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Police Captain Has Been Fired ..[Sexual Harassment Allegations]

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POLICE CAPTAIN HAS BEEN FIRED ..[Sexual Harassment Allegations].
Sat. Nov. 27, 2004 .. 12:15 pm.
The Meck has learned that Police Captain John Collier Has Been Fired ..
just days before his retirement.

Friday, Nov. 19th ..
The Meck Report let The People Know that Captain John Collier suddenly applied
for retirement [ in early Nov.] when he obviously got the word that a lady had contacted
the Dothan Police Dept. claiming Captain Collier Sexually Harassed Her in the
local store where she works.

Her complaint [ In September] of Sexual Harassment by Captain Collier ..
triggered an INTERNAL AFFAIRS INVESTIGATION .. by The Dothan PD.

Just days after his SUDDEN application for retirement ..[ 26 years in the PD.]
Collier was put on Administrative Leave by City Mgr. Michael West.
Mr. West .. No doubt took the time to look at the facts surrounding this
Sexual Harassment Allegation .. and made the decision.
My Thoughts .. [written on Nov. 23rd]
His sudden retirement after 26 years reveals the obvious .. I'll resign before I'm Fired .
Collier's actions appear to verify her claims of sexual harassment ..
Why would Captain Collier suddenly retire ..??
Just a month away from the happiest day of his life - Chief White's retirement .

Collier must have known the obvious .. They must have the goods on him.
[Reminds us of Jim Smith .. I'll 'force' myself to resign .. before I'm Fired ..]
Chief White turned the John Collier Episode over to the City Mgr. for a final
decision on Collier's status.
Why did Chief do this .. when he had every right as the Dept. Head to Discipline him ..
even Fire Him .. ?

No doubt .. Chief White knew he was leaving in late Dec. and He knows that Chester
would come to the defense of his friend and 'Credible Snitch ' Captain Collier ..
Contacting Chief Inspector Gary Griffin for another Personnel Agenda Investigation ..
[Help Me Rhonda .. All 4 Verses..]

Collier Is Chester's and The Personnel Agenda Board's Malcontent - Snitch joined by
another Malcontent Jim Smith against Chief White and The Dothan PD.[bringing false
allegations quoted by the Personnel Board]. .. ' Desperate Lies.'

The Personnel Board tied a Dept. Head's hands by their so called Investigative
Report .. and made it impossible to discipline his own employees ..
Collier, Their Source, made false allegations against Chief White and the PD.
The Personnel Board made these Lies their obvious agenda.[printed Front Page].

Remember .. The FBI was contacted by Chief White to investigate his Dept.
Think about it .. How many guilty people call the FBI to investigate themselves ??
The FBI found nothing ..

But .. Chief Inspector Gary Agenda Griffin .. Chester's Personnel Agenda Caddie
had to carry on Chester's Agenda .. To destroy Chief White and Remove Him.

The people have noticed .. Now Chester wants an end to his own investigation.
[100 thousand dollars later .. and lawsuits heard knocking on the door.]
He has thrown Mr. Griffin under the bus .. Why? .. It's killing Chester politically.

The Chief saved the City hundreds of thousands of dollars from another one of
Chester's Personnel Agenda Board Investigations.
We hope Mr. West ends this Sham and Shame ..
The 'so called Investigation' that has Defamed and Damaged so many lives ..

Mr. West .. Many in Dothan would give you a Standing Ovation ..
If You Fired Chester's Personnel Agenda Board, too.
[ A Lifetime contract .. If you Get Rid of Chester ..]

Where have all of Chester's credible snitches gone ..?
Their own actions have brought shame to The Dothan Police Dept.
Both Captains Trying To Remove Chief White - Have Now Removed Themselves.
Fate does have a way of ordering from the menu .. Doesn't It ..??
How can any man talk down to a woman with vile language - shaming and degrading her ..?
Let's raise the bar ..
How can a Police Captain In Uniform .. who took an oath To Protect and Serve The People ..
Be Allowed to Dish out Sexual Harassment ..? Humiliating a lady in her local business.

That .. Now has been answered ..
The Uniforn and Badge .. Represent The People Of Dothan .. To Protect and Serve ..
The Oath Taken ..
That has to be the Defining Issue .. Or The Uniform and Badge mean nothing.

Like I've said .. I know this lady .. She is very believeable.
Youth note .. Any man who disrespects a woman .. He usually has no respect for anyone.
If a boy grows up and respects his mother .. He treats women - everyone with respect.

Collier was an instrumental part in helping Chester try to Fire The Chief in 1999 ..
because of the FBI Investigation into Chester's Dad and Friends ..
and Now in 2004 .. Collier is Chester's Malcontent Source along with Jim Smith
in Chester's Illegal Personnel Agenda Investigation To Remove Chief White.

