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THE MECK REPORT - I'll Always Remember Brad Delp: The Mother Teresa of Rock n Roll. 03/12/07

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I'll Always Remember Brad Delp: The Mother Teresa of Rock n Roll.

A friend [Gene Dews] called Friday nite [ Mar. 9th] and gave me the news: 'Brad Delp is dead.'
I could hardly speak. This was the first time Brad Delp had ever made me sad.
It's also the first time the music ever stopped.

Tears filled my eyes as the wonderful memories flooded my soul.
I immediately called Marty Hom [ in Indianapolis] and Glenn Matthews [in The Czech Republic].
I'm grateful to longtime friends, Marty and Glenn, for always including me [and my friends].

Thanks to Marty Hom .. I was able to go see Boston in concert [ in the early 90's].
Marty gave me a backstage pass and I met the man with the incredible voice - Brad Delp.
He was so kind and accessible. No ego. He made you feel like a rock star.
In the summer of 1995 .. Boston was playing Chastain Park in Atlanta.
Marty said .. 'Meck .. Invite any of the Braves players to come hear the concert.'
I asked Javy Lopez if he liked the group Boston ..?
He said .. 'Boston is my favorite group of all-time.
I can find no tickets to the concert.'

I said .. 'My friend Marty will take care of you.'
Ryan Klesko joined Javy and I at the concert that Sunday nite.
We hung out backstage with Brad and Marty and visited with the band.
Javy really enjoyed talking with Brad Delp.
He invited the band to the game the next day.

Brad, Tom Scholz, Gary Pihl, Dave Sikes, Marty Hom, and Glenn Matthews
rode with me and we got to the yard early for batting practice.

Jim Schultz and Glen Serra took great care of us.
It was a wonderful day. I know Brad was a big baseball fan.
And a Javy Lopez fan. It was really cool sitting with Brad and the band.
They were always friendly.

He joined me several other times [ thru the years] for a Braves game.
Brad loved hanging out at the yard and visiting.
I'll never forget [ as we watched one game] his song 'Long Time' played between innings.
I had a radio show in Southeast Al. I invited Javy to come to Dothan.
I then called Brad and asked him if he'd join us.
He said he'd be glad to. I couldn't believe it. I was thrilled.

Brad flew into Dothan International [ Gate 1] on Sat. Jan 13, 1996.
On Sunday morning he joined me at Bro. Jerry Spencer's church - Ridgecrest.
As we walked in Brad said .. 'Meck .. You've got drums and guitars at your church.'
Brother Jerry and I presented Brad with a Bible [ his name engraved on it].
He was deeply touched.

I shared with the audience .. 'Some of you are thinking .. Don't he sing that there Rock n Roll ?'
'Yes he does .. So well that he has the Number 1 debut album in music history.'
'He came all the way from Boston [ at no charge] to tell your kids .. It's Cool To Be Straight.'
'What are you doing .. ?'

Brad was warmly received [ to put it mildly].

Mon afternoon we had a reception at Sam and Maria Cherry's house. Brad loved their piano.
Mon nite [ Jan 15, 96] Brad Delp and Javy Lopez drew over 5 thousand people
at the Holiday Inn South [ Dothan].
They were wrapped around the motel and down 231 South [ in the misting rain].

They signed autographs as we did the radio show together.
Several Brad Delp fans drove from New Orleans to meet him [ 6 hrs one way].
Javy gave Brad an autographed jersey. Brad gave Javy an autographed guitar.
They both rocked my hometown. Wonderful memories.

Chief John White estimated the record crowd at 5 thousand plus.
Noting that Javy and Brad even outdrew Pres. Reagan's 1986 visit to Dothan.

Later that nite Brad and I hung out with my friend July Lopez at Applebees ..
visiting with my friend Tammy Carter. They couldn't believe how humble and kind Brad was.

Brad stayed 3 nites in my hometown of Dothan, Al.
He gave us his greatest gift .. TIME.
His compassion and kindness is still remembered today.
My hometown will never be the same because Brad Delp reached out.
I'll never forget taking my radio listeners/friends with me [on a bus] to see Boston in concert in Pensacola.
Marty Hom helped make it possible and took great care us.
Of course Brad had time to meet my friends and sign autographs.

