to any of our previous shows - 24/7. [ Radio Show Page]

Bobby gives us a unique view and insight - as always.
Bobby [ from the bullpen] talks about the new stadium being built [ opening in 2009].

Meck: You have great memories of New York .. playing for the Yankees in '68 and '69 ..
Plus you were the 1st Base Coach in 1977 for Billy Martin ?
Bobby talks about ' The Bronx is Burning' and his thoughts on New York City.

Have you seen your buddy Tom Glavine since he won No. 300 ?
Bobby:' I sent him a nice gift.' 'I'm waiting out here so I can see him.'
You were watching Sun. nite ?
Bobby: 'I watched every pitch.' [ vs. the Cubs]
'It's a funny situation hoping the Mets lose and Tommy wins.'

Did you get a chance to see Bonds break Aaron's record ?
Meck: You were born in Tulsa Ok .. where they are playing the PGA Champ at Southern Hills.
I worked for TBS in '94 .. the last PGA Champ held at Southern Hills.
Who are you picking to win ?

Bobby: 'I'm going with a wildcard .. a local golfer who plays Southern Hills a lot - Scott Verplank.'
Meck: I'm going with Vijay Singh.
Meck: Yunel Escobar .. Your quote that resonates re Yunel:
'This kid's not afraid of anything.' - BC
Meck: I guess when you travel 90 miles [ from Cuba] on a fishing boat ..
not knowing if you're going to make it .. You have no fear ?

Bobby: 'They had to hide on an island for some time and no food at all.'
'He's making the most of what's been given to him.'
'He's a slick fielder at short. He can really play second and third.'
'He's a hitting machine.'

Meck: He [Yunel] has incredible knowledge of the game and anticipation ?

Meck: Smoltz's desire to play .. no matter what .. has to motivate your team ?

Meck: Frenchy has come into full bloom ? [ Hitting .310]
Bobby: 'You've got to admire him.' He's becoming a real tough out.'
Meck: Matt Diaz was recently asked the reason for his success ?
He responded: 'Bobby knows how to use me.'

Meck: With only 9 positions and 25 players ..
It's so important to have players who understand their role ?

Meck: This is your 26th year of managing .. Have you ever had switch hitters batting 3 and 4
in your line-up card ? [ Chipper and Tex]
Bobby: No .. 'I don't remember that. It's a real weapon to have .. Really.'

How's Chipper's thumbs ?

Meck: My friend Roscoe wanted me to ask you: With Salty gone .. Have you thought
about bringing in a veteran catcher like Javy Lopez to backup McCann ?

Meck: It was great seeing you last Saturday and being in the clubhouse.
Your clubhouse has a great family atmosphere ?
Please tell us about about your efforts [to raise money] to rescue Homeless Animals ?
Bobby:' Probably 65% of the population has a pet. It's important to their lives. '
'Pets relieve stress with unconditional love they give you.'

Meck: Isn't a donation to Homeless Pets a tax write-off ?
Bobby: 'Yes it is.'
'Remember .. One Hundred Dollars can save a pet's life.'

Homeless Pets
Box 7194 - Marietta, Ga. 30065
404/ 451-9494 -

How's your benefit coming along for Homeless Pets on Nov 17th ?
Bobby: ' It's going to be good .. A lot of fun. A lot to see.'
'It'll be at Turner Field hopefully.'
excerpt from 07/15/07 show:
Bobby:' If People want to contribute .. We take in all injured animals .. repair them
and try to find homes.'
'We raise the money and try and keep the Medicine and Dog Food flowing.' - BC
Thanks for your TIME today and listening to our show with Bobby Cox - MR. ENCOURAGER.
Bobby's kindness and the compassion he gives others will long outlive his Hall of Fame Stats.
As I've shared with Bobby .. ' If I ever go to the electric chair .. I want to have my last meal with you.
At least I'll have a smile on my face and feel good about it.'

Congrats to my friend, Abby Bowen of Dothan. [Clay and Millie's daughter].
Abby's one of only 32 accepted at Cornell for the Surgical Physician Assistant Program. [1100 Applicants].
She arrived in New York City yesterday.

A Special Thanks to Super Dave in New York for putting our show together [ as always].
I'm grateful to Jennifer [ in San Fran] for keeping up and running.
And Thank You for forwarding the show .. to those you know.
Coming on The Meck Radio Show.
Bobby Cox - The Best Manager in the History of Baseball.
Donald Watkins - Business Icon. Ethanol.
Bob Nightengale - USA TODAY Baseball Writer.
Joe Simpson - Braves TV Announcer.
Paul Finebaum - Writer/Talk Show Host.
Bobby Clampett - Golfer/Announcer - CBS and TNT.
Gov. Mike Huckabee - Presidential Candidate.
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" The Bobby Cox: Paws BeCause .. They Are Worth Saving."
Annual concert/benefit.
Please reach out and help. Donate and/or Adopt a special friend.
"Atlanta Braves Manager Bobby Cox Helps Homeless Animals."
An Inspiring Article by Mark Bowman.
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