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Chester The Wrecker's Personnel Agenda in a Quagmire..

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" The only thing in the middle of the road are yellow lines and dead animals."

Nov. 19, 2004 .. 1am ..

Chester The Wrecker's Personnel Agenda in a Quagmire ..
The Meck has learned that Dothan Police Captain John Collier has been placed
on administrative leave by City Manager Michael West .. Just days after
Captain Collier suddenly applied for retirement.[ in early Nov. after 26 years].
[He must have heard the word].

Collier is and has been the subject of an Internal Affairs Investigation
into claims that he sexually harassed a lady [in her local store].

Captain Collier is the Personnel Agenda Board's 'credible snitch ..'
His obvious anomosity thru the years towards Chief White ..
drove the Personnel Board to Publish all 10 of his and another malcontent's
false allegations .. known as lies.

CREDIBLE SOURCE ? Auburn Law Degree ??
If you Believe Jim Smith didn't write those vicious-defamimg letters as he says ..
Then you must also believe him when he wrote McGraw-Hill Book Publishers
and said .." Jim received both his Doctor of Education and his Juris Doctorate
form Auburn University." direct quote written by Jim Smith ..[ form is JS spelling]

As one friend said re his JD [ Law Degree claim] ..
" That's amazing .. Auburn doesn't even have a Law School " ..
Amazing 4 sure ..Telling to most of us..[excluding Chester's Personnel Agenda Board].

Auburn is not a ' university ' like Kennedy-Western where you mail them a check
and buy a degree and hang it on your wall .. like Jim Smith's Education
and Law Degrees ..?
Kennedy-Western University is a degree order mill .. A Fraud .. DR. FAKE ..
So highly thought of they have been kicked out of several states ..
It's even against the law in some states to use this fake LIE degree on your resume ..

He got his law degree from Auburn ?
Most with an IQ above plant life find that not credible .. Truly not believable.
But yet people still quote him ..Themselves becoming more non-believeable.
One of those top 10 Personnel Agenda Lies was thrown on the front page in a
disgusting Childish display by Comish Don Clements re his credit being checked.
[ by Chief White] ..
That wasTotally False and Malicious. [Don, Your sources are malcontents-not credible].
Why hasn't the reporter questioned Clements about his false allegations
at the Commission meeting ?

Still waiting for a front page apology from Commissioner Clements' Sandbox ..
That Credit Check was probably the FBI .. Like you said Don ..
The FBI had investigated you earlier.

The People should not forget it was Mayor Chester and Comish Don Clements
who testified AGAINST the Dothan PD and The FBI .. Fall 99 ..
in Federal Court .. Hunt's Investigation.

The records show .. Not many times has a sitting Mayor and Commissioner
testified against their own Police Dept. and the FBI.
The record also shows .. They are both proud of it .. Chester's Revenge..


Chester's Personnel Agenda Board's 2 sources are 2 malcontents..
Captain John Collier and former Capt. Jim Smith. [embraced by Gary Griffin].
Both, trying to help CHESTER - The Wrecker remove
Chief White with his Illegal Investigation in 2004 ..

Both malcontents resigned because both knew they were caught and guilty.
[Fact .. Smith's lawyer, Mr. Hornsby called Chief and asked could Jim Smith resign
instead of being fired .. Dec. 2003] Chief graciously allowed the resignation.
If you called that ' forced ' as Jim Smith claims ..
Your mama must have dropped you on your head when you were a baby.

[Fact .. Collier suddenly applies for retirement in early Nov. 2004 .. He's put on
administrative leave and possibly could be fired .. The City Mgr. Michael West just
might want to send a message .. because now the city could face another lawsuit.
I can assure you ..
The lady bringing these sexual harassment allegations is very believeable.

Gary Griffin, Chester's Personnel Agenda caddie has defamed Chief White and
destroyed a Police Department even calling them racists ..
Using Chester's Malcontents as Sources .." You can run but you can't hide"
with these sources Mr. Griffin .. The Truth - Light is exposing all of your lies.

All joined with the common goal .. Remove Chief White ..
Chester has used Smith, Collier and Griffin .. and Others .. Chester's Revenge ..
Chester The Wrecker has left his Personnel Agenda caddies in a Quagmire.

Remember .. Chester demanded City Mgr. Jerry Gwaltney fire Chief White
in Feb. of 99. [ Breaking Alabama Law]
Captain Collier has been helping Mayor Chester with his agenda for many years.
Why ..? Both shared a common goal .. Remove Chief John White.
CHESTER'S REVENGE Facts to remember .. Timelines to follow ..
It was spring of 97 .. soon after The FBI raid at Hunt's ..

' Chet Sowell '.. [father of Dothan Comis.Chester Sowell]
walked into a local coffee shop in Brewton, Al. saying ..
' When my son gets to be mayor[ Dothan], He's going to fire that damn Police Chief.'

Mayor Chester Sowell orchestrated the removal - "resignation"of Chief White .. Feb 99..
[breaking Ala. Law] Demanding City Mgr. Jerry Gwaltney Fire Chief White ..
Chester found out the Dothan PD had assisted the FBI in the Hunt's Investigation ..

