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THE MECK RADIO SHOW - Long Time Memories of Brad Delp. 03/14/07

Message from Tom Scholz - posted on
As you all know by now, BOSTON'S lead singer, Brad Delp, was found
dead in his home on Friday, March 9th 2007. Plans for live BOSTON performances this summer have, of course, been cancelled.

My heart goes out to his wonderful fiance Pamela, his two children and other family members, his close friends
and band mates, and to the millions of people whose lives were made a little brighter by the sound of his voice.
He will be dearly missed. -- Tom Scholz

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The Meck Radio Show - Long Time Memories of Brad Delp. 03/14/07. Posted 6:02a ct. Show Time: 40 Mins.

Meck Notes:
Thanks for downloading our show re Long Time Memories of Brad Delp ..
The lead singer of the band Boston.

Bobby Cox intros our show as always .. [ clips by Donald Watkins - Paul Finebaum - Glenn Matthews].
Plus a promo by the 1 and only Brad Delp
.. and also Javy Lopez.

A visit with Super Dave Strickland, my friend and producer. [ DLS Voice Productions]
We share our memories of Brad Delp.

Plus Jess Bailey of Rock 102.5 [in Dothan] visits with The Meck as we pay tribute to Brad.
[the day after his shocking death]. He was just 55.
We talk about Brad's majestic voice and his kindness that will outlive his music.
Thanks Jess for honoring Brad on your show and letting me be a part of it.

Backstage memories in Atlanta, Birmingham, Pensacola, Biloxi ..
and Brad's visits to watch Javy and the Braves.
Plus Brad and Javy's visit to Dothan - Jan. 15, 1996 [ Over 5 thousand showed up to greet and meet them].
Brad Delp .. The Singer with The Heavenly Voice that would Reach Out and Lift You Up.
Brad Delp .. The Man who was a Servant to Everyone he met. He loved People more than his Music.

He sold over 30 million albums and no doubt touched millions of lives even off the stage.
If he ever shook your hand .. and said 'Thanks For Coming ..' You knew he meant it.
Brad's grattitude was an attitude that was genuine. Life was More Than a Feeling to him.
Thanks to Marty Hom and Glenn Matthews for always including me on The Boston Tours.
I can't believe I'll never hear Brad again in concert. He was always the last one to leave.
The reminiscing, autographs, pictures, hugs. No one could greet and meet like Brad Delp.

Brad had TIME for everyone. The Greatest gift you can give anyone.

Thanks to Brad's close friend, Bill Faulkner, for reaching out and connecting with me.
I met him many years ago with Brad. Saw him in Atlanta in 2003 [ Chastain Park concert].
He's always encouraged me. Just like Brad.
I appreciate his kind and gracious words.

----- Original Message -----
From: Bill Faulkner
Sent: Tuesday, March 13, 2007 7:20 AM
Subject: Thank You, Meck

I want to thank you for the wonderful, heart felt article you wrote in remembrance of my friend Brad.

From the minute he met you in Atlanta, you were part of his lexicon, part of his life, a friend. We would often fondly recall "The Meck", your heart and your kindness. He would always look forward to the southeast shows, as that meant he'd visit with you again.

It meant a lot to Brad when you invited him to the ballpark in Atlanta, and we all had a memorable time. You took such good care of us, like we were family, although we had known you for just a day. I have great photos of that event taken by Walter, the legendary Braves official photographer.

You have a wonderful heart Meck, and you made an impression on Brad. Whenever we spoke of The Meck, we would smile and a story or two would ensue, always punctuated with an enthusiastic "It's Time To Smell The Cornfields, Baby"!

Yesterday, we said goodbye to our friend in a very private ceremony in New Hampshire.
Again, thanks for your heartfelt remembrance.

Best Regards,

Bill Faulkner

Thanks Bill for sharing your heart. I will treasure your words for a Long Time.
I hope we can interview you soon regarding your dear friend .. Brad Delp.

Coming soon .. We'll post some interviews we did with Brad on our Radio Show.
And we might post some video clips from Brad's visit to Dothan with Javy.

Thanks for listening today as we pay tribute to our friend Brad Delp.
The internet is full of praise for Brad's music and even higher adoration for him as a person.

What will they say about you when you die?
Will they say anything at all ?

Brad Delp's Legacy is that he Served Others. Giving him Everlasting Fame and Fortune.
Will your legacy outlive your music [ your profession] ?
It's the question we all must ask ourselves.

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Jess Bailey -

Coming soon on The Meck Radio Show.
Bobby Cox - The Best Manager in the History of Baseball.
Paul Finebaum - Writer/Talk Show Host
Gov. Mike Huckabee - Presidential Candidate.
Donald Watkins - Business Icon. Ethanol.
Bobby Clampett - Golfer/Announcer for CBS and TNT.
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Thanks for listening. Turn it up baby.

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