The Last 10 years ..
Sometimes when Chief was at Lunch ..Collier would go in Chief White's office ..
Sit in Chief's chair with his feet on Chief's Desk ..
Telling Chief's Secretary .. 'One day I'll be The Chief.'
She could say nothing to him .. She was outranked .. Though Not Outclassed.

Many in The Dothan Police Department are Relieved That the Cancer in The
Dothan PD has Removed Himself. His Hate for The Chief causing years of Pain.
Captain Collier has brought years of disdain and disloyalty to the PD.
He's Lied about The Chief and Defamed Fellow Officers .. and now Shamed the PD.

When the news of his firing hit the PD .. I assure you .. No violins were heard playing.
This lady had the courage to bring claims of Sexual Harassment against a Police Captain.
That was a big step ..

Will the lady bringing these allegations file a lawsuit against the city and Collier?
The City Manager has decided Collier's status .. Your Fired.
What kind of Message did the new City Manager send .. ?
Mr. West .. Obviously can work with a Dept. Head and make a decision ..[ In this life.]
No Doubt .. It Sends a Message to The People and City Employees.
We ask The CM To ask The Chief to hold a Press Conference.
The Chief should not have to worry aboout retaliation from Chester
or The Personnel Board ..
Because their Credible source - Captain John Collier has been fired.

Mr. West - City Mgr. .. You should stand beside Our Chief during The Press Conf.
It would be a reflection of a joint effort and give you Instant Credibilty with The People.
Fate has Orderd From The Menu ..
The Chief deserves to Dish out the facts about Captain Collier.. To The People.
They should know how the PD deals with Sexual Harassment Allegations.
Fate has Ordered From The Menu .. and DISHES ARE BEING SERVED..
Based on Motives of Chester's Revenge and LIARS Defaming Chief White's
Good Name and The Dothan Police Department.

Chester's buddies .. all joined with Chester to Remove Chief White ..
They have been Removed .. Former Commissioner Tim Smith ..
Former Captain Jim Smith .. Former Captain John Collier ..

One can only imagine .. What Has FATE HAS ORDERED FOR CHESTER ??

They remind me of the dog who always chases the car .. They can't seem to get enough ..
Until That One Day ..

That day finally came for Captain Collier .. in November 2004 ..
He heard about the complaint and forced himself to suddenly retire..[ Now Fired]
Just 1 Month Away From The Day That He'd Been Living For ..
For 10 years .. Chief White's Retirement.
Welcome Mr. West .. To My Hometown .. [ 49 years].
It's refreshing to hear a Leader in our City Govt. that has the courage to make
a decision .. In This Life .. before we all meet Robert Byrd.
Thanks to Chief White and The Dothan Police Department for Protecting and
Serving Me and My Hometown .. Dothan, Ala.

One Day Soon .. The PD won't have to put up with Chester and His Revenge.
The Police get low wages and Lay Their Life on the line ..
For You and Me .. Fighting Thieves and Thugs on the street.
They shouldn't have to deal with a low life - mayor's wrath .. [ A Thug Mentality]
and his Malcontent Friends.
This is The Issue ..
A Public Official trying to Remove a Police Chief for 7 years ..
Using Public Money to fund an Illegal Investigation .. Why ..??
Because The Mayor doesn't agree with the laws Chief White swore to uphold ..
Because Chester's Dad and buddies were Investigated 7 years ago by the FBI.

That's The function of a City Mgr. Govt. - To Protect a Dept. Head From
a Mayor [ Like Chester] Trying To Remove a Dept. Head For Personal Reasons.

Chief White Retires on Dec. 25th ..[ on his own timetable]
31 years of Service To The People ..
Contact him .. and Let Him Know How You Feel.

Perhaps .. Fred McGriff said It Best ..
" Thanks For The Ride Chief .."
If Someone warns you .. ' The Bridge Is Out ' .. ' There's a Snake in Your House '..
Are they your enemy or your friend .. ??
The Meck will 'fulfill His obligation' to Write what He knows ..
[without any fear of Censorship]
So the people of Dothan will Know and ' The Truth will set my Hometown Free.'

The Issue to me is not Political .. It's very Personal ..
[Like Matt Drudge says .. It's Really All Personal] .. It truly is.

Be Your Own Free Press .. EMail a Friend.

Developing .. More on The Way From LA.
Filed by The Meck .. Nov. 27, 2004 .. Sat. 12:15 pm.
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" The only thing in the middle of the road are yellow lines and dead animals."

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