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Augusta - The Masters - 2004 .. I know Phil finally won .. but

AUGUSTA - The Masters - 2004 .. I know Phil finally won .. BUT .. I will most remember
BRUCE EDWARDS passing away on Thursday as dawn broke at his favorite Tournament ..
Hours before, The Golf Writers had just honored Bruce with The Ben Hogan Award ..
given on the eve of every Masters to someone who exemplifies courage ..

It was 6:26 Thurs. morn. Apr. 8th .. Bruce teed off finally on ALS .. Lou Gehrig's Disease ..
Bruce Edwards was only 49 ..
His longtime friend and brother-like golfer, TOM WATSON, got the sad news just before he
teed off that morning at Augusta ..The skies were gloomy all day, shedding tears like so many ..
Bruce had carried Tom's bag and served him with loyalty and love for over 30 years ..

One of my favorite memories of Bruce Edwards .. Aug. 1991 at Crooked Stick
[ Indianappolis] .. [ John Daly won the PGA .. PLUS It was Bobby Clampett's 1st TV job
on TBS and CBS ..] I was working with TBS .. Bobby Clampett and Pat Haden ..

I was checking my yardage in the middle of the fairway with Bruce .. He gave me a few
pointers of wisdom .. I never really knew him .. [ I know my Dad did for years on theTour]
Yet .. I will always remember that day when Bruce took T I M E to help me .. He was so kind ..

It made me so sad when I heard the news last Thursday .. I thought back to last summer when
Bruce and Tom had those wonderful days at the US Open and the fans teared up over Bruce ..
I thought of Bruce passing away at Ponte Vedra Bch .. the home of the PGA Tour and
Dick Meckley ..

I called my brother Shannon and cried .. Bruce was a part of history that I treasured ..
I was deeply moved by the many stories being written on the internet about this
legendary caddie ..

I plan to write later .. but this is my thought for today/every day [as I shared with Shannon] ..
I was reminded once again on Apr. 8th .. by the life and legacy of Bruce Edwards ..
Bruce Edwards was a servant .. He carried a golf bag with undieing loyalty for his friend ..

Unlike Bruce .. Many are chasing Fortune and Fame .. Material goals and games ..
How much will you leave ?? You will leave the same amount as Elvis .. He left it all ..
What will they write/say about you .. when you die ??

Bruce was the headlines all over the Internet .. ESPN .. TV .. PAPERS .. and he was
simply a man who was a servant .. to others .. and yet they can't stop writing about the
legend Bruce Edwards .. [ and the TIME he invested in others ] .. His Legacy ..

Bruce was a servant [He served those around him] ..Thus he became a Legend ..
One more time .. What will they write/say about you .. me .. when we die ??
Will they write or say anything at all ??

ps .. I'm certain Bruce Edwards joined Dick Meckley and they teed off last Thursday ..
at the Forever Fairway Golf Club .. where all the yardage is bought and paid for ..
You don't even need a green jacket to be a member and play ..
Meck Notes .. .. Another Wonderful job of announcing The Masters by CBS ..
Jim Nantz and Bobby Clampett .. You both are the best ..
Jim Nantz's elequant touch and insightful reverance makes a major impact on this viewer..

I will never forget how precisely and with great knowledge Bobby Clampett described
Ernie Els' several drop options on No. 11 Sat .. and how he could ask for more opinions ..
What was 4ever back on the tee .. was 15 minutes of lessons for the viewer..Thanks Bobby..

I felt like I was nestled in the nursery of trees watching that incredible Bogey ..
How important was that ruling and the Ernie 'nursery' drop and that bogey ??
Well .. There would have been a playoff .. if ..?? ..

You get the picture .. 2 fold .. It pays to be patient and know the rules like Ernie did ..
Plus .. ' IF ' all ands and buts were candy and nuts .. we'd all have a Merry Christmas ..

That 31 Mickelson shot on the back nine was Prime Time ..
but that downhill lip in .. had to be Divine .. [sure can't remember many .. if any at Augusta]

The Meck played Augusta in the early 80's .. on a Tuesday before the Masters started
on Monday .. It was immaculate .. I shot an 82 .. Six 3-putts [no room for comments on card]
A Blessed memory for sure .. I will always treasure that wonderful day ..

Also, the member I was playing with had a hole-in-one on yep .. you guessed it .. No. 16 ..
If I ever get the chance again .. I will practice my putting .. up on my roof-top ..
So I'll get a good feel for the speed of the greens ..
My favorite Augusta Memory ??
That gentleman who stood on the practice tee assisting players or under the tree by the
putting green .. wearing a Floppy Hat [sometimes with a Cleveland Golf logo] ..
Mr. Dick Meckley .. ' Lo Tech Meck ' .. He loved Augusta National .. It's easy to see why ..
They are both from the same OLD School .. Where Class is Never Dismissed ..

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