Brad was always grateful that people gave their time and money to come hear Boston.
He never took the fans and his success for granted.
I truly believe he enjoyed visiting with people more than the music.

I'll never forget backstage at Oak Mtn. in Birmingham, Al. when Brad asked me ..
'Meck .. Would you like a vegetarian sandwich?'
I joined Brad for a vegetarian hamburger. It was really good.

That was always Brad Delp. Including others in his life.
He was all about serving others. That's where the power is.
Everlasting fame and fortune.

I'll never forget the last 2 times I saw him in Atlanta [ 2003]
and the Beau Rivage in Biloxi.[ 2004].

I remember sound check in Atlanta standing on stage while he warmed up.
Visiting back stage. Standing side stage with Glenn Matthews during the concert.
As always Brad stayed late .. signing for everyone and pictures too.

The Beau Rivage. Very small auditorium.
It was like a concert in your living room. He was fabulous as always.
I visited with him at dinner after the concert.
Brad was a blessing. He always encouraged me.

I remember walking with Brad and several others out to the bus.[ late that nite]
He signed autographs. Never saw him turn anyone down.
I remember he gave me a hug.
I appreciate the times he came on my radio show.
He even cut promos for me as we drove to the airport in Dothan.
He was so willing to help you in any way he could.

Brad reached out to me and brought so much joy to me and many of my friends.
That's what caused me to admire Brad so much.
He always had TIME for me and my friends.

What will they say about you when you die ??
Will they say anything at all ..?
Have you ever thought about it ??

They still talk about my mother, Eunice, and her kindness to others [ 17 years after her passing].
No Doubt the lives Brad touched will even outlive his music.
His incredible voice was trumped only by the TIME and kindness he gave to others.

Brad Delp was The Mother Teresa of Rock n Roll.
He had the gift of Greatness - 'The ability to make those around him feel great.'
Brad was simply a servant to everyone he met.
That's his everlasting legacy .. Fame and Fortune.

Hanging out with Brad Delp and watching him taught me an important lesson.
I need to accept people - Just As They Are.
Not how I want them to be. [ as I so often did]

Also .. I'm learning that this life is not all about me.
It's all about Others. Compassion.
No Doubt .. Brad Delp learned that Tune long ago.
And Sang it every day with his life.

That's the No. 1 hit I'll remember most by Brad Delp.
I can only imagine .. Fri Afternoon about 1:20p [ Mar. 9, 2007]
when Jesus welcomed Brad home and gave him a Back Stage Pass 4 Eternity.
Surely Jesus must have said [ what we've been thinking since 1976]
'Brad .. Well Done. Where'd you get that incredible voice ..?'
I'm sure he replied [ humbly as always] 'Thank You Father.'

I'm Feelin' Satisfied that one day I'll see Brad again.
And I thought it'd be this summer on the Boston - REO Speedwagon Tour.

Brad Delp. His life was definitely More than a Feeling.
He had Passion and Compassion - ' 2 essentials that meet in the middle to reach a goal.'
Passion - What you Do in Life. Compassion - Others. Others. Others.

Think about it .. What will they say about you when you die ??
Will they say anything at all ..?

No Doubt .. We will be singing Brad Delp's tunes for a Long Time.
His Uplifting Songs. Undeniable Vocals. The TIME and Compassion he had for Others.

Brad Delp .. the lead singer of Boston .. has the Number 1 debut album in music history.
[Boston by Boston - 17 million copies].
Brad's life touched and inspired so many of us .. Leaving Countless trophies that will last forever.

Here's what Brad wrote on my 'Third Stage' CD.
To Meck - Hope This Keeps You company on some of Those Long Road Trips!
Thanks for having me to your town, your church & your home.
Best of Luck in all you do!
Brad Delp - Boston '96'

My life will never be the same because I knew Brad Delp.
Thanks for letting me share my thoughts with you.
It's time to turn the music back on. Turn it up.

Meck .. David Meckley

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