Monday, April 05, 2004

Bobby Cox .. His contract - club option was picked up today for 2005 ..

BOBBY COX .. His contract - club option was picked up today for 2005 ..
One of the few good moves by the Braves organization in recent memory ..
Congrats to Bobby Cox .. I think ??

BOBBY COX .. Best Manager in The Game ..You deserve much more than you get ..
Pay .. Cox gets about 3 million less per year than Joe Torre's 5 .. ??
[ I feel like the only guy at the UN without a headset]

Credit .. Bobby gets none .. Deserves much .. only gets credit from the players
and those who know the game .. [ Front office seeks most of the credit ] ..
Bobby Cox gives everyone else the credit ..[ Most humble person I've ever met] ..

Blame .. He gets plenty of that .. Deserves little .. The Braves would have NEVER made
12 dances in a row [ a professional sports record] without BOBBY COX leading the music ..
He is the major reason for the Braves winning .. [ just ask those who've played for him ]
Though he gets most of the blame for the post-season ..
The truth is .. come post-season time you can't win the World Series with a 45 year old
1st baseman .. and the absence of a starter throwing 95 or 96 ..[ see Marlins]

If someone brings you to the dance .. and several out of 25 can't dance ..
Is it the man leading the music's fault or the man who signed up the talent to dance ??

As they say .. You dance with what got you there ..
That makes Bobby Cox even that much more The Legend ..

BOBBY COX reminds me a lot of Bear Bryant ..
He has the gift of Greatness .. 'The ability to make those around you feel Great ..'

That's why his players and coaches over achieve and win for him ..
Bobby Cox creates an environment for everyone to succeed ..
The Braves lost 396 RBI's [ Lopez, Sheffield, Castilla, and Fick] from 2003 ..
[That's almost 3 runs a game ] .. even by my math ..
In 2004 they have a chance .. with this lineup ? to win a 13th straight div. title ..
Only because of Bobby Cox and his leadership ..
a Meck Note .. It would have to rank up there with the Red Sea .. 4 sure ..

The Season opens in Atlanta tomorrow without Jim Schultz and Glen Serra ..
They were fired 6 days before Christmas 2003 ..
Jim Schultz goes back to the days of Hank Aaron and the Home Run 30 years ago ..

A wonderful man who served so many in the media for many years and helped everyone
he met with tireless devotion to the Braves organization .. Jim is a poster man for PR
and a servant to all he met .. young and old .. A man who touched so many lives ..
Jim Schultz .. A Legend .. A BIG LOSS For the Braves organization and its fans ..

Jim treats everyone the same .. with Respect and like you are somebody ..
I am forever grateful for Jim's patience and guidance he gave me the past decade ..
My life and many others are better because we met Jim Schultz ..[and his wife Connie]
Thanks for your constant T I M E Jim ..You have Inspired me and Blessed my life..

Glen Serra .. worked with Jim since the mid 80's .. Media Relations for the Braves ..
He was always taking care of someone .. Many projects .. Many charities he helped ..
Glen helped Denny Neagle-wife Jennifer and The Meck raise 36,150 dollars for
Felicia Shotkoski and family ..[auction in Dothan, Al. Apr. 7, 1997] Thanks Bobby Cox
for all your help .. Chipper and Karin Jones and many wonderful people in Dothan]
[Dave Shotkoski was a Braves replacement pitcher murdered in 95 at spr. training] ..

Glen Serra always had T I M E for people .. It's no wonder that President Carter and
he became good friends .. Glen was instrumental in the commercial we shot together
' Come to Plains ' promoting Plains and the Braves ..[ with Pres. Carter and
Mr. Hospitality Walter Banks] .. [ camera Michael Epstein and Penny Smith-hostess]
Glen's little Brooklyn and wife Carolyn were walking off the train in our Plains commercial .

Glen was constantly TCB ing .. Taking Care of Business .. I do believe he had more
connections than the internet .. Always promoting the Braves Org. - Players and giving
a helping hand to others .. Glen Serra, and wife Carolyn are a Blessing to many ..
including The Meck ..
Closing Thoughts ..
Terence Moore, whom I've seen at the yard in Atlanta for many years summed it all up ..
Feb. 19, 2004 in his AJC column ..
" Just thought those who run the Braves ought to know. Apparently, they don't get it,
because they are in the midst of doing smoke-and-mirror things to get folks excited
again about their product.
They even did the ridiculous by firing Jim Schultz and Glen Serra, their highly respected
leaders of public relations for nearly two decades." .. Terence Moore ..

The Meck agrees and so do many .. inside and outside of the Braves organization ..
Like a friend once said .." I can explain it to you .. But I can't understand it for you .."

Glen Serra and Jim Schultz are missed by many .. Braves fans and many fans of their own ..Their Passion [for their work] and Compassion [for others] .. will never be replaced ..

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