Chester was also furious his Dad had been Interviewed by the FBI ..
The word is the elder Mr. Sowell greeted The FBI with ' Go To Hell '..

[Mayor Chester violated Code of Ala 1975 - Title 11 - 44E - 93] ..
Demanding CM Jerry Gwaltney Fire Chief John White ..[Feb 99]
Section 11-44E-93 .. Noninterference by mayor or commission with
certain duties of city manager; dealings with administrative service.
" Neither the mayor, commission nor any of its members shall direct the
employment or removal of any person by the city manager or by any
of his (her) subordinates in the administrative service of the city. "
Sound familiar ? 5 years later .. Chester's Revenge ..
He's tried to Remove the Chief with the 'so called investigation' in 2004 ..

[One doubts Chester will pay for the lawyers of those who have
embraced Chester's Lies]
Can he afford his own ?? .. City Atny. Len White might not be available to him ..

Tues. Feb. 24, 2004 .. Mayor Chester -The Wrecker asked that Chief White be fired.
[in Exec session ..]
The City Mgr. refused .. Jerry Corbin is upfront [honest] and he knows what
Chester is all about .. [Mr. Corbin did a wonderful service as CM.]

of Note .. Chester being the honest [upfront - out in the open guy he is .. ]
[Chester tried to fire the Chief on this same day Chief was in Montgomery
taking his Bar Exam]..
[Take note .. Chief John White begins practicing Law .. Jan. 2005]

[ Chester reminds us of ' the dog who always chases the car..'
He can't seem to ever get enough .. Until one day ... ]
Remember Tim Smith .. Jim Smith .. John Collier .. All chased the car until ..
Aug 99 .. The Dothan Eagle Headline .. " IT'S TIME FOR CHESTER TO GO ."

We asked the people of Dothan the obvious ..
Has Chester Changed .. ??
[ You won't need to call Christopher Columbus .. 4 this Discovery ..]

5 years later .. Nov. 2004 .. Same Headline .. Same Revenge Story ..

Do You Think ' IT'S TIME FOR CHESTER TO GO ..' ??

Mr. West .. Welcome to the Quagmire .. We hope you survive Chester ..
unlike the last 2 City Managers he ran off.

Thanks for telling Chester's Personnel Agenda caddie .. Gary Griffin ..
I think even he got your message .. [Nov. 8th to the Personnel Board]
Summarizing your words ..[They are hurting your efforts to find a Chief..
Hurting the Morale in the Police Dept...The Investigation should have been over ..
Many people have expressed to you They want it over.. and You are about to end it.]

Many loved what you said and the way you said it .. to this Disgraceful Board.
You might be at City Hall longer than Chester The Wrecker .. Mr. West.

Chester's Personnel Agenda Investigation is Killing him Politically - he's been told ..
That's why he's thrown his Personnel Agenda caddie, Mr. Griffin under the bus ..
Now He wants The Illegal Investigation Stopped by The City Mgr.
It's Obvious to most ..

Chester The Wrecker has Towed Dothan's future away ..
Costing precious lives and millions upon millions ..
"Where There is No Vision .. The People Perish."
Have you heard about Comish Reading trashing Chief White at a Zoning meeting ?
Saying Chief doesn't want Chester's administration to look good.??

Just like I said in The Meck Report last week .. Chester toys with and plays the blacks
against the Police Dept. - That's why He's Chester The Wrecker ..The Racial Divider.
Mr. Reading Blew It .. He Flips and Flops more than an Aunt Jemima Pancake ..
Do You Think ' IT'S TIME FOR CHESTER TO GO ..' ??
The Remove Chester Group Will Press On .. Until We Achieve Our Worthy Goal.

Be Like Thomas Jefferson .. Choose 'A Free Press any day '..
Email a Friend .. The Truth Will Set Us Free.

If Someone warns you .. ' The Bridge Is Out ' .. ' There's a Snake in Your House '..
Are they your enemy or your friend .. ??

The Issue to me is not Political .. It's very Personal ..
[Like Matt Drudge says .. It's Really All Personal] .. I totally agree ..

The Meck will 'fulfill His obligation' to Write what He knows ..
[without any fear of Censorship]
So the people of Dothan will Know and ' The Truth will set my Hometown Free.'

a Special Thanks to my friend who suggested I needed ' more burn ' in my writing.
I hope your fired up - like others are.
One friend says she pours water on her computer ..
Maybe I should tell her .. Just give Chief Crawford a jingle.

Developing .. More on the way from LA.

Iron Bowl Thoughts .. Bama wins ..
If Joe Namath plays QB ..
if They run the Stripper Offense .. Might Be The1st Completed Pass of the year.
if Coach Gooberville calls the plays for Auburn ..
and Rain .. Rain .. Rain ..
Filed by The Meck .. 1 am .. Nov. 19, 2004 ..
THE MECK REPORT .. Connect ..
"The only thing in the middle of the road are yellow lines and dead animals .."

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