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Photos: Meck Memories with Pres Carter and Walter Banks TV Commercial in Plains - Apr 27, 2003 - ( Commercial Aired on Fox Sports South)

Glen Serra - President Carter - Walter Banks 

Walter's first visit ever to Plains. I mentioned that
to President Carter and he said .. " I can't believe
this is Walter's first visit to Plains.
I've been to Atlanta to see him at least 50 times."

Taping President Carter's commercial promoting 
Plains, Ga. - his hometown. 
Apr. 27, 2003 .. Meck interview - Walter comes
to Plains.
Meck Memories with The President in Plains
Sunday Apr. 27, 2003
On the porch - Plains Historic Inn
 [ right above the antique mall ]
with President Carter and Walter Banks -
a servant to everyone he meets at Turner Field
aisle 107.
Two dear friends in rocking chairs on the porch
 .. drinking ice tea.

With the best cameraman on the planet
- Michael Epstein.
Penny Smith - our wonderful host in Plains
is there with co-producer and friend Glen Serra.

The closing scene for the commercial is a classic.
President Carter .. smiling .." Walter, when we're at the
Braves games, You take great care of us..
and when you're in Plains, we enjoy taking care of you."
Walter with a big smile responds .. " I love it in Plains
Mr. President. "
[ a ringing endorsement from Walter Banks..
a member of the Atlanta Hospitality Hall of Fame..]

Walter Banks has been with the Braves since the
first pitch in 1966.
I asked Walter to be in this commercial promoting Plains.
He had to miss his first Braves game in many years.
He said he couldn't remember the last game he missed..
possibly 10 years ago.
Be sure and ask Walter Was it worth it -
Coming to Plains.
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